Alexandra and Bill

DearExpectant Mother,
We are Alexandra (Alex) and Bill. We feel blessed that you are considering us to be your child’s family. You’re facing a very difficult decision, but it is a thoughtful decision based on love. This love will be the foundation on which we can build our family. Both of us have deep respect and admiration for your courage.

We’ve been happily married for over seven years. For much of that time we have wanted to become parents. After years of trying and various procedures, we concluded that adoption was the path we would follow. It would be a blessing to be able to give your child the love and support that would allow him/her to be a successful and happy person.

About Us:
We both grew up in loving families in the Chicago area. We met online and had our first date at Chicago’s Navy Pier. We knew that we had found our soulmate and were married in front of family and friends in 2010. Our marriage has one constant, the deep love and respect we have for each other. We enjoy doing many different things together, from going to the zoo to hanging out with friends and family, from going to museums to going to baseball games. Being together is what counts.

Alex is the proud Godmother to Damien (10) and Emma (7) and we are Godparents to Olivia (5) and John (2). Our faith is a very important part of our lives as we are regular church-goers and consider Christian values to be an important part of our family. We are surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends and their children, who are very excited about having another playmate.

Our Home and Community:
We live in a cozy home in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Our home has three bedrooms, a backyard, and a fun family room We are walking distance to schools and parks and there is a pool nearby. We also live close enough to the city to be able to take advantage of what Chicago has to offer.

Baby Kitty and Rio:
We share our home with two precious cats. Baby Kitty is a shy yet loving girl who has three legs. When she arrived she would run and hide from us. Through consistent love and care she comes running when we come home and sleeps in our bed. Rio adjusted smoothly to our home. Rio is lovable, sweet and loves to cuddle and fall asleep. Both of them have become part of our family and we could not picture our lives without them.

Our Family:
Our parents are very excited about becoming grandparents and look forward to showering a grandchild with love. Alex’s parents live in Chicago. She also has an older brother who she is very close to.
Bill’s parents live about five minutes from our home and are always there to lend a hand. Bill is an only child but he has cousins with whom he grew up and considers them his brothers. One lives close by with his wife and their two children. To us family is sacred.

About Alex:
I grew up on the Southside of Chicago. I have a Bachelors degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences and a Masters Degree in Clinical Lab Management. I work as a scientist at a large academic hospital in Chicago and teach part-time. I’m a huge Chicago White Sox fan and love attending games. I love all types of music (especially 80’s and 90’s alternative and rock) and I enjoy seeing my favorite bands in concert. I have learned to play the piano (I’m a bit rusty), one day I hope to learn to play the electric guitar! My hobbies include hanging out with family and friends, being a science nerd, watching reality TV, listening to music, gardening, taking road trips and volunteering in my professional organizations. I adore my two kitties and love playing and snuggling with them.

I absolutely love my mom and dad. My mom and I can spend an entire day shopping and not buy one thing. I call my parents at least twice a day to chat. I have also inherited my Moms green thumb and love of gardening. Religion is a huge part of my life and we feel it is important to raise our child to be a good practicing Christian. I love hanging out with my godchildren, nephew and my friend’s kids (ages from 2 to 16) and attending their recitals and plays. They are a special part of my life. I will always be their Auntie Alex. I can’t wait to love and cherish our child.

About Bill:
I was also born in the Chicago area. I have a Bachelors degree in English Education and two Masters degrees in Teaching and Counseling. I’m a teacher and am currently teaching 8th grade Language Arts. In my career I have mentored hundreds of children from 8th to 12th grade. Being able to educate kids and influence their lives is very important to me. I have coached football (tackle and flag), wrestling, and girls’ basketball. I love sports and believe that kids need to be active. I enjoy reading, playing with our cats, grilling, watching movies, and being with Alex. Since there are days off built into my job, I can spend a great deal of time with our child. I want to be an active dad in my children’s lives. I want our child to always know that no matter what, I will be there.

We Promise:
• that your child will always know that you love her/him.
• that your child will be given every opportunity to succeed in life.
• that your child will be cared for in every possible way.
• that your child will have an active, fun life.
• that your child will be given strong Christian values.
• that your child will know what it is to be loved.

Thank you for considering us to be the adoptive parents of your child. We would love to be able to meet and get to know each other.

You can contact us by email at You can also contact our adoption counselor, Maggie Benz at 847-366-6343 (text), 800-869-1005 or