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Katie and Mitch

Dear Expectant Mother,

Hi! We’re Katie (32) and Mitch (34) and we are so grateful that you are taking the time to get to know us.  We hope this letter will give you a glimpse into our lives and what your child’s life would be like in our family.  We can’t imagine the emotions you are going through in making this difficult decision.  Know that we are praying for you and your precious baby throughout your pregnancy, that God will lead you to the right family and fill you with peace whatever decision you make.

About us

We met in college and after 9 years of marriage, we are still best friends.  Whether we are making dinner, going for a walk, or watching a movie, we are happiest together.  We always dreamed of becoming parents and talked about adopting someday. After years of infertility, we decided to not wait to adopt.  We feel so blessed to have become parents through the adoption of our son Hudson in March 2018, and are excited to become a family of four through adoption! 

As a family, we love to travel especially to national parks and we go camping every summer.  We value spending lots of time together so every night we eat supper together and snuggle with Hudson while we read books before bed.  On the weekends, we like spend lots of time outside especially playing at the park.  We also love to go on adventures together to the zoo, county fair, or the water park.

Meet Katie (by Mitch)

What first attracted me to Katie was her love for God, her care for others, and her desire to think deeply about important topics. Katie likes to giggle and have fun. Her competitive spirit and intellect make her very hard to beat in board games! Katie is a strong woman, very hard worker, and a natural leader whom I lean on for wisdom and advice.  After adopting Hudson, Katie started to work part-time as a high school math teacher so she could spend most of her day with Hudson.

She often selflessly gives up her own preferences and desires in order to love both me and Hudson.  She always wants to do what is best for him, whether that means rocking him to sleep at 2am when he’s sick or teaching him new things. She’s super excited to include Hudson in all of our traditions and to create new ones together.  Katie is the most patient, empathetic, and caring mom I know, even when Hudson is having a tough day.  She is so good at helping our little boy learn and grow.  Having a second child in our family will only give her another little one to love so well.

Meet Mitch (by Katie)

Mitch is super funny and clever so he is constantly making everyone around him laugh. But he also is wise, thoughtful, and cares deeply for people.  As a pastor, he is able to use these gifts often.  He enjoys learning so he reads a lot of books. Because he’s easy going and spontaneous, he makes sure that we have a good dose of fun in our lives.  He loves being active outside especially hiking and ultimate frisbee.  Not only does he make sure we go out on lots of adventures, but he also loves to invite people into our home for good food or having fun.

Mitch is an amazing husband and father.  When he is with us, he focuses on us to show us how important we are to him.  He showers Hudson with love and affection and is constantly coming up with creative, fun ways for them to play together.   Hudson loves his Daddy so much and runs to him every time he gets home. 

Meet Hudson

Hudson is full of silliness and giggles. He loves to be outside swinging on the playset in our backyard, playing in the sandbox, or simply taking a walk. He loves music and is often found singing songs to his stuffed animals. He is full of energy and especially loves roughhousing with Daddy or jumping off things into our arms. He is such a sweet and tender boy, and we think he will be an amazing big brother.  We are fortunate to have an open adoption with Hudson’s birth family.  We visit them several times a year and keep in contact with regular pictures, videos, letters, and video calls. We will forever be grateful for the gift that he is in our lives.

Our Families

Both of our parents have had long, happy marriages. Katie has three sisters, three brother-in-laws, and five nieces and nephews. Katie’s family gets together often to celebrate holidays, birthdays, to see a Brewer game or just to have dinner. Her parents are retired so they spend a lot of time spoiling their grandkids and going to plays, sports games, and band concerts. Mitch has one sister, one brother-in-law, and two nephews. Mitch’s family lives in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin and his dad who loves to hunt and fish loves teaching his grandchildren to love the great outdoors.

Our Faith and Friends

Our Christian faith is at the center of our lives and our church community is like a tight-knit extended family.  It has been so fun to watch our community adore Hudson.  We would be delighted to introduce your child to this loving group of people who will cherish them as a blessing from God.  We want to introduce our children to our loving, kind, gentle, and patient God through both our words and actions.

Our Home

We live in a charming town northwest of Chicago. Our house has a lot of character along with a huge deck and backyard with a playset. We love to fill our home with friends and family for holiday parties or weeknight dinners. Our town has a historic square that hosts a variety of festivals and activities. We walk to the town square frequently to go to the farmer’s market or to get warm cinnamon rolls from the bakery.

We promise

• to unconditionally love your child.
• to surround your child with family and friends who will love and cherish them.
• to always speak of you with respect and dignity.
• to stay in contact with you if that is your wish.
• to fill your child’s life with the love and message of Jesus.
• to fill your child’s life with fun and giggles.

We would love to talk to you! If you are interested in learning more about us, you can contact us directly at or reach out to our adoption counselor, Linda, through one of the following ways: Call: 1-800-869-1005, Text:773-919-5702 or Email:

Katie and Mitch

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