Liz and Dan

Dear expectant mother,

We know that placing a baby for adoption demands an enormous amount of bravery and love, and we understand the sacrifice you’re making. We have a great deal of respect and admiration for you. We promise to love and cherish your child, and to be there to support you, too.

We recently bought a house and moved to the Northwest suburbs of Chicago with the dream of growing our family. Besides the two of us, our family includes our three-year old, rescued cat, Lola.  She is the most outgoing and friendly cat we have met. She is quick to welcome visitors at the door and often will sit on their laps given the first opportunity. Alle enjoys finding ways to keep Lola amused and has grown her sewing skills to be able to make Lola an endless supply of custom cat toys.

We’ve always known we wanted children. On one of our earliest dates, we went to a neighborhood café and started talking about our families. We were telling each other stories about growing up with our siblings. Before we knew it, we were discussing how many kids we wanted.

Dan has a very analytical mind, and loves to tinker. He is a chemical engineer by trade and works in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Liz is more the creative-type. She was a French and English teacher for almost a decade. Since moving to Illinois, Liz has been a homemaker, devoting many hours to fixing up our old farmhouse, and planting and harvesting our garden. We are fortunate to be financially secure, so Liz is planning to be a stay-at-home mom.

In our free time, we prefer the outdoors: skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, camping and traveling. Road trips – especially those that take us through National Parks – are among our favorite vacations!


We are both committed to friends and family, and have a firm set of values, including an appreciation of differences and a desire to make the world a better place. Our parents raised us to treat others with empathy and patience.

Most of Liz’s relatives live just a few hours away in Michigan. Liz’s parents are retired, although they both volunteer often. They live in the countryside near Lake Michigan, and we enjoy spending time there with Liz’s sister and brother-in-law, parents, aunts, uncles, and lots of cousins. Liz’s family is very close, and we love to go to the beach, hike, bike, fish, and play sports and games together.

Most of Dan’s family live in New York. Dan’s mother is a teacher, while his stepfather is a handyman and auto mechanic. Dan has two siblings, an older sister and younger brother, and each has an amazing, kind spouse. Dan’s brother and sister-in-law have two adorable children, and we enjoy spending time with our niece and nephew. We get together often, and vacation together in the summertime. Everyone is elated that we are adopting, and excited to welcome a new member into our tightly-knit family group!

What Liz has to say about Dan

Dan is the finest man I have ever known. He is considerate and thoughtful, intelligent, funny, generous and compassionate. He’s an incredibly devoted husband and partner. Dan is also uncommonly handy – I’m continually impressed with his ability to repair and fix things, his knowledge of tools and his steady, calm approach to problems. I cannot imagine a better person with whom to share the joys and challenges of parenting. Dan will be an extraordinary father!

What Dan has to say about Liz

Liz is an awesome person and my best friend! She has a big heart and is extremely thoughtful. She always goes the extra mile for her friends and family. Liz is outgoing and friendly and one of the most capable, creative, and adventurous people I’ve ever met. She does it all — cooking, sewing, gardening, and DIY projects. She’s great with kids and loves being around children. She will be a wonderful mother, I can hardly wait to enter parenthood with her!

Our Pets

We have two great dogs, both young lab mixes. They are sweet, well-behaved and friendly. We also have ten chickens! They are laying hens, all docile breeds who love to be petted and cuddled.

Our Home

We live in a small, pretty town in northern Illinois, just a few minutes from the Wisconsin border. Our neighbors are friendly and helpful, and the town is uniquely diverse, with people from many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It’s also a very safe community with lots of kids, public parks, pools, good schools, and beaches. The Fox River runs through the center of town, and locals like to boat, fish, swim, and kayak. We’ve found a spiritual home at the local Unitarian Universalist congregation, an inclusive, open-minded group of people that do a lot of good in the area.

Our farmhouse sits on a large lot at the edge of town. We’ve built a small organic “micro-farm” on our property, and grow dozens of different fruits and vegetables. We eat a mostly vegetarian diet and are believers in responsible food practices. In the summer, we grow much of the food we eat throughout the year. Our kitchen and pantry are full of canned, frozen and pickled vegetables. We’re delighted at the prospect of bringing up a child up among the trees, animals, and gardens.

Our Commitment to You

Thank you so much for reading about us. If you decide to place your child with us, we can promise that he or she will be raised in a warm, nurturing home. We will make sure that our child always feels loved and valued, and knows of the selfless love that led you to choose placement. We are committed to an open adoption, and look forward to sharing photos, phone calls, and visits with you. You will always have a special place in your child’s heart, and in ours.

Thank you for considering us! You can email us at You can also call our adoption counselor, Tobi Ehrenpreis at 1-800-869-1005, text her at 847-366-6351, or email at We would love to hear from you and get to know you!

With love and admiration,

Dan and Liz