Alison and Michael (and Benjamin)

Dear Expectant Mother,
We are Alison and Michael (and Benjamin) and we are hoping to adopt a child. We feel humbled that you are considering us for this privilege and look forward to completing our family. We believe that the choice you are considering is extremely brave and selfless and we hope that you will find peace in your decision.

We have been very happily married for six years. We had a deep desire to be parents together and grew our family through the adoption of our son, Benjamin, in May 2016. We promise to raise your child in a loving and safe home. We will make sure your child will know about the loving and careful decision you made in order to ensure that he or she is well cared for, loved, and cherished.

About Us
We met eight years ago and our relationship developed quickly. We were married two years later. We have a strong marriage built on shared beliefs, communication and most of all laughter! Michael works in the banking industry and Alison is a pediatric emergency room nurse.

We are an active couple and enjoy traveling to new places and have started to include our little guy on trips to the beaches of North Carolina and Florida. This year we took our son to Marco Island and reminisced about the place where we were married. We all love to listen to music and most evenings Benjamin dances while Alison is preparing dinner.

Our Families
We are very close with our families and with most of them living in the area, we are able to spend a lot of time with them. Alison’s parents have been married for 48 years and live nearby. They are ecstatic about having a seventh grandchild to spoil! Both of Alison’s sisters are married and there are a total of five nieces and nephews between them. We always celebrate holidays and birthdays together.

We enjoy hosting all of the kids for sleepovers. When they come over to our house they love to play games, rollerblade in the basement, go sledding, work on crafts, make dinner and watch movies. The kids all love having a new cousin to play with and can’t wait for another baby to join the family.

Michael’s parents were married for 53 years and have both passed away. Michael is the youngest of four siblings. His sister lives across town with her family. Michael also has two brothers, one in Colorado and the other in Arizona. Both are married with grown children.

Michael’s family is very familiar with adoption as his nephew, his nephew’s daughter, and his brother’s two grandchildren all came into the family through adoption. As you can see, we know from direct experience with adoption that our family will treasure your child.

Meet Michael (in Alison’s words)
Michael is truly the kindest person I have ever known. At 6’6″, some might be intimidated by his appearance but kids love Michael. He has always been sensitive to the needs of others. Michael is a man of honor, he is completely loyal and trustworthy, which played a major role in my love for him and desire to marry him. Michael is loving, thoughtful and always makes me laugh. Michael is a very involved, loving, and playful father to Benjamin. After his days working in the banking world, he spends his evenings playing in the yard, reading and feeding ice cream to Benjamin.

Michael is the father to two grown sons from a previous marriage. He did an amazing job raising boys who are respectful, kind, and funny. They love being BIG brothers to Benjamin and are excited about another brother or sister joining the family.

Meet Alison (in Michael’s words)
I was attracted to Alison’s positive attitude and high energy level from the time we first met. She is a very caring person with a huge heart. Alison is absolutely perfect for her job as a pediatric emergency room nurse. When life brings on challenges, Alison helps me realize that we can overcome anything and this give me a sense of calmness. I knew from the moment I met Alison that she would make a great mom. I love to just stop what I’m doing and watch her when she is playing with or reading to Benjamin. Alison absolutely loves being a mom and would love to see our family grow.

Alison works very hard helping sick and injured children in the emergency room. She also likes to have fun and enjoys beating me at board games, card games and foosball. Despite being nine inches shorter, she isn’t afraid to occasionally take me on in a game of basketball. At family parties, all of the kids can be found hanging out near Alison because she always comes up with fun ideas for them.

Benjamin joined our family through adoption in May 2016. We are fortunate to have a strong open relationship with his birth mother and we were able to be at the hospital for Benjamin’s birth. Benjamin is our sweet, lovable boy who is playful and full of laughter. He loves to read, play with the dogs, and run around the park. He has brought so much joy and happiness to our home. We know Benjamin will make an amazing big brother.

Home and Community
We have two sweet, playful dogs, Oscar and Roxie. Both dogs were adopted through rescue shelters. They love people and other animals. They have become Benjamin’s loyal companions and guardians. We live in the western suburbs of Chicago. Our town is a great place to raise children. Our neighborhood is full of families of many ages, races, and religions. We have lived in our house for six years. There is a new park just down the street from us. The schools in our district are top ranked in both the state and the nation. Our community has many activities for kids including many parks, splash pads, pools and a beach, festivals, and parades.

Our Promise
Should you choose us to raise your baby, we promise to love him or her unconditionally. We promise to make sure that your child always knows how very deeply you loved him or her and that you made this difficult decision out of love.

Please email us directly at
You can also reach us through our adoption counselor, Maggie Benz:
847-366-6343 (text)
800-869-1005 (toll free)

Wishing you strength in your decision,
Alison and Michael