Cheryl and Andy


Thank you for taking time to read our letter as you consider making a very difficult decision regarding your unborn child.Although we cannot fully appreciate all the emotions and factors that go into your decision, we know it comes from an unselfish love for your baby, and a desire for him or her to have the best life possible.

We know how much a parent can love an unborn child. Several months ago, we were excited to learn that we were pregnant with our first child. Unfortunately, our worst fear was realized when we lost our baby months later. Luckily, we had each other to lean on. Our marriage has always been strong, and it helped us through those devastating times. Our hopes and dreams for a family have now turned to adoption, and that is why we are reaching out to you.

We believe that adoption is a beautiful choice and we would be honored to have you consider us as the adoptive parents. Your child would grow up and be able to thrive in a safe and loving environment with two very devoted parents and a caring and involved extended family.

About Cheryl (by Andrew)

Cheryl is my best friend and the years since we’ve been together have been the best of my life. She is a special person that is loving, caring and attentive while still being laid back and easy going. She loves kids and is amazing with them and I am excited about watching her love and care for a child of our own. I have no doubt she will be an amazing mother and provide a child with love, affection, education, culture and an overall great life.

Cheryl is lots of fun, with many hobbies and interests. For one thing, she’s a great guitar player and when people visit our home, they usually ask her to play guitar and everyone sings along. So fun! Cheryl also performs live shows from time to time.

One of Cheryl’s greatest passions is her love of travel. She’s been to over 25 countries and spent two years living and traveling throughout Europe while earning her master’s degree. She always seeks new places and adventures to explore. Her latest adventure was taking surfing lessons on our last trip to Hawaii!

Another passion Cheryl enjoys is cooking. She always makes sure we eat food that is delicious and nutritious, although occasionally we do indulge in our favorite foods like pizza, sushi or dessert! She also makes exercise a priority and loves to work out by running, lifting weights and taking Yoga and Pilates. She is a great influence on me.

Cheryl is currently working from home and writing a book. After spending several years in the corporate world earning a good living and working long hours, she decided to quit her corporate job and work on something that she was passionate about. A few years ago, she started her own business focusing on helping children with the basic life skills they need to succeed in today’s world and now she’s writing a book on the same subject. Working on her book from home will allow her to be around every day and give our child lots of love and attention.

About Andrew (by Cheryl)

Andrew is the kindest, most generous man I have ever known. I’m so honored to be married to him and to be his partner in life. He always puts the needs of his family ahead of himself, which is why I know he will make a great father. While he has accomplished so many things in his life–graduating from college, going to law school, starting a successful law firm, being interviewed on TV, radio and newspapers as an expert in his field—- he always remains humble. He has great empathy for people because he realizes that life can be difficult and takes nothing for granted.

Andrew is a loyal friend and loves to laugh and be silly. His nieces and nephews love this about him. He always gets the kids dancing and likes to show off his moves, which gets them (and all of us) howling in laughter. He has been a dedicated Cubs fan since he was 6 and played baseball throughout his childhood. He also loves the Bulls and Bears and loves going to games or watching them on TV.

I am so proud of Andrew. He has so many great qualities to pass on to his future child. He is honest, compassionate, funny, smart and has a big heart. I can’t wait to raise a family with him and see him bring a ton of joy into our child’s life. Although Andrew has a successful law practice, he can work from home most of the time and would be able to be very involved in our child’s life on a daily basis. We plan to raise our child as a team, just like we approach everything else.

Our Home

Our home is in Lincoln Park Chicago. We love this area–and the city because it offers the things that we value deeply: diversity, different cultural opportunities and a wonderful variety of restaurants, including our favorite pizza place! With lots of parks, playgrounds, beaches, the zoo and lakefront all within a short walk, your child will have plenty of places to play and explore. Our home is in a safe, gated community with many families and young children, so your child would have plenty of playmates nearby!

About Us

We love music, including seeing live performances or sitting at home playing guitar. We love traveling to new places, going to Cubs games, and spending time with our family and friends. We have lots of kids in our family–nieces, nephews, cousins and friends–who love to play and will welcome your child instantly.

We would certainly be honored if you were to select us. We promise that we will love your baby and do everything we can possibly do to give the child an amazing life and a bright future. No matter what you decide, you have already demonstrated your love for your child by carefully weighing all possible options. If you select us to parent your child, we truly hope that you will honor us by remaining an important part of your child’s life.

You can reach us by email at or feel free to contact our adoption counselor, Linda Fiore. Linda can be reached on her 800-869-1005 or by email at

Thank you for reading our letter and we hope to meet you soon!

Andrew & Cheryl