Kate and Scott

We would like to start our letter by being completely honest: we cannot imagine the important, emotional decisions you are facing. Still, we send you our genuine wish for peace as you consider what is best for you and your baby.

We have been together for almost 20 years; we met as teenagers in college, and have been partners ever since! We always imagined our lives including children. We tried for three years to conceive a biological child, and we did everything we could before we realized it was not meant to be for us. We have spent the last few years preparing to become parents through adoption, and we can truly say we feel the same excitement we felt when we started dreaming about being parents.

This process – for you, choosing people to parent your baby, and for us, waiting to grow our family – is not easy. We know there will be moments of worry or stress. Our promise: to forever love and protect your child, to be grateful for the life we share, to provide a safe home, a great education, and a supportive family. We will always honor your preference about how we stay connected: visits, photos, videos, letters, or whatever works best for you.

Our Story So Far

Now that we are both in our 30s, much about our lives has changed since we first met — we got married, we’ve moved, changed jobs, traveled thousands of miles, and added two dogs to our family — but what hasn’t changed is that we’re each other’s best friend and biggest cheerleader. It sounds cheesy, but we really feel like a team, and that we are better together.

Kate is a special education teacher and Scott is a chef and food photographer. Kate’s school is in our neighborhood, so she walks there every day. It is a school that goes from nursery school through eighth grade, so our hope is that our child will attend school where Kate works! Scott works for a company that makes meal kits for people to cook at home. Even though it is his job, Scott also likes to cook for us. Some of his specialities are pasta sauces, chocolate chip cookies and the perfect quesadilla.

We like browsing bookstores (we both love to read), watching movies (in the theater or at home with snacks and our dogs), and spending time with our people. We enjoy going out for meals, and though we like trying new places, we often end up at our neighborhood favorites. You might also find us playing cards or board games with friends, spending time near water (pools, lakes and oceans), or watching Cubs baseball or our nephews’ football games.

About Kate (by Scott):

Kate is the friend you can share anything with and not worry about her judging you. She’s the teacher any parent would want their child to have because she’s fiercely dedicated to her students, but also knows when to share a laugh with them. Her laugh is so unique that I can’t wait to tell her a joke or funny story just so I get to hear it. Kate is definitely the organized one, whether it’s scheduling family vacations, getting a group together for dinner, or making sure we’ve packed enough snacks for an upcoming road trip. She is also definitely the person you want on your team for trivia night.

About Scott (by Kate):

Scott is the funniest and smartest person I know. He tells the best stories and keeps me and everyone around him smiling. He has a calm, comforting personality, and is incredibly patient. This shows up with me, our dogs, and our nieces and nephews. He gives amazing hugs, and is the person I want to talk to when I am feeling stressed or just need a friend. He has a lot of cool hobbies and I know he will inspire a child to find what makes them happy, too. He likes biking, has started a record collection, and is an amazing photographer. He takes the photos at family parties, on our vacations, and on walks around the city.

Our Dogs

Our dogs are really important to us. Stanley (10) and Kona (3) make us happy every day. Stanley is the leader of the pack, and Kona wants to do whatever he does. They are incredibly goofy, and though sometimes they wrestle over the same toy, most of the time they are snoozing on the couch. Snuggling with them is the best. They love our nieces and nephews, and are always up for an adventure. Our phones are filled with pictures and videos of our dogs; this one was taken in our yard.

Our Family

Family is everything! Kate’s sister and her family, including our two nephews, live in a nearby suburb. Her parents live in Michigan and visit at least once a month. We are big on traditions, like celebrating holidays and creating memories together. We go to Hawaii – our favorite place – every other year with Kate’s entire family (pictured here in 2018), and to the family cottage every summer. But we also like relaxing, having BBQs, and just spending time together.

Scott’s sister and brother-in-law, our two nieces, and his mom and dad all live near Washington, D.C. We visit often, and sometimes meet other places, like Florida (pictured here around the dinner table in 2019). They also visit Chicago because Scott’s whole extended family is here – grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. There are already four great-grandchildren under two years old living in Chicago, and we’re all looking forward to watching the next generation grow up together.

Our Community

We live in a two-story home on the north side of Chicago. It includes a yard and play area, and is a five minute walk to the path along Lake Michigan. Our neighborhood is quiet, but within walking distance to all that we enjoy. We are excited about exploring the world with a child. Chicago has a lot of cool places for families – our neighborhood, but also the zoo, libraries, museums, and parks. We love living here, and imagine it will feel even more special with a child.

We hope you get a sense of how much we love each other and also how excited we are to become parents. You can email us directly at katescottACFB@gmail.com. Our adoption counselor, Jill Greenwood, is available anytime to answer your questions or just talk: toll free (800) 869-1005 or text (708) 227-3525 or email jill.centerforfamily@gmail.com

Kate and Scott