Matt and Sandy

Hello: We’re Matt and Sandy,

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about us. We would love to have another child in our lives. While our son Brian was conceived naturally, we have been unable to have another child. We have thoroughly enjoyed being parents, and hope to have that opportunity once more. We have been blessed in life, and we have so much more love to give. We hope you will see that we have room in our home and hearts for you and your baby.

Considering adoption for your child is the most selfless and courageous thing you can do, a true act of love. If you believe we are the right parents for your child, he or she will know that you have a special place in our hearts.

Our Values
Family and Friends: We have a tight knit extended family and several close friends. Your child will fit right in! He or she will never be alone, and will always be loved by many people.

Love & Kindness: The best way to raise a child is to shower him or her with love and kindness. Fill their lives with love, and children will shine.

Fun! Laughter: We don’t sweat the small stuff. Travel,. Laugh, Shine Bright: We’d love for your child to join us on our adventure!

Our Love Story
This is a photo Brian took on vacation. We were high school sweethearts and have been married 15 years. Our best moments are still the simple ones: conversation at dinner, a warm fire in our living room on a winter night, laughing over a good movie, Saturday donuts at the local bakery. We share everything, the good and the bad, the work and the fun. We eat dinner as a family every night. Matt cooks, Sandy does the dishes. (The cook and dishwasher do take Friday night off, Pizza Night!) Sandy pays the bills, Matt cuts the grass. We both change the diapers. We both listen first, and talk second. We are best friends, which provides a solid foundation for our family.

About Matt (by Sandy)
Matt is a great Dad! He is fun-loving and cannot sit still on weekends. He always wants to take Brian and I out: to eat, a movie, a ballgame, the beach. He wants to show kids everything. Your child will NEVER be bored with Matt as his or her Daddy.
Matt loves sports, fishing, traveling, gardening, reading the newspaper, and talking with friends. And, he loves to eat! Food is fun, he says. He is the cook for our family (and most of the time his creations are edible!).

About Sandy (by Matt)
Sandy is the love of my life. She is a thoughtful person. Her friends confide in her when they are in need. She loves baking, arts and crafts, and reading. Here she is with her friend, Jenny, at an art class. And what a Mom! She runs around the park with Brian, leaves notes in his lunchbox, and chaperones school field trips. Brian loves playing with her, and they laugh uncontrollably. I wonder what those two clowns are up to when I hear them laughing!

Big Brother Brian
Brian is five and loves kindergarten! He attends public school down the street. His favorite classes are music and recess! Brian likes to swim, run, and ride his bike. His favorite foods are hot dogs and ice cream! More than anything, Brian loves playing with other kids, and wants to share his toys with his brother or sister. This is Brian with his cousin, Evie.

Matt is a doctor and Sandy a scientist. Our healthcare careers are rewarding. Also, the financial security we’re blessed with gives us freedom to pursue our dreams, particularly travel.

Three aunts, two uncles, three grandparents, a 101-year old great-grandma, and several cousins will be your child’s favorites! We take family vacations, get together for birthdays, and spend Christmas and Thanksgiving together. This photo shows the aunts, uncles, and cousins waiting for Santa on Christmas morning. Your child will be in this photo! Matt’s Dad takes us on his boat. Matt’s Mom is a great cook, and always has lollipops in her purse for grandkids! Sandy’s Dad takes us to visit relatives in Germany. He can’t wait to introduce another grandchild!

Sandy’s Adoption Story
Sandy and your child will have a common bond, as Sandy is adopted. She didn’t know her birth parents, but her parents were comfortable talking about adoption, and Sandy always knew she was adopted. Sandy’s parents are incredible role models on our adoption journey.

Home is in a Northern Suburb of Chicago. Your child’s room is the second floor window far-right. We live on a beautiful street with shady trees, sidewalks, young families and kids. You should see trick-or-treating at Halloween or the Summer Block Party! The park is four blocks away. The ice cream store is six blocks away. School is down the street, and Church around the corner. Your child will explore all these places!

Raising Children
Shower children with love, and they will shine. Say ‘I love you’ every day.Childhood should be filled with laughter and adventure. Play with them, tickle them, ask questions, read books, go to parks and museums, boat and train rides, lots of ice cream. Have fun every day. There are rules to follow, and responsibility has to be taught. We try to be role models of good behavior: kindness, respect for elders, wait your turn, please and thank you, apologize for mistakes. A child should be loved by as many people as possible and should never feel alone. That’s why grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends are important.

Our Promise
Your child would be our blessing, and we promise we would love him or her with all of our soul. We promise that your child will know about you. He or she will know the love you have, that your decision was the greatest act of love. If you would like to have letters and photos to watch your child grow, we would be happy to share those. We want this to be a success for everyone. We hope that you have a better understanding of who we are. Thank you for considering us.
Please email us directly at or contact our adoption counselor, Tobi Ehrenpreis, at 800-869-1005 or send her a text message at 847-366-6351.
With love and gratitude,

Sandy and Matt and Brian