Tina and Markus

Dear Birthmother,

Thank you so much for taking the opportunity to get to know us! I am Tina and my husband is Markus. We are a happily married couple excited to adopt our first child, and to share our story with you. We know this letter won’t answer all of your questions but we hope to give you a glimpse into our lives, our hopes and our dreams. We’d love to hear about your hopes and dreams, too.

When Markus and I began planning our life together, we knew from the beginning that we wanted to be parents. Like many couples, we have struggled with infertility and without Markus, I could have never gotten through the challenges we have faced. In the end, the experience has brought us closer together. Most importantly, it has reaffirmed in our hearts how much we want to be parents, and helped us to realize that adopting a baby would make our dream come true.


Our Story

A mutual friend introduced us six years ago when I was living in Chicago and Markus in Munich, Germany. After a few emails, we met face to face when his travels brought him to Chicago. After a casual dinner with friends, he asked if I would take him site-seeing. We spent the following day exploring Chicago and talking non-stop.

For the next six months, we spent hours on the telephone getting to know each other. Markus moved to Chicago soon after and we were married in March of 2010.


Markus grew up in a village in Southwest Germany where he loved exploring the surrounding forests and competing on local soccer and tennis teams. Many of his childhood friends are still his closest today. In addition to being loyal, he is truly one of the most caring and sensitive men I know. He may not seem so on the outside but he is a real softie!

Throughout the challenges we have faced with infertility, he has been my constant source of support. I’m so thankful to have a husband who I can count on in good times and bad.

Currently Markus is an executive at a large consulting firm where he works on mergers and acquisitions. It was with our future family in mind that Markus chose a family friendly firm and position requiring very limited travel. When not working, he enjoys boating, fishing, golfing and riding his motorbike. Markus is a great provider and will be a wonderful father. He is truly looking forward to being a dad and making our child a priority in his life.


Tina grew up in Ohio and, after eight years of working in Houston, was thrilled to move to her favorite city – Chicago. Growing up she was surrounded by lots of friends (she still is!) and was close with her family. She enjoyed playing sports – softball, field hockey and swimming were her favorites. She’s also an avid sports fan who likes to take in a baseball game or cheer on her favorite football teams. Tina enjoys reading, live music and, in her spare time, volunteering for local charities.

Tina is the most balanced, calm and patient person I know, always putting others first and maintaining a positive attitude. Her biggest dream has always been to be a mom and I can say with confidence that she will be the best mother any child could hope for. When I see Tina with her nieces, I am blown away by her energy and spontaneity as well as the affection and love between them. Tina recently put her very successful business management career on hold in order to pursue adoption. Tina can’t wait to be a stay at home mom, fulfilling her lifelong dream.


Markus and I spend our time enjoying Chicago and all it has to offer. We both love the water and are often at our boat on Lake Michigan – swimming, kayaking or just relaxing with friends and family.

We also enjoy hiking and camping – which brings me to the other member of our family – our terrific three year old Labrador Retriever, Roxy! She just loves to play – especially with kids! We enjoy taking Roxy to parks, the beach and on road-trips!

Markus and I also share a passion for traveling, in the US and internationally. Through travel, we’ll expose our child to diverse cultures and ways of life.


We are very close with our families and see them as often as possible. My parents, Sue and Skip, my sister Teresa and her family live in Charlotte, NC. Markus’ parents, Rose and Hermann, live in the village where he grew up. His two brothers, Michael and Bernd, and their families live close by. We visit them at least once a year and each summer our house is filled with guests.

In total, we have seven nieces and one nephew ranging in age from 5 to 18, all of whom are excited to have another cousin. Both families have been supportive throughout our journey, and are excited about our plans to adopt a baby! We are also blessed with a close group of friends, many of whom have small children. Our child will have lots of playmates from the very beginning!


We have a bright, single family home with plenty of room and a fenced-in yard. Our neighborhood is close to downtown which allows us to take advantage of city parks, the lakefront, museums, the zoo and countless events geared towards families. Our community is ethnically diverse, with quiet tree lined streets, lots of parks, and kids of all ages.


We hope our letter has helped you learn about us and our life together – a life full of family, friends, laughter and travel.

As a hopeful mom, I can only imagine the courage and strength it takes to consider placing your baby for adoption. We hope that you can find peace in whatever decision you make. If you choose adoption, you truly would be giving some lucky family the ultimate gift. Thank you again for considering us in your plan for your baby’s future. We wish you all the happiness you deserve.

If you would like to get to know us, please send us an email to MarkusandTinaACFB@gmail.com or call our counselor, Tobi at 800-869-1005 or send her a text at 84-366-6351.

Sincerely –
Markus and Tina