Lindsay and Spencer (and Nellie and Josie)

Dear Expectant Mother,

We are so thankful for you and for your decision to consider adoption. Your decision is a brave one and you deserve to have options when picking a family for your baby. Our hope is this letter will help you get to know our family, our home and our community. If it’s a fit—wonderful—we are so excited to meet you! If not, we remain grateful for you and the choice you’ve made.
Our Family and Our Wish to Adopt a Baby

Lindsay first felt called to adoption long before we were married. She has a heart for children that has taken many forms over the years. She grew up babysitting, spending time at a camp for children with special needs, and ultimately became a pediatric intensive care nurse.

In 2010, Lindsay went to Haiti to provide nursing care to victims of an earthquake. Her time spent with orphaned children and struggling families solidified for her that adoption would be part of our family’s story.

Spencer was excited to become a father and the idea of creating a secure, strong home for our children, whether biological or adopted, became a purpose for him. We hope that you will see in us devoted parents eager to love, parent, provide for, and protect your child. We have been blessed with two wonderful children, Nellie and Josie, but knew, even before Josie was born that our third child would come to us through adoption. We decided to pursue a domestic adoption because we want our child and his or her birth mother to know one another.

Spencer (age 31) grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, and Lindsay (age 32) in southern Indiana. We met while attending a leadership conference during college, but it was not love at first sight. It was not until a few years later, after both of us had graduated, that we started dating. Lindsay was a pediatric nurse at the time in Orange County and Spencer was an engineer in San Diego. We had mutual friends who we would regularly spend time with and our romance grew out of that friendship. It did not take long for Spencer to propose, and we were married in in 2009.

Although San Diego is beautiful, we are Midwest people at heart and moved to Wisconsin for a few years while Spencer attended law school. After law school, we moved to Chicago and settled in Oak Park, Illinois. Spencer currently works at a law firm downtown and Lindsay stays home with our children, while working an occasional shift at a hospital near our home.

Lindsay on Spencer
Spencer has found a beautiful way to balance being carefree and lighthearted with being rooted and responsible. He works very hard, but he remains spontaneous and fun. I can count on him to get things done around the house and take care of our girls, but he has also taught the girls his sense of humor (which is sometimes funnySpencer leads our family with kindness, patience, and a strength grounded in his love for God.

Spencer on Lindsay.

When I think of how to describe Lindsay, the same word always comes to mind: compassionate. She genuinely loves and cares for people. Her genuineness is magnetic, and translates to many friends all of whom love and trust her deeply. Her compassion extends to her motherhood. She is raising our children with a combination of the love and care of a nurturer and the mindfulness and instruction of a shepherd.

About Our Daughters

Nellie (age 4) is smart, chatty and a lot of fun. She is also strong-willed, and we think she gets that from her mom. Nellie really enjoys gymnastics , which she attends every week through our community park program. She will start her second year of preschool this fall at a local Christian university education center.

Josie (age 2) is hysterical (and knows it!). Her personality is on display more and more each day. She loves to sing and she also talks all of the time. She has a sweet little voice and a wide dimpled smile. Her favorite thing to do is anything outside, including bike rides or playing at the park.. One of our reasons for adopting now is to provide siblings close in age to our new baby. Both girls are very excited to welcome a new baby into the family.

Our Extended Family

All four of our parents are loving and doting grandparents. Spencer’s parents live in Wisconsin and Lindsay’s live in Indiana. One of the perks of being out of state is that we get to take extended weekend trips to visit them. Lindsay’s parents live in the country and it is fun for the girls to get out of the city and hike through the woods. Visiting Spencer’s parents means good food and new creative activities. They love finding new projects for the girls to try. When we visit grandparents, we also love to be with our three nieces and nephew and all the aunties and uncles. Our families are growing and we are excited to add another to the mix.

Our Life.

Our home is in one of the first suburbs west of Chicago. One of our favorite things about Oak Park is the mix of urban and suburban living. The town has a great neighborhood feel—old, beautiful homes and tree-lined streets—but is also close enough to the city for Spencer to easily take the train to work. Oak Park also has great schools, great parks (one playground is just at the end of our block) and a great downtown with plenty of things to do. We frequent the libraries, pool, and nearby zoo. We also appreciate the diversity of our community and its many adoptive families.

Our Christian faith is important to us and strongly influences our lives and our decisions. We attend a local church and have found a close group of friends who function like family for us ; providing support, encouragement, playmates, and activities. Our church is home to many adoptive families. We value raising our kids in a diverse and nurturing environment and our community makes that possible.
We’ve learned as parents that you cannot have too many people loving your child and are fortunate to be able to offer a supportive network to our children. Our hope would be for our child to have you as part of their family in a way that you feel most comfortable. We will do our part to nurture and promote our relationship with you.

Thanks again for taking the time to read our letter. We are praying for you, your baby, and your decision. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us directly or reach out to our adoption counselor, Tobi Ehrenpreis through one of the following ways: Call: 800-869-1005 or Text: 847-366-6351 or

With Admiration,
Lindsay and Spencer