Jeanne and Pat and Colin

Dear Expectant Mother,

introWe are Pat and Jeanne and we are in awe of your strength and commitment as you face some challenging decisions. We know it takes a loving and selfless woman to make an adoption plan for her baby, and we would be thrilled to have you consider us as the adoptive parents for your child. Hopefully, you are getting all the support you need and deserve. We would like to offer you our support and help you any way we can.


We met in early January of 2001 simply because of Jeanne’s New Year resolution to get fit and get to the gym regularly. Since she overdid it in a workout the day before, her legs hurt too much to get on the dance floor with her friends. Instead she stood on the sidelines and began a conversation with Pat. At the end of the evening, Pat scrambled for a piece of paper and pen to write down Jeanne’s phone number. He wrote it on a $5 bill that he still has to this day. It became clear early on that we were a good match. We found out that we lived, worked and frequented venues so close to each other that it was only a matter of time before we would cross paths.

After years of infertility treatments, we agreed to put that chapter behind us, and began making our way toward adoption. Although several of our close friends and family are members of adoptive families, it was a bit of an education to learn of the modern world of adoption. We have embraced the process and look forward to a relationship with you that is comfortable for you.

We live just four miles from Jeanne’s sister (Janet) and brother in law (Eric) and their three kids, Katie (age 4) and twins, Ryan and Megan (age 3). We are regular fixtures in their lives and are Godparents to the twins. For Katie’s first year, Jeanne was Katie’s nanny while her parents worked. Because of that time together, Jeanne and Katie have an incredible bond between them.

We share a cozy home in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with our goofy and loveable cat, Spot (she thinks she’s a dog!). We are ready to truly embrace the joys and challenges of parenting and feel blessed to be taking this next exciting step. We have a room picked out to be the nursery and we live within walking distance of great schools and parks.


patPat is a sports nut and has won several awards for bowling, including two perfect games! He also enjoys baseball, football, golf and skiing and looks forward to sharing his interests with a child. Pat is somewhat of a history buff as well and will be great when it comes to helping with homework! Pat has an easy going manner yet he has always been a devoted, hard worker. In my opinion, Pat will be a wonderful father as there is nothing else he would rather be. Both kids and animals are very much at ease around him! In fact, many of our friends refer to Pat as the child (and pet) “whisperer.”

Pat works as a sales director for a computer service company and has worked to build the company from the ground up. He has the flexibility to create his own schedule and will be able to scale back his hours when our child arrives!


jeanneJeanne has been singing professionally for the past 13 years. She was encouraged by her uncle as a young child and she hasn’t stopped singing since. Jeanne even sang at our wedding. She looks forward to singing lullabies to our baby and filling the house with music. In addition to performing, Jeanne also works as a motivational leader for the number one weight loss company in the country. Since growing up overweight, Jeanne has adopted a healthier lifestyle and enjoys coaching others to reach their weight loss goals.

In addition to eating better, she has embraced a more active lifestyle and has worked to hone her cooking skills. But don’t let that fool you; she’s not all sprouts and granola. Jeanne has also been known to whip up a creative birthday cake now and again. Her creations have included a monster truck theme, a Hawaiian Island complete with hula girl, a woodland fairy cake and matching cowboy and cowgirl cakes! Jeanne is loving and nurturing; she is eager to step down from her occupations to become a stay at home mom, the most cherished job she can imagine.

travelWe love to travel and most of our vacations are centered on visiting family. Jeanne’s aunt and uncle live on Lake of the Ozarks, one of our favorite destinations. We look forward to taking family road trips and other vacation adventures with a child. We also love biking and walking around our little town, dining at local restaurants and enjoying the many perks our community offers such as swimming pools and wonderful park district programs!


promiseWe have given much thought to the kind of home we wish to provide for a child and we guarantee it will be a home filled with love and security, structure and morals and fun and laughter. We promise to provide opportunities for our child, raising him or her with values and a wonderful sense of self. Your child will be surrounded by family and friends who are loving and kind.

We promise to be open and honest with our child and look forward to sharing information about adoption. We also look forward to maintaining a relationship with you because a child can never be given too much love.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We are happy to answer your questions, and look forward to meeting you one day. If you would like to get to know us please email us at You may at call our adoption counselor, Tobi at 800-869-1005. You may also send Tobi a text message at 847-366-6351 or email her at

All the best,
Jeanne and Pat