Dear Expectant Parent,

A very warm hello to you. It is both delightful and unbelievable that I am writing this letter today. I am writing this letter after a lot of thinking and prayer. I am honored that you have taken the time to view my profile. It is my hope that you will learn a little about me and the kind of adoptive mother that I would be to your child. I would love to meet you and get to know more about you and the hopes and dreams that you have for your child.

About Me

My name is Ekpedeme (pronounced ek-ped-uh-may). My nickname is Pamay (pronounced Pam – Ay), and that is what most of my friends call me. My mother and father were born in Nigeria, West Africa. My parents were together for 50 years, until my father passed away in 2009. I have a very large family that lives all over the world – from Africa to America and everywhere in between. My name is a Nigerian one. It means “who but God could have given me such a beautiful child.” My parents thought a lot about what to name me; I have thought a lot about how much I would like to be a mother.

Let me tell you a little about me…

I was born in New York City. At age 6, I moved to Atlanta, where I grew up. I consider Atlanta to be my hometown. I went to college in California at age 16, then moved to Chicago to go to graduate school. For the most part I have lived in Chicago as an adult and consider it to be my second home.

In school, I studied computer science, and worked as a management consultant for many years. I now work for Kraft Heinz, the food company, and am responsible for training for the 40,000 employees that work around the world! I also have a role in programs that make sure that people from all backgrounds can have the opportunity to work at my company, contribute their talents, and make a living.

Now I would like to continue by telling you five things that I think you should know about me.

5. I have been academically and professionally successful. Yes, it is true. I have a village of family, friends, mentors and loved ones who have always expected a lot from me. I have seen a fair amount of success- graduating from one of the best colleges in the world and continuing to achieve throughout graduate school and in my career. I am currently in a place where I feel that, God willing, I will continue to have a bright future, which makes me happy because it means that I have the financial resources to take care of myself, my family, and the people that I love. I am blessed and share my blessings wherever I can.

4. My family and my friends mean everything to me. I have 3 sisters and a mother who is still living. I have friends who I have known since I was in high school, a strong community of friends that I met in college and after, and I am a member of a sorority (Delta Sigma Theta) which provides me with sisterhood and support all over the world. I put in the time and effort to nurture my relationships and have many great friends who would serve as a support should I be blessed enough to become a mother. I give when I can; the people that I love know I have a giving heart.

3. I love to laugh, and I love to learn. I studied improv, comedy, storytelling, writing and theater at the Second City. I have performed as a comedian and an actor and have a love for public speaking. Laughter and learning are my superpower. I love to make people laugh and laugh with them. When life gets difficult and laughter is hard to find, I am someone who always asks what I can learn from a difficult situation. This is how I have made my way through life, either embracing the situations that are hilarious, or taking a deep breath when things are hard and focusing on what I can learn from those things so that I can keep walking through life, one step at a time.

2. I have been given every opportunity in life to make my life amazing; I would love to do the same for a child. Starting with my educational foundation, my parents – who came to this country with nothing and poured everything into the lives of myself and my sisters, I have been blessed to have wonderful life experiences. I love to travel (I have lived in Japan and in Germany, for example, and traveled across Europe, Asia, and Africa), to write (I have written three books). I have fallen in love and been heartbroken. I have not yet met my life partner, but that has not changed my desire to be a mother. I look forward to sharing some of my blessings with a child – to support and nurture that child and see if I could help that child’s dreams come true as life has allowed me to do with many of my dreams.

1. I can’t wait to meet you. I can’t imagine the emotions that you are experiencing as you are making such an important decision. I would imagine you would like to meet someone and just feel good that that person has a good heart, good character, and will do what they can to make sure your child has a good life, while respecting your needs and wishes.

I would like to know your dreams and your fears, and to answer your questions about me and my intentions. I am patiently waiting to hear from you– and knowing that whatever is meant to be, will be, and if you should find that you are comfortable with who I am and choose to select me as your partner in this next chapter of our lives, that would be a gift.

If you would like to contact me directly, you can contact me by email at You may also contact my adoption counselor, Linda, by email at or on her cell phone at (773)919-5702.

My very best,