Carla and Drew

Dear Birth Parents,

We are honored and thankful to have this opportunity to share our lives with you. You are making a selfless decision, considering adoption, and we have great respect for your courage.The brave steps you are taking shows how much you care about your child and their future. It’s admirable. We are guardians to our niece Luna and truly enjoy parenting her. Please know we are praying for you and your child daily, and we believe God is working in all our lives.

Our Story:

We are Carla and Drew and we have been happily married for 14 years. Drew is the brains and Carla is the heart. We are supportive of each other and rely on each other’s strengths. Together we are a strong couple. We have had the best of times together and our love grows more each day. Luna has always been a large part of our lives; we taught her to walk three days before our wedding so she could be our flower girl! We have a beautiful home with plenty of room for a child to grow. We live in a quaint village west of Chicago that has some of the best schools in the state. Our family is overjoyed to welcome a new child to our loving household.

My Aunt and Uncle by Luna: We love to be silly and we are always laughing. As a teenager I have realized how much they have done for me in my life. They saved me from having a hard life. Auntie Carla is someone I can count on to be there for me, take care of me, and she always likes to hug. Uncle Drew is my person, if I have a problem with school, boys, or teen life, he always has a positive way of helping me. His humor and guidance have led me down a pretty good path. When I am being a little “extra” they are patient with me, want to talk it out, and we always leave the dinner table on happy terms. They ask me how my day was, always attend my games, and are my biggest fans.
When I do good in a basketball or softball game you can always hear my Aunt and her loud ”WOO HOO!” and my Uncle with his ”Good job, Luna Bear!” It makes me feel special that I was loved enough to be with them, that they took me in, and have been by my side my entire life. They are doing a good job as parents and I am grateful. I am also looking forward to having a brother or sister or a cousin, whatever the label is, I will love that person.


I had a happy childhood surrounded by many cousins. I love sports and to this day my mom still coaches our softball team with the same group of girls. It’s pretty cool! I also enjoy music and kayaking. I love my job as a wedding/newborn photographer. I always have people smiling at me and see the happiest moments of their lives. It’s awesome being around all that joy. I can’t wait to take pictures of your child and share them with you. I have so many ideas for photo shoots. I also look forward to loving your child with everything I have, keeping them safe, and giving them a wonderful life.

About Carla by Drew:

Carla is a wonderful Aunt/Mother to Luna. The second Luna was born Carla was transformed into a Mother role. I am proud of the woman I married. The love in her heart is genuine. The first thing I noticed about Carla was her smile and how it brightens a room. She is a very talented photographer that photographs many weddings a year. She loves hugs and her family always comes first. You could not choose a better woman to parent your child. Carla is genuinely a wonderful soul and I love her with all my heart.

About Drew by Carla:

Drew is one of a kind. He’s that guy you meet that you instantly like. He’s a real man – best of the best kind of guy. He loves his family and is the best Uncle/Father to Luna. He has taught Luna many life skills in becoming a young adult: from teaching her how to study, maintaining straight A’s, being a positive young woman, and he coaches her softball team. Drew is my very best friend and he will be the best to your child.


I come from a rather small family. I have always been close with my family. My sister is married with a three-year-old son. My entire family is a great support system and I can talk with them, especially my mom, about anything. I love Disney; I’m a kid at heart and will never grow out of that. I think of myself as funny, if not sarcastic, enjoyable to be around, kind, generous, and a good head of household. My interests include sports (mostly baseball), reading about baseball and its history, listening to music, and playing guitar. I currently run the family business in Chicago, and it makes me laugh when people call me President.

Our Dogs:

We rescued sisters eight years ago. Penny & Roz are well trained. They are very loving dogs that snuggle all the time. They enjoy walks, playing bobbing for treats in their pool, eating, posing for pictures, and snoring. Penny is a lazy dog, loves to be loved, and is a very good girl. Roz is the leader of the pack, she loves Luna, protects her, and never leaves her side. They are trusted around children, off leash, and in dog parks. They would be so happy for another person to snuggle with.

Your Child’s Story:

We will love your child with all our hearts and support your child to the best of our abilities. We promise that we will be honest, honor your wishes, protect and raise a good human being – someone who is understanding, full of life and able to enjoy all of God’s great world. Our lives would be blessed if you were to choose us as adoptive parents.

We’d love to meet you. You can contact us directly at Or you can reach us through our adoption counselor at:

With Sincere Admiration,
Carla and Drew (and Luna too!)