Deanna and Khalil

Dear Expectant Mother,

We feel truly honored and blessed to be able to share our story with you. We cannot begin to imagine how difficult it is to consider placing your precious child for adoption. We realize that it takes a very loving, special and selfless person to choose this path less traveled. We’re hoping that you will get to know us better and realize that we have so much love to give. We wish you the very best for both you and your baby.

We were introduced by a friend on May 14, 2001 over dinner. We immediately hit it off and began talking as if we had been long lost friends who just reconnected. That became the beginning of our friendship, which first lead to a business partnership. Then one February evening over dinner, our friendship built on years of trust and affection, blossomed into something much more than either of us ever imagined. For it was that night that Khalil told Deanna, “I have been in love with you since the day I met you, I want to marry you. ” After the initial surprise and with our family’s blessing, we decided to embark on this journey together.

Khalil is an amazing man who enjoys learning as much as he enjoys helping others, this is one of the reasons he became a doctor. He really enjoys spending time with family and friends and we consider it a big blessing that our home is often full of family & friends. Khalil is always laughing and having a good time. He is the most devoted son, husband, brother, uncle, and friend I have ever met. He has been a loving, stepfather to my daughter, Jordan, who is away at school. He has an incredible heart. In 2007, shortly after we married, Khalil started a non-profit foundation, with the gifts we received from our wedding, to distribute medical care, services and resources in both the United States and Pakistan.

Deanna is an incredible wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and aunt to our entire family. She has a warm & caring family who accepted me as a member from the day I met them. From the moment you meet Deanna you feel as if you have known her your entire life. She is a magnet for all children. She has raised a very thoughtful daughter and they share a special bond. Although some of my family members don’t speak English and Deanna doesn’t speak Sindhi, they have no problem communicating and understanding each other. My family always tells me how lucky I am to have found Deanna, “My Love of My Life”.

OUR ADOPTION JOURNEY Since that precious day when we married, we always hoped to have children together. After 4 years of fertility treatments and 7 attempts at IVF and a heartbreaking miscarriage we’re more determined now and have decided that GOD has lead us down the path towards adoption.

We live in a beautiful home in the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. We have an excellent support system with family & friends. We have a sunny, inviting nursery complete with a beautiful round crib and a mural painted above the crib with all of our favorite Disney characters. Our home is filled with lots of love and we are looking forward to being able to share this with a child.


I’m the oldest of 3 children and was raised in Indiana and attended school there. Growing up I was always very nurturing to my younger sister and brother. My mother worked part-time and could arrange her schedule so that she was able to be involved with us. My parents have been married for 46 years and have always placed their family first. My sister is married with 2 sons. My brother is married with 2 girls and boys. I was married once before and have a daughter, Jordan, who is currently away at college.

When I married Khalil I was lucky enough to inherit his wonderful, loving and accepting family, that we visit yearly. I enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures, people as well as customs.

I am also a scrapbook enthusiast and enjoy making books for special occasions. We’re huge Bulls and White sox fans, who split season tickets and enjoy trying new restaurants. Weather permitting you can find us boating on lake Michigan or driving with our convertible top down!


ÂÂÂÂÂ was born and raised in Pakistan in a very loving and devoted family including my grandparents. I’m number 7 of 9 children, 7 brothers and 2 sisters. I have 22 nieces & nephews hoping for a new cousin! Our household was always very lively and my parents believed in the importance of education and provided higher education for all of my siblings. My brother and I decided to become doctors, I specialize in internal medicine and my brother is an ophthalmologist. My education eventually brought me to Chicago. Shortly thereafter, I met Deanna and my life would forever change. We opened our home health agency, where we are both currently working. However, we have decided that Deanna will stay home when our baby arrives.

In my spare time I enjoy reading and keeping up with politics and world events. I enjoy traveling throughout the world. I’m committed to keeping myself fit. I’ve been told that I’m an excellent chef and I enjoy cooking especially grilling.

In closing, we would just like to tell you how much we appreciate the time you took to take a look at our story and learn about us. If there are any questions you may have or if you would like to contact us and get to know us better please, feel free to call us at 1- 800-869-1005or email us at You may also speak with our adoption counselor, Maggie.

From the bottom of our heart we want to wish you the very best in your decision.
Deanna & Khalil