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Mike and Scott

Dear Expectant Mother,


We’re Scott and Mike and we are deeply honored that you are considering our family as a part of your adoption journey. Adoption would be a gift to us and we’re ready to give our unconditional love to your child. Choosing adoption is a very brave, loving and an absolutely selfless act. If we are fortunate enough to be chosen, please know that your child will feel a lifetime of endless love, support, and encouragement.

About Us

We have been together for over seven years and married for over two. We both grew up in homes surrounded by love and filled with warmth. We have always dreamed of being parents. We first met in July of 2012 at a mutual friend’s wedding and we knew instantly that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Every day we remind each other of how lucky we are to have found authentic love, support and connection in one another.

On June 17th, 2017, we had over 300 friends and family come together at our wedding to witness our love and dedication. Overlooking the Chicago skyline, we said “I do”. This was one of the best days of our lives as we officially became a family and our journey to fatherhood began!

Mike’s Story

I was born and raised in the suburbs outside of Chicago and was fortunate to grow up in a wonderful home with loving parents and older sister. My parents led by example teaching me to always put family first, and I’m so excited to start a family myself. I was raised Catholic which has provided me spiritual guidance throughout my life. Growing up, I played a variety of sports, though swimming was always my favorite. As a teenager, I was a lifeguard and swim team coach. I truly enjoy organizing fun events and get-togethers with friends and family. I now work as the Executive Director for an education events company. Some of my favorite things to do: work out, go to the movies, attend concerts, musicals; cooking and  traveling. While I love being active, I also love spending time at home with Scott and our dog, Gus.

My parents, Don & Sue, live just down the street from us. We get together for dinner several times a week. They LOVE being grandparents to my three nephews and are looking forward for the day that they will be grandparents to our child! I have one older sister who is an amazing mother to her three sons Donnie (age 9 ) and twins, Billy & Tommy (age 7). I’m Donnie’s godfather and Scott is Billy’s godfather. We love spending time with the boys by playing sports in the backyard or going on special trips to our favorite ice cream shop. Lucky for us, there are many members of my extended family that live in and around the Chicago area, which allows us to get together regularly to celebrate family milestones, see a play or musical, and just enjoy each other’s company.

Scott’s Story

I grew up in New Jersey and my large and loving family means the world to me. I’m the youngest of seven! Growing up, I had a lot of fun with my siblings and also was very involved in school activities. As the youngest child in my family, I loved babysitting my young nieces and nephews. I knew I always wanted to be a teacher and follow in my dad’s footsteps. I also knew I wanted to teach in a big city. When I visited Chicago, I fell in love with the city! Since moving to Chicago, I’ve been in education as a teacher, dean of students, school principal and now the CEO of a non-profit public school network. I love my students and the work I do for families every single day. Outside of work, I enjoy working out, seeing shows and concerts, spending time with friends and family and most importantly being together with Mike and our awesome dog.

My parents, Ann and Pierce, have been married almost 60 years and have been a guiding light for me and my entire family. They are truly the best role models. They exemplify love, tradition, and “family first.” They have overcome adversity, celebrated each other a ton and still to this day, remain incredibly loyal and supportive of one another and all of us. I experienced all of my siblings fall in love, get married and start their families – giving me lots of nieces and nephews – 33 to be exact!  I have incredible memories with my parents traveling all over and spending lots of time at our family beach house. My family gathers for almost every holiday with lots of kids, and it has truly been a joy watching my nieces and nephews grow into such incredible people.

Our Home and Community

We moved into our new home just a few months ago.We now live in the western suburbs, about 30 minutes outside Chicago. We moved to the neighborhood that Mike grew up in and our community is filled with young families. We also now live right down the street from Mike’s parents. We can’t wait for the day that we will be able to play in the yard and draw with chalk on the sidewalk with our own little one. Within walking distance of our home is a playground, forest preserve, and neighborhood pool. We love taking walks through the forest preserve, having bonfires and exploring the neighborhood. Our town has a wonderful downtown area filled with diverse shops, restaurants and a riverwalk. We enjoy spending time exploring the town and being outside as much as possible.

In Closing

We have truly been very blessed throughout our lives and hope that one day we will experience the joys and challenges of raising a child. If you select us to be the parents to your child, please know that we promise to provide your child a loving, stable home surrounded by friends, family and laughter. We hope that you are comforted in this moment and know that you will find peace in whatever path you choose. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for considering us.

If you would like to get to know us, please contact us directly at  You may also contact our adoption counselor, Linda Fiore, at:
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Scott and Mike

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