5 Things to Know When Making Your Adoption Profile

Congratulations! You’ve completed the home study process and are officially approved to be an adoptive family. Now comes the next daunting task of creating your adoption profile. While building a profile is exciting, it can also feel overwhelming because it’s the first thing an expectant parent will see when they are looking for a family to place their child with. Many adoptive families worry about saying the wrong thing, sharing enough information, and adding details that expectant parents are looking for. Today, we’re sharing the top five things to keep in mind as you create your profile.

1. Be yourself! Each expectant parent connects with something different. Some look for specific characteristics (age, race, single/two-parent home, a family with/without children, etc.), while others base their selection off the feeling they get when reading about you. There is no way to predict why you’ll be selected. The best thing you can do is make a profile that is genuine and truly represents you. Afterall, when you finally meet the expectant parent, they will be hoping to meet the same people they read about in your profile.

2. Include both photos and text. Expectant parents connect with pictures because they give a glimpse into your life. However, with too many photos and not enough words to share details, expectant parents can be left with more questions about who you are. Make sure to have a balance of text and photos to create an engaging yet informative profile.

3. Keep the length of your profile in mind. It can be hard to narrow down exactly what to share in your profile because there are many details about you that make your story unique. Unfortunately, including every detail about your life can make your profile exceptionally long. Expectant parents often look over several family profiles and too much information in a profile can become overwhelming. Stick to the highlights and plan to share more with them after you’re matched.

4. Use quality photos. It may seem silly to note, but sometimes after spending hours working on the text of your profile, photos can feel like an afterthought. Take time to really look at the photos you’re using. Can you see your faces clearly? Is it obvious who the people in the photo are? Are they recent pictures? Do they look natural or are they overly posed? If you find that you don’t have many quality photos, don’t be afraid to enlist the help of family, friends, or even a professional photographer to take new ones.

5. Ask the experts for support! If you’re working with an adoption professional, they likely have great insight on what makes a good profile. If you’re struggling with choosing information to include, what language is appropriate, or which photos are best, you should reach out to them for guidance.

As we mentioned, each expectant parent is looking for something different. While you cannot predict exactly what they will connect with when reading your profile, you can make sure to put your best foot forward by following these tips!