Beth and Justin


We are Beth, Justin, Eli (8) and Margaret (4). We were high school sweethearts, who’ve been inseparable ever since. We always knew we wanted children and went through three years of unsuccessful infertility treatments. God had different plans for us and we felt a peace and calmness deciding that we were meant to adopt.

We were blessed with Eli in May of 2011 and Margaret in September of 2014. Both of their courageous birth mothers placed them with us at birth. We thank God every day for their brave decisions. We can’t imagine life without them. They have added a whole layer of love to our family. We believe everything happens for a reason, and we hope our paths are crossing for a special reason.


I am the oldest of three, with two younger brothers, Brian and John. We have always been close friends. In fact, John was Eli’s nanny for a summer. I also have 16 younger cousins. The youngest are 9, 7 and 3 years old. It is so precious watching them become close friends with Eli and Margaret. The family is very eager to welcome our next child!

I used to be a librarian working in a law library. I loved my job because I find great joy in helping people. I also love books! Every night we read to Eli and Margaret. One of our favorite things to do is visit the bookstore for a snack and a book. I currently work as an assistant at Margaret’s preschool. I’ll be a stay home mom with our next child, and eventually return to the library as our children become older.

Both Justin and I grew up and now live in Evanston, a suburb north of Chicago. Evanston is very diverse and we have friends of all ethnicities. We want to raise our children with open minds and hearts. Both of our families are close to each other, physically (both sets of grandparents live nearby) and socially (our parents have become friends). We are truly one big family waiting for a new member!


I have one younger brother, Nate. We were very close growing up. I spent most of my childhood playing various sports, and still love sports. I coached Eli’s baseball team the last two seasons. My dad coached me and now I get to come full circle by coaching Eli. I played baseball and basketball throughout high school, and I learned the value of teamwork and trust in others. I have been able use those values in my work as a nurse and at home with my children.

I am a registered nurse, working at a hospital only a few blocks from home. In addition, I am working on my master’s degree to become an advanced practice nurse, graduating next winter. I truly enjoy taking care of others.

Eli is a third grader on the go! He is very active and loves playing sports. Hockey is his favorite. He is on the travel hockey and soccer teams and he also plays baseball. Eli is a wonderful big brother. He is affectionate and caring. He believes in justice and fairness. In fact, all his teachers have mentioned happy they are that he is in their class!!


Margaret is sweet and funny. She is constantly making us laugh and loves to give the cuddliest hugs. She loves to try whatever activity Eli is doing. She even has started hockey to be like her big brother. We call her the “crusher”. She also loves all creatures big or small. She loves our dog and cat and even loves the worms and bugs she finds outside. She is VERY excited to be a big sister. She is always coming up with baby names and explaining to us how she will help take care of the new baby.

Beth on Justin:

Justin is the perfect husband and father. He is caring, attentive and loving. Justin and I have just always clicked, and we get along perfectly! I can honestly say that he would give everything to protect us. He is always so respectful to his parents (as well as mine) and willing to help them out whenever they need it. I believe it is because he was raised that way and he is raising Eli and Margaret in that same manner.

Justin on Beth:

I am lucky to have such a great wife. She is my best friend. Beth is one of the most caring people that I have ever met. She has always been there to give me all the love and support that I could ever ask for, and more. She is a loving woman and a wonderful mother. It has been amazing to watch her care and nurture Eli and Margaret.

Lady Belle and Berlioz:

We have a golden doodle (Lady Belle) and a cat (Berlioz). We are all giant Disney fans and their names are both from Disney movies. Lady is sweet goofball and Berlioz is a steady companion. Both children adore them!


In closing:

Just like we have been with Eli and Margaret, we want to be supportive and open with our next child(ren). We will always be supportive as our children determine their interests. We want them to feel free to come to us with any issue or question. Most importantly, we will want them to know that they will always be loved, no matter what. We would like to foster an open relationship with you. We admire the love you have for your child.

Please contact us directly at You can reach our adoption counselor, at: 1-800-869-1005,
Beth and Justin