Tracey and Tom

“The bond that links your true family, is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life” – Richard Bach

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We admire your strength and courage, and would be honored to support you during this difficult time. We are Tracey and Tom (TnT) and we have been building our life together since we met in 2008. We enjoy being active, getting outdoors, traveling and learning about new places and cultures.

We live life to the fullest, but feel there is still a piece missing! We are ready to provide a loving and encouraging life to a child – exploring, playing, learning and growing together. Your child would grow up in a wonderfully diverse neighborhood, discover our city as well as many others, and be surrounded by loving grandparents, extended family, and friends. It’s important to us that our child knows where he or she came from and understands that their life has been shaped by love from the very beginning.

We look forward to getting to know you, and talking about what the future may look like together. We know words cannot begin to express the respect we feel for you, but we hope to show you the appreciation, honor and support you deserve.

Our Story

When we first met, we connected quickly over shared interests – we both love being outdoors (camping, hiking, bicycling, anything related to nature), traveling, Chicago sports teams, live music, cooking and being with family and friends. We were married in 2011 in an outdoor ceremony in a beautiful park. It was one of the best days we’ve ever had, committing our lives to each other and celebrating with the people we love dearly.

We love everything that the city has to offer – easy access to parks, outdoor and cultural events, the lake, music, and a mix of people of different races, ethnicities and backgrounds. We have built a great community of friends and neighbors. As those friends have grown their families, it’s been even more fun to include their kids in our outings! Last Spring, we rescued a cat named Santo. He’s a very loving, curious and friendly cat and we know he will enjoy having a child in the house!

Life has not always been perfect for us. We have experienced some major losses over the last several years; Tracey’s mom and an aunt, and Tom’s grandmother have all passed away since we have been together. Not being able to get pregnant has also been a source of sadness for us. However what we have learned is that our love continues to grow and the strength we get from one another bonds us even closer together. We are so thankful we have each other to lean on at all times.

What Tom Loves Most About Tracey
My wife and life partner is the bedrock of our marriage. Tracey is smart, sweet, beautiful, patient, inspiring, and a great listener. She comes from a close-knit family where she learned that open communication is key to healthy relationships. Our marriage has benefitted from Tracey’s open communication and positive personality.

I also admire Tracey’s work ethic. Tracey works for an organization dedicated to bringing healthy food into schools and preschools across the country. She’s very passionate about making sure that all kids get access to the food that will feed their bodies and minds. Tracey gets to work from home– a definite plus when we have a child. Tracey and I are very much in love, and Tracey’s kind heart will make her a wonderful mom.

What Tracy Loves Most About Tom
My husband Tom is one of the most unique, interesting, energetic, thoughtful and compassionate people I know. I love that he will talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime. He is always finding fun things for us to do and new places to visit. Tom does have a quieter and reflective side, though you wouldn’t know it when you first meet him!

Tom’s career has focused on helping people in hard situations. I admire Tom’s dedication and passion for social justice, like when he was helping homeless adults and families find stable housing. Currently, Tom loves his job – doing community outreach to help families buy and repair homes in Chicago’s under-resourced communities. Tom always aims to help others. He fully commits to everything he does and I know his passion and his caring heart will make him a great dad.

Our Extended Family
Tracey’s family is small but close-knit and everyone lives nearby. Tracey’s mom passed away in 2010 but she was a great example of an amazing parent. Her dad and brother and his wife live in the suburbs and we see them regularly. Tom comes from a huge family; he is the youngest of 10 children and he has 20 nieces and nephews! Spending time with our nieces and nephews is one of our greatest joys, especially when they call us Aunt Tracey and Uncle Tommy! Tom’s mom travels regularly to visit her children and grandchildren and we look forward to benefitting from her expertise.

Our Adventures
We love to get out and explore our city and beyond. We typically take 3-4 vacations a year, and also enjoy weekend road trips. We both went to school on the West Coast and we love going back there to visit. We are really excited about sharing our passions and adventures with a child, and seeing life through their eyes.

Some of the things we love doing most are:

Hiking in the mountains
Playing in the ocean
Bicycle adventures
Attending Chicago sports events
Camping several times each year

Our Promise to You
We hope you have gotten a small glimpse into the life we have created, and the things we can offer your child. If we are given the opportunity to raise your child, please know that your child will be surrounded by love and he or she will be our top priority. Our child will learn, grow and develop into a unique and special person.

Thank you again for considering sharing this miraculous life with us. If you’d like to contact us, you can email us:, or call our adoption counselor Tobi Ehrenpreis at 800-869-1005 or text her at 847-366-6351 or email Tobi at

With Admiration,
Tom and Tracey