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Sara and Ryan

Dear Expectant Mother,

Deciding to expand our family is a decision we have taken into great consideration and we do not take lightly.  We are excited and nervous to take on this amazing responsibility, as any other first-time parent feels.  A child that joins our family will grow up in a home filled with love, laughter, and encouragement.  We appreciate how difficult making this decision is for you. We also recognize the thought and courage it takes to choose the right family for your child.  We sincerely hope that our home is the one you will choose.  

Our Story:

It has been life-changing in so many wonderful ways since we first met in 2010.  We are supportive of each other in great times and challenging times.  We feel incredibly comfortable in our ability to lean on each other when needed.  We are a great team; we work well together on projects and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We were married in 2014 with our closest friends and family by our sides.  We are proud to say that we have an amazing network of family and friends that are incredibly supportive of the life we have built together. Collectively, we have three older brothers and four nieces and two nephews. We’ve built close bonds with each and every one of these kids. 

Meet Sara:

I grew up in a farming community in Central IL.  I am the youngest of three.  My two older brothers and I are part of a very large family originating from generations of farmers.  As kids, we had the amazing experience of driving tractors and trucks in the field, and working side by side with our family.  Growing up in that setting taught me about family, hard work, commitment and dedication. My grandmother taught me so many things about life.  Even though she has passed away, the family still gets together at least once a year, maintaining the strong family bond that she loved and lived for.

I have always been very active. I played multiple sports.  I also played the piano, alto & baritone saxophone.  My parents were always so supportive of us kids.  They attended all of our school events.  They encouraged us to learn and experience new things.  Anything that we chose to start, we were forced to see through until the end – a trait that I firmly believe in today.

I am currently the Co-Owner of a trucking company.  I began my career as a delivery driver and eventually climbed the ladder. With the assistance of an amazing business partner and supportive and understanding wife, we have built three successful companies.

I am lucky to be an aunt to 4 incredibly beautiful, smart, and witty nieces who mean the world to me.   Watching them grow into the wonderful young women that they are today makes my heart so happy.  Being so close and spending so much time with them has helped to prepare me for becoming a mom.
I feel like marrying Ryan made me the luckiest girl in the world.  She is loyal, genuine, committed to her career and family, funny, intelligent and sweet.  She blended in with my family from the first time she met them.  We complement each other so well.  I truly feel as though I won the lottery when she chose me to spend the rest of her life with.

Meet Ryan:

My youth was spent half in a Small Central IL town and the other half outside of Atlanta GA.  Experiencing life in both rural and suburban towns helped me maintain a grounded perspective; trying to always see humor in a situation. My parents married when they were teens due to pregnancy and as sometimes happens they later divorced.  Following the divorce, I spent most of my afternoons with my grandparents, while my parents worked.  My family always had dinner together at the table.  That tradition has stayed constant through my life and something I feel is important.

I have 2 nephews, Jacob and Max, who are 15 and 12.  For years, I spent every weekend and many evenings helping to care for them.  I have worked for the same company for the past 15 years as a software architect.  It is my job to collect the technical requirements from a customer or prospect then design a software solution for them that solves their issues.  My favorite thing about my job is every day is different and I am constantly learning about new technologies.

Sara and I have a very loving relationship. From the moment we met, I knew she was the one for me.  Our common set of core values is what first attracted me to her. Sara appreciates my humor, has a loving heart and is often smiling.  We help one another keep perspective on what is important in our lives.  We both work from home a few days per week — which could put a strain on some marriages –however I believe it has only made our relationship stronger.  

One final note, my cousin was pregnant at the age of 16 and chose open adoption. Because of her experience, I have learned the importance of communication and support between adoptive parents and birth parents, and look forward to being part of an open adoption one day.

Our Home and Community:

Our family also includes our 2 Springerdoodles, Harley and Ace. They are energetic and playful, yet so sweet and gentle with children. We purchased a home in a quiet subdivision in a quaint town in Central IL.

Our home has plenty of room to grow our family, and it feels warm, inviting, loving and free of clutter. Our town has a wonderful school system. In summer, we constantly see kids playing on our streets, and neighbors walking dogs or taking their babies out for a stroll.  We are surrounded by parks, trails, a new library and friendly people.  The trails are a perfect place for our family to enjoy relaxing times together.  We love to watch sports, including football and college basketball, we also enjoy having friends over for cookouts and doggie playdates.

Our Future:

We’ll raise your child with love, compassion and strong values around lots of loving and caring family members.  We want to create a life for them that has opportunities, success and most importantly, lots of love.  We will put every resource that we have into ensuring a safe, stable, loving and caring home for your baby.

We would be forever grateful to you for the opportunity to be your child’s adoptive parents.  You may email us directly at or contact our adoption counselor Linda at 800-669-1005, text 773-919-5702 or through email at

Sara and Ryan

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