Dana and Lee

Dear Birth Parent,

We are Dana and Lee and we would love the opportunity for you to consider us as possible adoptive parents for your child. We’re young (33 and 35) and have been married for over six years. Dana was born and raised in Illinois and Lee was born and raised in Australia.

We can only imagine how difficult this decision is for you. Please know that we are thinking of you and the strength and courage it must take to journey through this process. We know that you want what is best for your baby and hope that we’re the couple you’re looking for! We would welcome an open adoption, if that is your wish too.

About us:

We met while working as summer camp counselors in Maine. Lee was teaching water skiing while Dana was teaching pottery. We immediately connected over our passions of the outdoors, adventure and our love of children. Lee had a visa to work in England at summer’s end and Dana was planning to teach art in Chicago. After long distance dating, we decided we were ready to make a commitment to each other.

Together we worked and travelled in England and Kenya before finally settling down and getting married in Australia. We lived near Lee’s family in Perth, Western Australia for five years and began infertility treatment there. After unsuccessful treatment we decided to make a fresh start and move near Dana’s family in America. We have a deep desire to be parents and are very ready to embrace adoption as our path.

Dana is an art teacher and her passion is pottery. She loves making pots on the wheel and the feel of the clay running through her fingers. She also grew up doing woodworking and making furniture and small instruments. She looks forward to finger painting projects and baking with children! Lee is an accountant by trade and loves organizing numbers. His friends often joke that he can create a spreadsheet for anything! In his spare time he reads up on politics, economics and follows Australian sports. He is slowly starting to come around to the American teams, especially as Dana’s family are all fans.

Dana on Lee:

Lee means the world to me. We have continually grown stronger as a couple and more in love the longer we are together. I feel very loved and cherished in our marriage and although we have been through difficult experiences we remain committed to a future together.

Lee and I are different in small ways yet similar in all the big ways. We have similar dreams and we both enjoy life. We love to travel, be outside, read, be around family, play games and watch The Office together. Every time I see Lee with a baby or child I think of what a wonderful father he will be. He is loving and kind yet logical and thinks things through. He always puts safety first and is a good provider!

Lee on Dana:

I adore Dana and would do anything for her. I love her grace, compassion, humbleness and focus on the core values of family & faith. Dana is adventurous and brave. Since I have known her she has lived in four countries and travelled half the world. Dana helps me to remember that life is meant to be lived and our dreams pursued and I look forward to watching her providing that same guidance to our children.

Dana approaches things with enthusiasm, passion and commitment, and I know nothing is more important to Dana than the opportunity to parent a child. This dedication and enthusiasm has made Dana an extremely successful teacher, potter, sister, daughter, wife and world-traveler and I know she will be nothing short of phenomenal as a mother.

Our Families:

We both are extremely close to our families and would always live near one set or the other. We both are middle children with older and younger brothers. We share similar values to those of our parents, including a Christian faith.

Dana’s family lives in the same town and we spend a lot of time together. Her younger brother has a four year old son with a baby girl on the way. Her older brother recently married and is hoping to start a family soon. Everyone is eager to welcome our new baby. Cousins are waiting to share toys and play at family gatherings! While Lee’s family is in Australia, they are planning to visit when the baby arrives. We will also travel to Australia so Lee’s family can shower their grandchild with love. Lee’s older brother just had a baby boy and they are also excited about a new cousin.

Our Community:

We live in a rural town in Northern Illinois that is nestled in a valley among several state parks and a beautiful river. It has a lovely historic downtown and all the charms of a small town. We live in a wonderful home with lots of room for children to grow and run around and space to garden and have a swing-set outside. We are near large parks and a short walk from the local school. We love the location, as it is a quiet and friendly place to raise a family with the fun that Chicago has to offer a short drive away!

Our Travel and future plans:

We both love to travel and plan on travel being a part of our lives. We look forward to taking our child on camping trips in the States and overseas to enjoy Lee’s family in Australia. A baby in our family will grow to be international and have opportunities on both sides of the globe.

We can’t even imagine how difficult this decision is for you, but we promise that we will love and cherish your child unconditionally and he or she will be raised in a supportive, fun and creative household. Your child will always know of your deep love and that you made this difficult decision in his or her best interest.

Feel free to email us directly at LeeandDanaACFB@gmail.com. Or you can contact us through our adoption counselor Maggie Benz by phone at 800-869-1005, by text at 847-366-6343 or by email at Maggie@centerforfamily.com.
With Love,
Lee and Dana