Hey, I’m Jerrica and I’m 32 years old. I am single, but not alone. I have a very large, loving and supportive family. This may well be the most important decision of your life and considering adoption has to be a big bag of mixed emotions. I wholeheartedly wish you courage in your journey and comfort along the way.

A Little About Me
I grew up in a small rural town in Mississippi with my grandparents and a cousin. They made sure my cousin and I learned to be kind to others and lend a hand when needed. As a kid during the summer months, I would come to visit my parents and little brother. It was always exciting to leave the cotton field and corn field views of my country home and see skyscrapers and the beach. I attended high school in the south suburbs of Chicago, which was a thrill since there was so much to do, so many places to go. A year after graduating high school I joined the Air Force. It changed my life in so many ways. I cherish the five years of service I experienced on active duty in the United States Air Force.

I have always wanted to have children and I know I’m ready to be a mother. In 2012, when my nephew was born, my brother and his girlfriend didn’t think they could take care of a second small child at that point in their life. So I volunteered to help out and he came to live with me. Six weeks after my nephew’s birth, my mom and I drove to Mississippi to pick him up. I knew it was hard for his birth mother to see her son leave. My nephew lived with me for over three years. I took pictures of him almost every day and sent them to his mom and my brother. I wanted to make sure she knew her son was well taken care of and happy. I kept her up to date on medical appointments and things that happened while at daycare. Also, they would send pictures of their family and call to talk to him. I displayed the pictures in my home and I would point to the faces and say their names and their relationship to him. When he went to visit or they visited us, he knew everyone and was very comfortable.

In 2016, my brother moved to Georgia and they were ready for Darren to come home. During the months leading up to his departure, I talked to him about where he was going and why. I cry every time I think about that day. I visit Georgia and see them about once or twice a year. Each visit is easier than the previous because the older he gets the more he understands. I know he is well taken care of and happy with his parents and two sisters. We all love him dearly and want what is best for him. From this experience, I can understand your bravery and how you are putting your child’s needs first.

My Family
I am the oldest of three children. My two brothers have eight children all together. One lives close by and the other lives in Georgia. My dad and stepmother also live nearby. They like to plant vegetables and flowers around their home and it usually smells like a Jamaican restaurant. My stepmother is Jamaican, and she and my dad visit Jamaica often. They cannot contain their excitement about having another grandchild. My mom lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, and I talk to her everyday. She loves spending time with her grandkids, going to plays, concerts, running marathons, and traveling when it is affordable. She can’t wait to have a grandchild nearby. I have aunts, uncles and cousins near and far that are also ecstatic about me adopting a child.

Home and Community.

I live in a townhouse on a cul-de-sac in a south suburb of Chicago. My neighbors include several small children and an Italian Restaurant about 200 feet from my front door. The elementary and junior high school is around the corner. There is a playground next to the schools and several parks nearby.

I have a dog named Patrick. He is a Labrador-Retriever-Shepherd mix. I picked him up from the Humane Society over two years ago. He is a scaredy-cat goofball. He loves people and chewing on his toys.

Work and Interests
I work in an elementary school in the I.T. Department, so I am around children all the time. I enjoy going to work every day and it is really cool to see the students grow and change. I work during the summers, but fewer hours and days. I’m off every holiday. There is a family atmosphere in my school district and everyone is very understanding and flexible when it comes to personal matters that affect availability.

In my spare time I like to read, fix things around my house (I am pretty handy), visit family members, volunteering for events at school, and crocheting. Now and again I try to grow vegetables, but the bugs always win. So, I stick to my house plants. I like learning how to do new things. If there is something I want to do, I learn how. I have a cousin attending the University of Michigan in the Theatre, Arts, and Dance Program. They have one production each semester and we always drive up to see him and his classmates perform.

My Promise
In my care your child will be safe and loved, and probably spoiled. Your child will learn to be fair, kind, and understanding and that getting a good education is priceless. He/she will get to participate in many of the activities our community offers – swimming, crafts, reading, board and sport games, and much more. They will get to travel, support finding a cure for Lupus, attend the theatre, and concerts. Oh, the places we’ll go!

I hope that you feel that I might be the right family for your child. To find out more about me, please email me directly at: You can also reach me through my adoption counselor, Maggie Benz, at: 800-869-1005 (toll free)
847-366-6343 (text)

Hoping to hear from you!