Jeremy and Dani

Dear Expectant Mother,

We are so grateful to you for taking the time to read our letter. Our thoughts are with you during what must be a very difficult time in your life.

We are proud and happy in the life we share together. After 11 years of enjoying a healthy, committed and loving relationship, we decided together that we very much want to grow our family. We know we can give your child a loving home and family, full of wonderful memory making moments.

As a couple, our favorite activity is travel and exploring the world. We are prepared to support and care for a baby, and we’d love to show our child the world. Nothing would make us happier than bringing your baby into our lives and family. We are Jeremy (a management consultant born in Illinois) and Dani (an accountant born and raised in Italy). Dani moved to the United States 9 years ago so that we could be together. Our first date was a charming small neighborhood wine bar in Rome. Jeremy loved listening to Dani share his knowledge and passion for wine and how it follows old traditions in Italian culture.

We were married 4 years ago in Washington, DC. We’ve shared many travel experiences together, from driving through the Joshua Tree National Park in California to taking friends through undiscovered local culinary gems in Dani’s homeland of Venice.


I met Daniele in Italy back in 2005 while I was stationed on an overseas assignment with the US Military. I was lucky enough to live in downtown Rome for several years, and felt fully integrated with the local community. Dani and I developed a friendship before deciding to go on our first date. We have been very happy together ever since. When I left the government in 2007 to enter the corporate workforce, we already knew that we were going to be together forever; so Dani followed me to America.

Dani is the most amazing, unselfish person I know. We’ve never even had a fight. If we disagree about something, we each keep an open mind, taking the time to explain our individual perspectives, and listening and respecting the other’s point of view. We both have certain personality strengths and weaknesses, but equally share in most routine tasks. For example, Dani is great with the family budget, and I am a really good cook, but whoever gets to the dry-cleaning or grocery list first, simply grabs it!

As far as our similarities, we are both very clean and organized. We enjoy many of the same things, such as snow skiing, tropical beaches, live music concerts, zip-lining, indoor skydiving, and dining out with friends. At the same time, we have just enough differences to keep things interesting. Dani is a little more logical and sensible, and I am a little more emotional and empathetic, but together we make a great team.


Jeremy was born in a town in central Illinois but moved around a lot since his father was in the Marines. He also joined the military and served in the Navy for 14 years. During some of those years, he worked at the Pentagon and traveled to almost every continent. Jeremy is a very caring person with strong moral and ethical values. He is also very social and likes to spend time with friends and family. And I must say I lucked out, because he is definitely the best cook in the family. Nothing beats Jeremy’s pumpkin spice bread and his mastery of Italian cuisine.


We are blessed to be a part of large extended family, both in the USA and Italy. We fell in love with each other’s families within months of our first date. Both sides immediately accepted our relationship, a blessing that we have never taken for granted.

We love to travel to visit our relatives, or they travel to visit us multiple times during the year. Also, we make time to spend major holidays together, be it Christmas in Italy and Easter in Virginia (alternating holiday destinations each year). Some years, we take winter vacations skiing in the Alps or exploring the museums in DC. There are already a bunch of anxious aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents eagerly awaiting the arrival of our son or daughter.


We have two adorable pugs, Carlotta, who is 8 years old, and Giacomo, who is only 2. They are little clowns — full of personality and character — who make us laugh every single day. Thanks to our network of family and friends, they have already developed a love for children.


We live in a High Rise planned community in a downtown Chicago neighborhood. It is a very culturally diverse community comprised of many young professionals. The park area in the center of our community is an amazing meeting/gathering place to walk dogs and for children to play. There is a modern play-ground, a fenced in dog park, a park with flower gardens and wide open green lawn spaces. We have met many neighbors in our building and have become very good friends with several of them. We have gained enough trust and closeness with some to babysit their children, and we trust them to care for our dogs when we are away. We are very pleased with the number of friends we have made among our neighbors, and we think of them as part of our local support system.


Honesty is very important to us both and we feel very strongly about the benefits of open adoption. Our child will be raised knowing their story. We welcome you to be involved as much as you would like. We long to share this wonderful legacy with our child’s birth mother.

We have planned for years and have now achieved the financial ability to provide a child with worldly and diverse experiences. We hope that we’ll have the chance to speak with you and meet you. You can call or text our adoption counselor, Tobi Ehrenpreis at 847-366-6351. You may also email Tobi at or call 800-869-1005.

With Warm Thoughts,
Jeremy and Dani