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The Journey to Tucker

Waiting to adopt can be a long and emotional process. At times it may feel isolating for families who do not know anyone else who has been in their shoes before. Sometimes the best support can be hearing that another person has gone through something similar. ACFB recognizes the benefits of this type of support,… Continue reading The Journey to Tucker

Featuring This is the Quarry: Mining Hope in My Quest for Motherhood

The journey to build a family though adoption is filled with ups and downs. As families go through the home study process, their social workers do their best to prepare them for what they may face along the way. At that early stage in the adoption process, it can be difficult to fully grasp exactly… Continue reading Featuring This is the Quarry: Mining Hope in My Quest for Motherhood

Sibling Connections in Open Adoption

Over the last several decades, open adoption has become the norm in the United States. The benefits are clear for everyone involved – birth parents, adoptive parents, and the child. Through open adoption, children are able to have a better understanding of their story and a stronger sense of self. It allows adoptive families to… Continue reading Sibling Connections in Open Adoption

Birth Fathers in Adoption

Every adoption story involves an expectant mother making a plan to place her child. Much of the literature, education, and overall culture surrounding adoption reflects that, often referring to only the birth mother’s experience. Sadly, that diminishes the experience of birth fathers. Although it is true that birth fathers are not always involved in making… Continue reading Birth Fathers in Adoption

Thinking About Adoption? Call an Expert

Many hundreds of women contact the Adoption Center for Family Building each year by completing an online information request form

Adoption Counseling for Expectant Mothers in Indiana

For women with an unplanned pregnancy, there are only a few options to choose from: termination, parenting and adoption.

How To Choose the Best Adoption Agency in Indiana and Illinois

Choosing an adoption agency can be a harrowing experience, but a very important one. Adoption scams are not common, but people who work with online

Unplanned Pregnancy? Top 10 Questions Expectant Mothers Ask

Although every expectant mother has her own concerns and questions, this article addresses the most common issues that are raised with an adoption counselor.

What is Adoption Counseling?

The purpose of this blog is to help expectant mothers and prospective adoptive parents as well as professional understand exactly what adoption counseling involves..

Hoping to Adopt an Infant? Five Easy Steps to Prepare:

Pursuing adoption is a major life altering decision. Most people who consider adoption have first tried other means of starting their family.