Dina and Chintu

Hi! We are Dina and Chintu. We hope you will get a sense of who we are by reading our profile. We are excited to grow our family through adoption. We will provide a loving and supportive home full of energy, warmth, and laughter. We respect your strength and courage and wish you peace and well-being on this journey.

About us
We are both from the Midwest and moved to Chicago in order to be closer to our families. We are both outgoing, like to laugh, and have fun.

We enjoy cooking together, going to the movies, listening to live music, and exploring all of Chicago’s neighborhoods and sights. We love to travel in the U.S. and have been fortunate to travel to places like Spain, Greece, Japan, and India. We live in a diverse area in Chicago where we can walk to restaurants, stores, schools, and parks.

Our relationship is built on a friendship we created while we were college students working as counselors at a unique camp for children and adults with disabilities. Chintu was the sports and recreation director and Dina was a cabin counselor. The work was very rewarding; but required dedication, creativity, and patience. While working there, we discovered our common interests and approaches to life. After five years of friendship and living in different states, we started dating and were married almost 12 years ago surrounded by over 250 of our family and friends.

We have been ready to start a family for several years, but had difficulty trying to conceive. We decided not to pursue fertility treatments and seek adoption instead. We cannot wait to share our lives with a child and feel that we would make great parents.

Chintu shares about Dina
As many people have heard me say, I “married up.” Dina is an extremely supportive, warm, generous, and kind person. She enjoys making jewelry, going to movies, and visiting museums. Dina is great with kids! She loves spoiling her two nephews, cousins and friends’ children. One of my fondest memories is a visit to with my friend and his 3 year old daughter. When she became fussy, Dina offered to braid her hair while watching “Finding Nemo”. She climbed into Dina’s lap, snuggled in, and calmly sat through the entire movie. Dina will be a great mom, and I am very fortunate to have her in my life.

Dina studied Occupational Therapy at a university in Missouri and works at a school for children with learning disabilities. Since over 25% of her students are adopted, Dina has considerable experience working with adopted children and their families.

She is currently finishing her master’s degree. Her employers have assured her flexibility with her schedule when we are able to adopt. I trust and seek her judgment on many of the decisions I make. I would not be the person I am without her.

Dina shares about Chintu
When I first met Chintu, I was drawn to his sense of humor, positive energy, outgoing nature, and ability to engage people. His fun-loving nature shines through when he is with our nephews or friends’ children. Whenever we plan a visit to St. Louis, our nephews constantly ask if Chintu will be there. They love to hang out with him and talk about Legos, video games, cartoons, and movies they enjoy, like Star Wars.

Chintu attended a large university in Michigan where he studied history and psychology and enjoyed every home football and basketball game. In graduate school, he studied peace and conflict resolution, which says a lot about his character. He wants to help people talk about their differences and better understand one another.

Chintu has been successfully working for himself as an independent consultant for the past 6 years. He works from home which allows him flexibility most days. Chintu loves watching both college and NBA basketball, playing sports, and trying new restaurants. Chintu and I have a relationship built on trust and honesty. He supports me in everything I do and makes me laugh and smile. I know he will make a wonderful dad.

Our Family
Our families are excited for us to adopt a baby. We both have relatives who have become part of our family through adoption. Our child will be surrounded by loving grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and close friends. We know he or she will be accepted and loved unconditionally.
Dina’s parents live in in St. Louis and recently celebrated their 50th anniversary. Her sister, brother-in-law, and two nephews live a few blocks away. Her family can’t wait to share some of the same experiences they have had with my two nephews. Her mom can share her sewing skills and love of writing, while her dad might share his woodworking and cooking skills. Dina has a large extended family of over 60 people who celebrates special occasions like Christmas, birthdays, and Thanksgiving, when as many as 5 turkeys were once served.

Chintu’s parents live in a small town in Michigan where he grew up. His dad has been a pediatrician for over 40 years. His mother took care of Chintu and his younger brother who had significant disabilities, before passing away at the age of 16. Chintu’s parents are excited about the prospect of becoming grandparents for the first time. A child would have fun tending to vegetables in their large garden. Chintu also has cousin who lives in Chicago with her husband and twins.

Thank you
We appreciate your courage in this decision. We are ready to share our love unconditionally and dedicate our lives to creating a warm and nurturing environment for a child. We value education and will foster a love of learning and creativity. Thank you for considering us and we look forward to learning more about you and your hopes for your child’s future.

Please email us at dinaandchintuacfb@gmail.com or contact our adoption counselor, Tobi Ehrenpreis at 800-869-1005, or send Tobi a text message at 847-366-6351.

Our Warmest Wishes,
Dina and Chintu