Christine and Allen (and Miles)

Dear Precious Birth Mother,

We are Christine, Allen, and Miles. We want to thank you for considering the difficult decision of adoption. We fully understand that this is not easy and that a tremendous amount of thought and prayer goes into it. We will make every effort possible for you to get to know us. If you choose us, you will know that your child is in a very loving, caring, and safe environment. Adopting Miles was an amazing and fulfilling experience. We love being parents and are very excited to welcome another baby into our family


Raised in Chicago, I’m the youngest of four with two older brothers and one older sister.

I have one niece (Ciara) and one nephew (Eric). I am very close with my family and often
see them for BBQs and other gatherings. After high school I joined the Army and
Illinois National Guard. I proudly served for 10 years. The military allowed me to
travel the world and make many new friends. I’m a volunteer Big Brother to a wonderful nine-year-old boy (Billy). It’s truly a rewarding experience. We go to ball games and amusement parks; I also help him with his homework and attend his football and basketball games.

I am a sales and marketing representative and enjoy making personal connections with my clients. I also like the fact that my work hours are flexible which allows me more time with my family. The moment I met Christine I knew that we were destined to be together. She has a loving nature and puts the needs of others ahead of her own. She lives life to the fullest. Christine is a devoted mother to Miles and will be to our next child. She works three days a week so the other days are completely dedicated to Miles. She has filled our summer with swimming, beach time, play dates, parks, and trips to Michigan.


I was raised in Bolingbrook, Illinois. I am close to my younger brother who lives nearby with his family. I love to spend time with my nephew Ryan (age 3) and my niece, Haley (age 2). I also have a very close relationship with my parents. I have fond childhood memories of family picnics and vacations. Holidays are very special and my family has many traditions such as, holiday outings, cookie baking, and “Collins Christmas” which is a celebration with my aunts, uncles and 18 first cousins. I love to bake and look forward to family traditions with Allen and our children.

I am currently working as a family nurse practitioner. Prior to becoming a nurse practitioner, I was a travel nurse working all over the world, including mission trips to Mexico. My job is flexible, which helps when raising children. The minute I met Allen, I knew he had a huge heart. Parenthood has brought out his silly side. He makes Miles laugh with his silly faces and fun games. He is an amazing father to Miles. He was never scared to hold or feed Miles; he would actually seek it out! I know he has a ton more love, support, and silly faces to give!


Miles has brought us so much love and laughter. Miles just turned one and he is a calm, easy-going kid with an infectious smile. He loves to cuddle, play with his toys, go for walks, and play with the dogs. He absolutely loves taking swimming lessons with neighborhood friends. We know he will make a terrific big brother and we’re excited for him to have a sibling to experience the joys of life.

When we adopted Miles, we were open to an open adoption. We are thankful that we know his birth family. Our second child will know that your decision was pure love. Whether it is photos, letters, and/or visits, he or she can have a connection with you if you choose.

About us

We met on an online dating site, which makes us smile because we are growing our family the same way! We dated for three years and married on the beautiful sunny day of 9-10-11. We share the same Christian beliefs and values on life. We have shared wonderful experiences together such as, cruising to the Caribbean and Alaska, college football games, trips to different cities, and volunteer activities.

We are filled with excitement and cannot wait to be blessed with our second child. We are very ready to expand our family of three. Both of us come from very close-knit families whom we love dearly. We both had happy childhoods and parents who are wonderful role models. We both have siblings. We also have a close group of friends; many of them have small children. Everyone is very supportive and excited for that special second child to arrive.

Our Home and Neighborhood

We are proud to be a diverse family in a culturally diverse neighborhood in a southwest suburb of Chicago. We share our home with our two dogs, Buddy and Daisy. It is an excellent community to raise a family. There’s a large park about 100 yards from us. The highly rated schools are a short walk. Adoption is also a part of our neighborhood. Two of our closest neighbors have also adopted their children. We have many neighborhood activities such as an annual block party, Easter egg hunts, and bike parades.

In Closing

We are honored that you are reading our profile. We want you to know that your child will be in a loving home surrounded by a family who will love him or her to the fullest. Your child will have many opportunities. We promise to love your child unconditionally and to raise him or her with traditional Christian values. We wish you peace and comfort with whatever you decide is best for you and your child.

You may learn more about us by contacting our adoption counselor, Maggie Benz at:
Phone: (800) 869-1005
Text: (847) 366-6343
We would be very happy to talk to you at any time. You can reach us at:

Thank you and God bless.
Christine and Allen