Gary and Daniel

Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Thank you for viewing our profile and considering us. We cannot imagine all of the emotions and difficult decisions that you are in the process of making, but we do know it takes a lot of strength to consider placing your baby for adoption. We hope that someone like you, will give us the opportunity to grow our family. We promise to raise your baby in a loving and supportive family, and maintain a relationship with you. We want our children to know and appreciate their story.

About Us

We met in the summer of 2015, and instantly hit it off. Early on in the relationship, we had a long-distance romance, but made sure to see each other as often as possible. As time passed, our relationship continued to grow stronger. It was very important for the both of us to find someone who wanted to start a family.

We got married in October of 2017, surrounded by our loved ones. Our time together has been full of love and adventures. Our greatest adventure so far was when we became Dads to our daughter, Evelyn, in the summer of 2019. We can’t believe how much joy starting a family has brought us, and we can’t wait to grow our family even more. Some of our common interests are traveling, cooking, spending time with family and friends, and decorating our home. We enjoy going on road trips together to visit cities that neither of us have been to. Some of our adventures have taken us to Italy, Spain, and the Dominican Republic. We hope to travel internationally more in the future, and can’t wait to have our children experience different cultures with us.

About Daniel

I am 34 years old, and was born and raised in Northwest Indiana with two older brothers. I have two nephews, Michael (age 18), and Joseph (age 9). I would often help take care of my nephews when they were younger. Coming from a Latino family, it was instilled in me at a young age to always value your family. Both of my parents taught me how to speak, read, and write Spanish. I have a deep appreciation and love for my Latino heritage.

At a young age, I knew that I wanted to be in the medical field. This goal helped me excel in high school and college. I then graduated from medical school in 2011. After this, I moved to central Illinois for residency, and graduated in 2014. I have lived here ever since, and now work as an Attending Physician in Emergency Medicine.

Unfortunately, both of my parents have passed away. I would not be where I am today, if it were not for all of their love and support. I know that they would both be very happy and excited for me, as I grow my family with the love of my life.

I would describe myself as being someone who is: caring, calm, patient, hard-working, intelligent, and trustworthy. Being a father and a husband has been the highlight of my life. In my free-time I enjoy catching up on some of my favorite TV shows, listening to music, or reading a good book at a local coffee shop. Whenever I am able to, I love spending time with family and friends. I can’t wait to travel the world more with my family.

About Gary
I am 35 years old, and was also born in Northwest Indiana with my brother and sister. My sister has three boys ranging in ages from 8-12. When they were younger, I would always babysit them. I was raised in a Christian household, where we went to Church every Sunday. I believe my religion has shaped me to be the person I am today. I attended Purdue University and graduated in 2015 with a degree in Marketing Communications. I have worked for Gap Inc. for 11 years, in various roles. In August of 2017 I moved to central Illinois to be closer to Daniel, and continue to work for Gap. Most of my time now is spent at home caring for our daughter, Evelyn.

I would describe myself as being someone who is: loving, funny, a great friend, caring, and hard-working. In my free-time I enjoy cooking different Italian and Mexican dishes, watching my favorite TV shows, catching up with my friends and just hanging out with my husband and daughter.

Our Family

Family is very important to us, and has helped us become who we are today. We consider some of our close friends to be part of our extended family. Most of our immediate family lives in Northwest Indiana, and we visit them as often as we can. Our family and friends have been nothing but supportive and excited for us, as we start the process of growing our family. There is no doubt that our children will be loved by their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and by our countless friends.


We live in a five-bedroom home in a neighborhood that is diverse, family oriented, and has an excellent school district. Every Friday during the summer, there are festivities for all families to participate in – whether it’s a block party or an outdoor movie night. Our subdivision also hosts many other activities throughout the year. Our children will enjoy spending time at our park or walking the nearby trails with us.

Our Promise To You

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and learn a little more about us. We know that it takes a very strong person to choose adoption, and we admire your strength. Should you choose us to parent your child, we promise to raise them in a home full of love and support. Our children will have an excellent education, and have two dads that encourage them to pursue their dreams. We cannot wait to begin this next chapter of our lives together by growing a close-knit family. We love the idea of an open adoption and understand the importance of this. Our promise is to be receptive and respectful of your wishes.

Thank You,
Gary and Daniel
Please email us at You can also contact us through our Adoption Counselor, Linda Fiore: 1-800-869-1005 (toll free)