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Katie and Craig

Our names are Katie and Craig and we are truly honored that you are reviewing our profile. Considering adoption must be the hardest decision of your life.  We believe your story is one of courage and love. We are a young couple in our early 30’s who have shared some of the absolute best times but have also encountered some hard challenges.  We can honestly say that the challenge of not being able to conceive a child led us to the greatest experience of our lives, the adoption of our daughter Grace.  Every day we are grateful to her brave birth mother.  We are now ready to grow our family again, which has led us to you. We promise to give ourselves completely to your child by holding no love back. We are so excited to welcome another child into our family and we will forever feel that your child is a blessing. 

About us

We have been married for five years and adopted Grace two years ago.  We live in a small family friendly community. We enjoy going for walks and bike rides on the local trails sometimes ending up at our favorite local ice cream place! We love exploring the world together, either in our local community or through traveling to different places.  Our home is always full of laughter, often including extended family and friends. We love singing and dancing around the house and it’s is not uncommon for Grace to put on a nightly Disney music concert. Audience participation required!  Our home can be chaotic, but it is never short on love and support. 

Family is very important to us and we try to see them as much as possible. Our entire family has supported our adoption journey from the very beginning and sees Grace as a true blessing.  We enjoy large family dinners and trips every chance we get. When our family is together, we talk, laugh and often compete in friendly board and card games.

About Katie

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and am an all-around Wisconsin sports fan!  I graduated from University of Wisconsin with a Master’s degree in speech and language pathology. I work at a local hospital where my duties include treating newborn babies with feeding difficulties in the NICU. I come from a large Irish-Sicilian Catholic family who we see very often.  I am the oldest of three with a younger brother and sister.  I have one niece who is like another sister to Grace.  My family participates in many traditions like making homemade ravioli and pasta every year, baking large quantities of cookies for special events and preparing traditional foods. My family can hardly wait to welcome another grandchild, niece/nephew and cousin into our lives.

Craig about Katie

Katie is the most amazing mother and wife!  Friends and family call her first when they need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on.  Katie is everyone’s greatest advocate, especially Grace’s, and will always put the interests of others above her own.   She has a love of helping people and that is reflected in every aspect of her life.  Because of this, Grace just adores her mommy!  Katie’s greatest joy in life is being a mom, and it shows in everything she does with Grace.  Her hobbies of gardening, baking, and cooking have become far more enjoyable with Grace as her assistant.  Katie takes great pride in teaching Grace and finds incredibly creative and fun ways to work it into her everyday life.  I have also come to know that her strength is far greater than anyone I have ever met, even though she might not admit it.  Her heart is so incredibly full of love and I know she can’t wait to share that with another child.

About Craig

I am originally from Belleville, Illinois, which comes with the pleasure of being a St. Louis Cardinals fan!  I graduated with a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Northern Illinois University and work as a product development engineer for a local manufacturing company.  In my free time I enjoy any type of home improvement project.  I am the youngest of four with two older brothers and one older sister. I have two nieces and three nephews who are anxiously awaiting to play with another cousin. Grandma and grandpa are also so excited for another grandchild to spoil. Even though my family has settled across the country we all remain close in spirit and always make the most of the time we have together

Katie about Craig

Grace says it best when she says, “Daddy so silly!”  He finds a way to make us laugh and smile every day and brings so much joy to our lives. Craig is the kind of person people gravitate to because he is genuine and has such a big heart. He lives each moment to its fullest and doesn’t worry about the small things. Grace adores her daddy and lights up whenever he walks into the room. He finds the most creative ways each day to teach her new things and is always so patient. He is a self-proclaimed handy man and enjoys having Grace assist him with her own play tool set. Craig has so much love to give and he is eager to share that love with a second child.

About Grace

Grace is the most amazing two year old little girl! She is sweet and outgoing with a shy side. She loves people, especially her family, and really enjoys playing with her cousins.  She has a knack for making new friends and can light up a whole room with her giggles.  She is also incredibly smart and loves learning new things.  Her favorite phrase is “more, more” even if mommy and daddy think she’s had enough.  She enjoys playing outside on her jungle gym (aka her weeeeeeee), music, singing and dancing, pretend play with her kitchen and dolls, coloring, looking at pictures of family and friends, and reading tons of books.  Most of all she will be the greatest big sister!

Thank you

We hope you learned some things about us through this letter. If you would like to know more, you can reach us directly at: You can also contact Linda, our adoption counselor, at: Toll Free:  800-869-1005, Text : 847-366-6343, or Email:

With love and respect,
Katie, Craig, and Grace

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