Sarah and Gabriel and Saviour and Sierra

Dear Birth Parent,
We are Sarah, Gabriel, Saviour (5) and Sierra (1). We live in Chicago. As you consider adoption, please be assured that we will love and cherish your child always.

● Your child will inherit a big brother and big sister and will have instant playmates and best friends for life.
● Your child will always have enough toys, fun, people, parties, travel, sports, hugs and kisses and most importantly, enough love, multiplied by four.
● With six years’ experience as parents, you’ll know what you can expect from us.

Our family in three words:
● Loving
● Nurturing
● Adventurous

LOVING: Love will always be our foundation. After seven years together, we respect each other as man and woman, as husband and wife. We have so much love to give to our children. We are very faithful Christians, raised in the church life, and so will our children. It will help shape and teach them love. It will give them strength – to love and stand for their beliefs, compassion, righteousness, and respect.

NURTURING: Children learn from home, so we are our children’s first teachers. To set the right example, we show them our unending support and teach them right from wrong. We also take time to listen and talk to our children. Telling our children “I love you” and teaching them respect are very important to us.

ADVENTUROUS: There’s a lot to be said about travelling abroad and learning new cultures that a classroom cannot teach. We are passionate to see the world. We want our children to develop the same yearning, so we always travel together. We want them to be well rounded, experience other cultures, and have friends all around the world. It is our goal to take two big international trips a year and short domestic trips monthly.

We are a melting pot of love, culture, and values. We are a multi-racial and multi-lingual family with Chinese, Taiwanese, Caucasian, Argentine, and El Salvadorian cultural backgrounds. We speak English, Spanish, Taiwanese, and Saviour is learning Mandarin.

Sarah Ayala – I take on many roles, but mom and wife are my favorite ones. It’s been my lifelong dream to adopt. I am a strong willed, independent, hard-working, goal-oriented, protective mom who has a lot of love and likes to have fun with my family. I am a former restaurant owner who has owned three restaurants. I now work full time as an Executive Recruiter helping candidates find jobs. Our family will always be financially stable.

We’ve started college funds for each child right after they were born, and have enrolled our son in every class his schedule allows. When Sierra turns two, she too will be enrolled in many classes. Our belief is to expose our children to many interests, so they can find their passions. I look forward to giving our next child the same opportunities.

Gabriel Ayala – I also have many roles, but dad and husband are the ones I love the most. I am strong-willed, humble, and loving. I take time to listen, don’t anger easily, love to teach and have incredible patience. I was a stay-at-home dad for three years, to ensure that our son’s childhood was shaped in a loving, positive manner. I worked in the restaurant industry and was most recently a general manager at a new restaurant I helped open in Chicago. I resigned when our daughter was born because we wanted to give her the same experience we gave Saviour. Your child will be given the same devotion. I take our children to all of their classes, teach them their workbooks and play many games with them. Sarah plans, I execute. We are a perfect match.

Saviour Ayala – He’s an affectionate five year old who is outgoing, well-mannered, and loves adventures. He is positive, kind, and loving. He took on the big brother role very seriously and is protective of his sister, whom he adores.

Saviour attends a full-immersion Montessori school, which teaches Mandarin in the morning and English in the afternoon. Saviour has flown 80 times, camped five times, and has travelled to 17 states, 11 countries, took three Caribbean cruises, and a 10-day road trip to see our national monuments. Saviour loves and takes soccer, hockey, swimming, tumbling, guitar, chess, karate, robot city, and gymnastics classes.

Sierra Ayala – She’s a happy (unless-she’s-hungry!) one year old. She has travelled to seven states, camped once, took one international trip, and joined our road trip adventure. Gabriel stays home with her, and she does the normal things – eat, poop, sleep and repeat. She adores her big brother and smiles and giggles every time he’s near.

Extended Family – We have a very close and loving relationship with our parents and siblings. Sarah has four younger siblings and Gabriel has two. We talk to family daily and have monthly family dinners. We don’t have a family tree, we have a family orchard!


● Will be loved and grow up strong, independent and family oriented.
● Will learn, embrace and celebrate his/her ethnicity.
● Will know you and we’ll answer all questions truthfully.
● Will see the world with us.
● Will learn foreign languages since we are a multi-lingual family.
● Will attend church, go to church camp and be raised Christian.
● Will have many siblings, as we plan to adopt another child in a couple years.
● Will be busy with activities, attending sporting events, and play dates.
● Will go camping every year.
● Will have our complete attention. The important people in our children’s lives will always be there.
● Will have birthday parties and celebrate all holidays.
● Will go to theme parks, water parks and all kinds of parks!
● Will eat well and healthy and exposed to many different foods from around the world.
● Will be in a multi-cultural family and will always feel welcomed, loved, and that he/she belongs.

We hope that we are the right family for your child.  If you’d like to learn more about us, please contact us directly at  You can also reach us through our adoption counselor, Maggie Benz at 800-869-1005, 847-366-6343 (text) or

Gratefully yours,
The Ayalas – Gabriel, Sarah, Saviour, and Sierra