Sarah and Adam

Hello, we are Sarah (30) and Adam (32). We cannot imagine what you are going through but can only thank you for reading our story to see if we match your wishes. We are excited to build our family through adoption which is the perfect choice for us since we are unable to have children ourselves. Sarah is a proud Veteran of the Air National Guard and was injured while serving, making us unable to have kids. We both feel that something is missing in our lives and deeply desire the opportunity to raise a child.

How We Met

We are best friends and feel blessed to have each other in our lives. Each day is a new adventure full of laughter, love, and fun! We met while in college in 2002 at a social gathering through mutual friends. We became friends immediately and continued our friendship through college and beyond. We have now been happily married for two years. We are both from Wisconsin but have lived in Illinois since 2009 and have many friends and relatives in the area that keep us busy with events and excitement.

About Sarah – by Adam

Sarah is fun loving, silly, passionate, patient, kind, and the most nurturing person that I know. She is an Air National Guard Veteran where she was injured while serving, which is why we cannot have children. Since getting out of the military, Sarah has used her military training and is a successful Recruiting Manager for a large company. She is from a large family, with 6 siblings and several nieces and nephews. Her family resides primarily in Illinois and Wisconsin, with a brother in Arizona and sister in Florida. When we get together for birthdays, holidays and sporting events, it is full of laughter, funny memories and love. I enjoy spending time with her family because they are all just as sweet as she is, and have always made me feel welcome. Sarah grew up on a farm and enjoys being around all animals and horseback riding when possible. Sarah enjoys going for walks with our dog, reading, DIY projects, being outdoors at parks, and trying new attractions and restaurants! The thing that I love most about Sarah is that she is not afraid to be silly and goofy, and I always find myself smiling and laughing when I am with her.

About Adam – by Sarah

Adam is the most caring, loving and humorous man. He knows how to have fun! What I love most about Adam is how he cares for everyone and everything in his life. He will drive across states to help a friend move, drop what he is doing to help our neighbors; he always makes sure our dog Marty has his favorite treats and toys. I know Adam will be an amazing father because of how he cares for me and everyone around him. On every adventure, event or normal day, Adam will find something to laugh at or have fun with. Adam is passionate about fishing, hunting and football plus always wanting to find something new to try. Adam works in Liability Claims and is fortunate enough to work from our home office. Adam has one sister also named Sara who is married with a three year old son, as well as two step children.

Home and Community

Today we are living in a friendly neighborhood near parks and schools in a northwest suburb of Chicago. We have a remodeled one story three bedroom home with a large fenced in yard. We have a Maltipoo dog named Marty as well as cat named Sophie; they are both full of energy and have amazing personalities! Marty loves going for regular walks in our neighborhood where we know many of the area families.

Our Lives

We are both very close to our families who are as excited as we are about us adopting a child. There is typically a family gathering or a get together with friends on our calendar most weekends. When something isn’t planned we enjoy being outdoors together, walking our dog working or spending time in our yard or local parks. We also enjoy taking vacations to small towns to enjoy local foods and shops. Our favorite place to go for a getaway is to Door County, WI which is where we took our first vacation together, where we got engaged, and where we had our wedding. It is the most beautiful area we have been too, and we love going there and reliving all of the fun. We try to stay busy since we find so much joy in spending time with others. Our life is full of fun and laughter and we can turn the most normal of all activities into something fun that will be a great memory. We love trying anything new, and enjoy taking an active part in each other’s hobbies and interests.

Our Wish

We believe that everything happens for a reason, and that there is a plan in place for everybody. We wish you the best as you show the courage to find a loving safe and stable environment for your precious child. We are very excited about becoming parents and are ready for the changes a child will bring to our lives. We would like an open adoption based on what feels right mutually. We are very ready to meet you!

How to Contact Us
We are hoping to share with you more about us, and learn more about you. You can reach us through our adoption counselor Maggie Benz at 1-800-869-1005 or text her at 847-366-6343 or email her at:

Thank you for reading our letter.
With Warmth,
Adam and Sarah