Katie and Jared

Dear Birth Mother,

We believe that our family is being carefully pieced together and the child that is meant to join us will find us. Our names are Katie (30), Jared (31) and Harper (2). We are a young Christian family. We thank you for taking the time to look at this scrapbook of our lives. We know firsthand that adoption is an incredible miracle and deeply wish to grow our family by adopting. After dating for five years, we married on a crisp fall day surrounded by friends and family. We recently celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and are blessed to have a marriage that grows stronger each day. As a couple, we enjoy going to concerts, sporting events and visiting friends.

We live in a quiet neighborhood in a Chicago suburb filled with kids, parks and a grade school within walking distance. After two years of marriage we felt ready to welcome a child into our family. Our prayers were answered with the adoption of our daughter, Harper. As a family we enjoy outdoor activities like bike rides, long hikes through local parks and traveling. Love for music is something we all have in common. Music is always playing in our house, with us dancing along.