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I would like to begin with a very heartfelt thank you for making the courageous choice to consider adoption and for taking the time to get to know me. My name is Karen. In that spirit, I have long wanted to become a mom through adoption. I come from an extraordinarily loving and supportive community of family and friends and would feel very privileged to have the opportunity to give a child all the love I have received. I look forward to sharing visits to area museums, trips to the theater and Grant Park, and so much more.

Paula, Nissan, Alexander and Angelina

We are Paula, Nissan, Alexander, and Angelina, a loving interracial family! We are so excited to expand our family! Alexander joined our family through adoption at birth in July 2012 and Angelina joined our family through adoption at birth in September 2015. We are so glad that our paths are crossing, and we hope that our story can offer you a glimpse of hope during this difficult time. If you choose us to be part of your path, we promise your baby will have a happy and safe life that is full of love and fun.

Robert and Kolby

Our names are Robert & Kolby, and it has always been our dream to be fathers. No doubt, if you have made it to our page, it’s love that brought you here. Robert works for a tech company and Kolby is a Science teacher. We were both born in Louisiana, and are now living in Chicago and enjoying all the city has to offer. The decision to make an adoption plan is not one that anyone would take lightly so we want to thank you for your bravery and vulnerability. Without you, our family would remain a dream, so we honor you for possibly making our dream of fatherhood come true.

Alison, Zach, and Tyler

We are Alison, Zach, and Tyler. Alison is an OB/GYN, Zach is a police officer, and Tyler is a energetic, smart, fun-loving child who cannot wait to be a big brother! The selfless decision you may soon make will be hard; just know that we are here to provide support and comfort. We hope to show you that we will provide a loving home, adventures for a lifetime, stability and much more from our family as you get to know us.

Imelda and Jared

We are a biracial couple in our mid 30’s. Imelda is Mexican American and fluent in Spanish and English. She has a Masters degree in counseling and works with community college students. Jared has a Master’s degree in Business and works as a business analyst. With us, your child will grow up in a bi-cultural, bilingual home, but will always know where they came from. He or she will learn about the world as they travel with us.

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