Warren and Sunitha

Dear Birth Mother,

We are Sunitha and Warren and we hope to adopt a child. We marvel at this journey of adoption. Each stage has been filled with apprehensions and excitement. Writing this letter to you is an incredible part of this journey. We also imagine the joys and sorrows of your journey. We pray that adoption will be the beginning of a beautiful story for all of us.

Perhaps you can tell that we love stories. We believe that God has woven our stories together as a couple. We hope that by bringing a child into our family, we are re-knitted into a more complete story. We hope we have the privilege of knowing your story.

Sunitha’s story: 

I am originally from South India. Though I had the opportunity to live in the United Stated for six years, I spent most of my childhood in India. I moved to the United States as an adult, and am now a citizen. I’m a Pastor and work for a national church organization as the Director of Education (I have a Masters Degree). I love my job and take pride in representing my parents and grandparents, who were or are all pastors and church workers.

Currently my mother lives in India, and my brother and sister and their families are in Chicago. My entire family is very excited for us and has supported us every step of the way. Growing up, church was the center of our lives with daily music, potlucks, parties, travel and fellowship. My family means the world to me and I am grateful for the life and love I’ve been given. I hope to share this love with a child.

I met Warren eight years ago and we married two years ago. When we first met, I felt safe and secure. That’s the cornerstone of the richness he brings to our family and me. Warren is intelligent (he has a PhD in Religious Ethics), has strong values, and is family oriented. He is a very gentle person who thinks about his family first. He’s helped his brothers with their education and careers. Warren is so loving towards me, always trying to understand the things that are dear to me. It warms my heart to see the tenderness he has for this little one that he has not yet met.

Warren’s Story

I come from a loving family and am the oldest of three brothers. My parents and brothers all live in New Jersey. We visit them often. Our child will be the first grandchild, so our baby will get tons of love, affection and attention from everyone! My family is so excited for us and can’t wait to welcome our child.

My family is extremely close and loves to travel. Every January, we visit Florida. It is a BLAST! Every day we do a different activity – miniature golf, amusement parks, swimming, board games, etc. I can’t wait to take our child to Disney World. We have also taken cruises to Greece, the Caribbean and Canada. Our most recent trip was to the Canary Islands and Spain – this picture on the right is us on Christmas night. 

My family spends a great deal of time giving back to the community. They are involved with their church and community activities. My parents taught us to have a big heart for those in need, and we seek make a difference in the world.

In my career, I’m Vice President of Sales for a cybersecurity consulting firm. And, I also run my own business, where we provide sales and marketing support to small and minority businesses.

I feel so fortunate to have Sunitha in my life. She is a warm, loving presence, and every day I feel so loved by her. And, she is smart! I love the way her mind works – she is very inquisitive, asking questions about the world around her. We always have great conversations. She is also funny. For example, she’s always making up silly names for me. Whenever I come home, I start to laugh because I’m wondering what new name she will have for me. And, I love going new places and meeting new people with her. She teaches me so much. I know she will be an incredible mother.

About Warren & Sunitha

Warren is African American and Sunitha is from India. Though we are from two different cultures we share many values: faith, family, fellowship, justice, health, and enjoying life. But when we approach life differently, we discuss everything – from what we eat, to where we go on vacation, to our expectations about what role each of us will play in our family. We’re eager to add a new, third voice to the conversation – we can’t wait to see what this special baby will bring to our life.

Staying healthy and active is also a big part of our lives. We recently started running. So far, we’ve done a 5k & 10k, and Sunitha is moving on to a half marathon. We also love to swim, and play tennis.

We live in a very diverse neighborhood. Our home overlooks a forest preserve. Many families bring their children to play in the park. We love where we live.

Our Values

We seek to live our values as a family – through prayer and healthy activities, and enjoying music, fun and learning.

Family will always come first, and we’ll provide a great education to your child. We’ll make sure that your child is proud of their story and the life you have provided by choosing adoption. We believe your child is a child of God – no matter what.

We want you to know, as the child’s birth mother, that you are an integral part of your child’s story. We will always honor you.

Please contact us at WarrenandSunithaACFB@gmail.com You can also talk to our adoption counselor, Maggie, at:

847-366-6343 (text)

May God bless you,
Sunitha and Warren