Robin and Sam

Dear Expectant Mother,
Hi, we are Sam and Robin. We want to start by saying how honored we are for you to be reading our letter. We can hardly believe how selfless a decision you have made to even consider adoption. You obviously love your child very much.

We have always been eager to adopt; Robin’s father was adopted and we found out early on that God has also chosen us to be adoptive parents. We look forward to meeting you so that you can see the love we have for each other and the kind of life we want to give your child. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts for being strong and taking the time to peek into our lives, our home and our family.

About Us & Our Adventures
We are a fun loving couple who have been married for 7 years. We share laughter, friendship and love every single day. We met at Purdue University on the first day of classes. We became fast friends, then best friends and then Sam finally convinced Robin to marry him. Robin is a third grade teacher and has been teaching for ten years. She is passionate about her career, and seeing her students grow and learn.

Sam received his degree in engineering and quickly learned that sitting in an office wasn’t for him. He returned to school to get a Master’s Degree in business and now enjoys leading technical sales for an aerospace firm.

We love to travel. Sam likes to explore new places, while Robin loves the sun and the beach. We have been lucky to do both! We cannot wait to share these experiences with a child, exploring the world together!

When we are at home, we love being outdoors; taking in the sun on our deck, long walks in the neighborhood, gardening, or going for a bike ride; we enjoy it all. We also love to attend concerts and sporting events and root for our favorite teams (especially the Chicago Cubbies).

About Josh {by Kourtni}
Josh is fun, outgoing, and has a zest for life. He enjoys music, playing basketball, grilling, rooting for the Michigan football team, and anything to do with power tools. He is truly a family man. He still surprises me with flowers and small gifts for no reason at all.

Josh is the BEST dad, the kind who reads bedtime stories and plays catch in the backyard. His flexible schedule in IT allows him to participate in life’s big moments {like the first day of school} and the little moments {like family dinners}. He has a big heart and is always looking for ways to help others. He serves as the choir director at our church and often helps out in the children’s program. Any child would be lucky to have a dad like Josh.

What Sam Loves About Robin
Robin is one of the most loving, compassionate, sweet, and intelligent people in this world. She has the biggest heart. She’s also incredibly patient. Watching her play with our nephew Andrew, and seeing her with her students, assures me that she will be a wonderful mom. She makes me a better person every day and will be an amazing role model for our child.

Robin loves to garden, bake, enjoy the outdoors, and she has the unique ability to make even strangers feel like they’ve known her forever. Robin is also very nurturing. Her faith in God and commitment to growing our family gives me confidence that parenting will come naturally to her. Robin can’t wait to be a stay at home mom; cherishing, guiding and loving our child each and every day.

Fun Facts about Robin (By Sam)
• In addition to teaching 3rd grade, Robin has a Master’s Degree in Reading. She is always looking to get her hands on the newest children’s picture books!
• Robin is creative and she is always open to learning new things.
• Our families always call Robin to put in their Christmas cookie requests and she never disappoints.

What Robin Loves About Sam
When I met Sam, I was immediately drawn to his warm and loving heart and his sense of humor. Sam is the most kind-hearted person I have ever met. He is family oriented, smart, loyal, outgoing and funny. He is protective of his loved ones and will do anything for his friends and family.

I think Sam is going to be an amazing father. He is great with kids! He gives our nephew lots of attention and is known for getting down on the floor to play with him.Along with the fun and laughter, I know that Sam will be a strong role model. He is patient and playful, and he will be an involved dad, changing diapers, coaching sports and helping with homework.

Facts about Sam (By Robin)
• Sam loves to golf and after watching him play, I realized that he has the patience of a Saint!
• Sam enjoys playing basketball at our local fitness center.
• Sam carries on his family’s Italian traditions by making family recipes for Sunday dinners. He cannot wait to share this tradition with his child.
• Sam has traveled to 31 of the 50 states.

Our Community & Our Family
We live in a safe and quiet community in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Our town is filled with families with kids of all ages. You cannot walk down our street without seeing children outside playing together. We are so fortunate that Sam’s parents and siblings live only a few miles away. Sam’s parents are excited to have a grandbaby to spoil. Sam comes from a traditional Italian family and we never miss a Sunday dinner filled with conversation, laughter and, of course, pasta.

Robin’s sister and her family live only 10 minutes away, and we spend time with them whenever we get the chance. Our nephew (5) cannot wait for a baby cousin! Robin’s parents and brother both live in Indiana and we are very close with them. We get to see each other once or twice a month. Robin’s parents are wonderful with our nephew, and they can’t wait to welcome another grandbaby.

Our Future & Our Promise To You
Our promise to you is to cherish, nurture and love your child unconditionally. We will provide our child with faith-based values, guidance, love and laughter. If you choose us as the adoptive parents, we promise that your child will know how deeply you love and care for him (or her). We also promise to be open, honest, and available to you. We will do all that we can to make you proud to have chosen us as your child’s adoptive parents.

Feel free to contact us directly by email at or reach out to our adoption counselor, Tobi Ehrenpreis, at (800) 869-1005. You may also text Tobi at (847) 366-6351 or email her at

With love,
Sam & Robin