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Jessica and Francisco

Greetings from Francisco and Jessica!

We’re a loving couple from northwest Indiana, married 12 years and hoping to build a family. As music teachers, we LOVE working with kids, and have been around children of all ages for years. After our struggle with infertility, we felt very strongly that adoption was the path for us.

Teaching has also given us the opportunity to meet children who were adopted, and a chance to get to know their families. It has revealed to us how truly brave and caring you are to consider an adoptive family for your child. Although we haven’t met yet, we already share the strongest bond with you… wanting your child to have the best life possible. We would be honored to get to know you and create a lasting relationship. 

Meet Francisco…

I was born and raised in Texas as an only child raised by my single mother. I spent lots of time visiting my grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins, but craved a family of my own very early on. Music became my passion at a very young age, and it eventually led me to a career as a musician, with a passion to share music with children.

I teach high school music at a private school in Chicago (band, jazz band, electronic music, and studio-recording), but over the years, I’ve taught students in all grade levels. Two of my favorite hobbies outside of music are woodworking (I love to build things), and smoking meat (the Texan in me!). I care very deeply about people… my friends are truly like family. We LOVE to laugh and find humor in almost everything.

I met Jessica at the school where we both taught, and quickly realized she was my soulmate. Watching her work with my clarinet students really got my attention. She was so sincere and caring towards them, yet held them to high standards and wouldn’t accept less than their best effort. I can’t imagine life without her. She is truly my best friend and we love each other unconditionally. 

Meet Jessica…

Like Francisco, I also grew up in Texas.  I found an early passion for music through piano and clarinet.  Currently I teach clarinet lessons for elementary, middle, and high school students.  Due to the nature of teaching one-on-one, I know my students and their families on a personal level. They’ve been so invaluable to Francisco and I in our exploration of adoption.  My students and their parents are so excited for us and ask constantly if our baby has been born yet!

My family loves to travel all over, but one special place is our yearly ski trip to Ruidoso, NM. This has become a second home as we’ve been going there for years. We’ve made so many family memories there… embracing all of Ruidoso’s rich cultures, and we can’t wait to introduce our child to the wonders of this part of the country.  

I also love outdoor activities like going to pumpkin patches, apple orchards, taking our dogs on adventures, and going to public libraries.  I look forward to attending and volunteering at the many family-friendly activities in our town during the holidays and summer.  

I met Francisco while teaching the clarinet students in his middle school band. We quickly became close and enjoyed spending time together outside of school.  There’s nothing more gratifying than spending every waking day with Francisco and his witty, goofy, and loving personality.  He is truly my best friend and a blessing in my life.

The two of us…

We love relaxing at home with our dogs, but you could also find us out seeing a movie, visiting community festivals, or traveling on long trips during school vacations. We love visiting historical and cultural places, and learning more about each other’s culture.

Church and faith are important to us. We attend a very caring Catholic parish in our community. The congregation there is very diverse and we feel very welcome. Parts of the service are given in Spanish as well as English, which we really enjoy. Cultural diversity has always been very important to us and our dream is to foster an appreciation for this in our child, celebrating his or her own culture, as well as appreciating the diversity in others.

We also have quirky traditions! One Christmastime tradition is that we skip the holiday bird and cook a SERIOUS Tex-Mex feast. Another is holiday movies… we’re Christmas movie NUTS. So much so that there is a long list of movies we always watch, and always in order. A non-holiday tradition is when we go down south to visit our friends and family in Texas. We can’t come back home unless our suitcase is packed with Texas sausage, spices, sauces, and…. homemade flour tortillas.

With both of us being teachers, education is very important to us. Our child will have the opportunity to attend the private school where Francisco teaches, or the excellent public school district in our neighborhood. Raising a child to grow up thinking critically and independently is one of our highest goals as parents. 

Our family is spread across Texas, California, Nevada, Illinois, and Maryland… allowing us to travel and see the people we love all over the country. We have aunts, uncles, and cousins who are so excited that we’ve chosen adoption and have been so anxious to welcome a child into the extended family. 

Our Community…

We looked long and hard for the perfect family home. Our northwest Indiana neighborhood has an abundance of parks, scenic bike paths, trees and wildlife. Our large backyard and beautiful gazebo is our favorite part.

Our neighborhood is quiet, safe, and our neighbors are very connected to each other. In addition to being close friends, Jessica teaches music lessons to neighbor children, and they occasionally dog-sit for us. 

In Closing…

In the true spirit of education, Jessica and I have discovered ourselves to be lifelong learners of the world of adoption. This experience has given us a true appreciation for all who belong to the adoption community, and we want to give a child nothing less than unconditional love, caring, support, and abundant happiness. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about us. Please know we have hearts of openness with respect for your hopes and wishes. Our family, friends, and students have long told us we would make excellent parents someday, and we’re ready to begin the journey. We hope your heart will lead you to share your story with us. God’s Peace and Blessings on this child, and on us all.

We would love to hear from you. You can reach us by contacting our adoption counselor, Tobi Ehrenpreis, or feel free to email us directly.
Text Tobi at 847-366-6351 or call 800-869-1005.  If you prefer, email us at
Peace and Blessings,
Jessica and Francisco

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