Erin and Adam


We are so excited to build our family through adoption. We know it takes much bravery, love and selflessness to consider adoption, and are honored that you are looking at us as a potential home for your child. A child raised in our family will be brought up in an environment full of love, laughter, snuggles, creativity, encouragement, and lots of fun. We appreciate you taking the time to read our profile, and hope that it has helped you learn more about who we are and what we value.
Who we are

Adam is a family doctor in a community health center in Chicago’s northern suburbs. He grew up in Memphis, Tennessee with his parents and two younger sisters, and has been connected to Chicago since 2002. He’s a big-hearted, sensitive, teddy bear of a man, who loves playing and crafting with his nephews.

Erin is an editor at a publishing company, which allows her to work from home. She grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, and while she is an only child, she has a giant network of cousins and family in the Chicagoland area. She’s an empathetic, whip-smart woman, who is a great combination of driven and nurturing.

We have grown into a powerful team who appreciate each other’s strengths, support each other’s dreams, and balance each other well. We are both established in our fields and are at a solid place in our lives where we have the flexibility and stability to dedicate ourselves to focusing on a child.

Our Story

Once upon a time:

We met as theatre majors when we were in college and became fast friends, bonding over shared interests in art, philosophy and adventure. After college, our lives took us in different directions until we reconnected in 2013. In between, Erin moved to Japan to teach English, traveled around Asia, returned home and built a career as a writer and editor, while Adam spent a year in Los Angeles, then hiked part of the Appalachian trail before deciding to pursue a career in medicine.

We traveled abroad:

We both feel so fortunate that we had the privilege to dedicate time to our own adventures and growth, and we look forward to supporting the same in a child. In 2013, Erin and her cousin traveled to Africa and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, one of Erin’s major life goals, and spent time volunteering at a children’s school in Tanzania. At the same time Erin was in Africa, Adam and his friend traveled to Nepal where they volunteered in a community hospital, working alongside the doctors and other medical staff.

And we discovered part of what we were searching for had been here all along:

When we both returned home to the states, we reconnected and soon decided we wanted to have more adventures together. Erin moved to North Carolina in 2014 to be with Adam while he was in medical school, and we welcomed a dog (Rollo) and two kitties (Llama and Mufasa). We had so much fun in North Carolina, tubing down the French Broad River, taking Rollo to dog-friendly cafes, hiking and exploring the Smokey Mountain Region. In addition to maintaining her editorial career, Erin taught aerial dance (her favorite hobby at the time) on Sundays.

We got married in 2016 and relocated to Erin’s hometown of Chicago. While Adam was busy with his medical residency, Erin fostered a revolving door of kittens. Our third cat Ziva was a timid calico foster kitten who Erin worked with for months, socializing her into a sweet and cuddly cat. We eventually realized she was meant to be a permanent member of our household.

We are ready for our next BIG adventure:

In 2020, once Adam was established as a doctor, we moved to a beautiful four-bedroom house in the northern suburbs of Chicago, which allows for easy access to the city, with trips to museums, shows or getting together with friends. We have a fenced in yard with so much room for activities on a peaceful block that opens onto a walking path. It’s the perfect area to raise a family. After struggling with infertility, we decided to pursue adoption. Erin used to babysit for her cousin who is adopted and always imagined that she might adopt one day.

Our Values


Family is so important to us. We see Erin’s parents regularly, and love making time for connecting with her many cousins at concerts or at family gatherings. Adam’s family is not local, but we are constantly in contact and have trips to see each other a few times a year. They are all so excited and supportive for us on this journey and cannot wait to have another baby join the family.


We are an adventurous couple, and we love to travel both in the U.S. and abroad. Our favorite trips as a couple include Boulder and Estes Park, Colorado, and Italy. We also enjoy traveling with our families. Last fall we took a trip to Michigan with Erin’s parents and this spring we’re headed to St. Thomas with Adam’s family.

While we’re not currently active in theatre, creativity is important to us and we’re both passionate about allowing space for art and play. We’re both fortunate to have fulfilling careers that provide us with a good amount of work-life balance to enjoy hobbies and time with friends and family.


We love to be active, whether that’s running, hiking, or trying something new like paddle boarding or ice skating. We each have a wide range of hobbies and we’re looking forward to encouraging whatever interests a child has. One of Adam’s favorite hobbies is magic, and he volunteers as a magician at a children’s hospital twice a month! We also enjoy meditation, yoga and cooking healthy meals. Adam especially is a great cook. We’re also great fans of the Great British Baking Show and aren’t afraid to indulge in something sweet.

Furry Friends:

If you haven’t guessed, we’re big animal lovers! In our house a child will grow up with many four-legged companions. Mufasa is a tuxedo cat who loves attention and cuddles. Llama is a gentle, white fluffy cat who sits for his treats. Ziva is a very sweet calico who loves to purr and snuggle. While our dog Rollo passed away in 2022, we plan to welcome a new puppy in 2024.

Our Promise:

We know that considering placing a child for adoption is a very important decision. We feel the same about our decision to adopt. We are committed to building a life and a family where a child feels loved, even through hard and challenging times. We promise to celebrate our child for who they are, and honor where they come from, while helping them grow into the strongest and happiest version of themselves.

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. If you would like to reach us directly you can email us at You can also contact our adoption counselor Linda Fiore by texting/calling 773-919-5702 or email

With Gratitude,
Erin and Adam