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Home Study

Completing your home study is the first major step in the adoption process. Depending on what type of adoption you’re pursuing, the home study process may differ. ACFB is here to help you along the way. These are the different types of home study services we offer to families living in Illinois and Indiana.

Home Study Services

ACFB Program Home Study

ACFB provides matching services for Illinois and Indiana families who join our program. Families interested in working with ACFB for placement will complete a few additional steps with their home study to learn more about our program.

The first step is a free 30-minute informational session during which we’ll discuss who we are, how our program works, and answer all of your questions about adoption. For details on scheduling your informational session, click here.

Home Study Only

This service is for Illinois and Indiana families who are working with an out of state agency, attorney, or consultant for placement. You are working with another organization to match and adopt, but you require a home study in the state where you reside. ACFB is available to complete your home study and provide post placement services, if required.

If you’re seeking a home study only, you can start the process by submitting your application.

Relative Home Study

Relative adoption is when a biological relative obtains legal custody and parental rights of a child in their extended family. In these cases, the court often requires a home study to be completed by a licensed adoption agency. ACFB is able to provide that service.

Click here or call us at (847)674-3231 for more information on our relative adoption services.

International Home Study

International adoptions require a home study to be completed by an agency licensed in the state where you reside. While ACFB does not facilitate matches or placement for international adoptions, we do provide home study and post placement services for families in Illinois or Indiana who are working with another agency towards international adoption.

If you’re working with an international adoption agency and require a home study, you can start the process by calling our office at (847)674-3231 and submitting your application.

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