Birth Mother Series: Susie’s Story

Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of birth mothers. Each have their own story and experiences that led to them making an adoption plan. Many have felt isolated and alone not knowing anyone else who has placed a child for adoption. Unfortunately, many birth parents have felt pushed to keep their adoptions secret because of the idea that it is disgraceful or selfish. As adoption professionals, we know that the choice to place a child for adoption is not shameful. Birth parents show incredible strength and love for their child when making an adoption plan.
Still the fact remains that so many birth parents feel alone in this process. To help build community and connection, we are sharing the experiences of real birth parents and their feelings about adoption. This is Susie’s story.

I was 19 years old and a college freshman when I met Steve. We had been dating a few months when I became pregnant.

I have two younger sisters and my mom struggles with health issues. I knew my family was unable to support me emotionally, physically, or financially. Plus, Steve and I were both in college at the time and neither of us had a job.

I was unsure what I wanted to do. I talked with Steve and our families about placing the baby for adoption, and they were mostly supportive. Steve and I met with Brooke, a counselor at the Adoption Center for Family Building to develop an adoption plan.

Brooke explained the adoption process and her role. She also gave us profiles of adoptive parents who matched our requirements. We wanted a couple who had been married for at least 5 years and didn’t have other children. We fell in love with Elizabeth and Jeremy and couldn’t wait to meet them. Our first meeting went well, and we realized that we had many shared interests. Our relationship with them grew. Steve and I felt we had chosen an awesome couple to raise our baby.

When labor started, I called Elizabeth and Jeremy, and they met Steve and me at the hospital. Our son, Jacob, was born, and I was amazed by the miracle of life! The adoptive parents were thrilled to be at the birth and honored us with an entrustment ceremony they had prepared.

Although the first few months were particularly difficult, I was able to return to school and complete the requirements for my Bachelors Degree. I’m working toward my nursing degree now, but still have two more years of school remaining. Steve and I are no longer in a relationship, but we visit with Jacob, Elizabeth, and Jeremy regularly. Every time I see Jacob’s smiling face, I am reassured that I made the right decision.