Adrienne and Jon

Dear Expectant Mother,

Hi! We are Adrienne and Jon. We live in Goshen, Indiana about two hours east of Chicago. Becoming adoptive parents is a dream we hope to have come true. We will be honored should you choose us to parent the child you are carrying, and our hearts are with you as you make this difficult decision. Thank you for taking time to read our profile. We hope you are able to learn a bit of our story and provide you with an idea of the life that your child would have in our home.

Our Story

We met at the Farmers Market where Jon was a vegetable vendor and Adrienne worked in a bakery. Adrienne eventually asked Jon on a date, which as you can guess, he said yes! Our dates often involved delicious meals made at home from ingredients Jon grew, trips to the beach, and live music whenever possible. Our trip to Memphis and New Orleans was a turning point where we fell in love with southern food, especially Cajun Creole cuisine, which Jon loves to cook to this day. One summer day, Jon proposed to Adrienne during a walk along Lake Michigan. Despite losing the ring in the lake, Adrienne said yes! Yes, that is a true story, and we would love to tell you the full version as it is a memory we will never forget!

Our home is full of love, the smell of homemade cooking, and lively music. Any chance we have, we do what we love most which is dancing, traveling, and watching our favorite shows or a movie with friends. We can’t wait to welcome a child into our home and into our family to share all of these moments with.

Jon (written by Adrienne)

What first attracted me to Jon was his warmth and energy. He is passionate about growing and eating healthy food and shares his passion by teaching others. Jon is very outgoing! He loves talking and laughing with friends and strangers alike. He is big-hearted and is not afraid to be honest and vulnerable. Jon is finishing up a master’s degree in Christian Formation which will be valuable as we teach our future child to love God. He directs an educational farm and protects farmland for a living. Jon is so excited to teach our child how to plant seeds and grow food. Jon is hardworking and kind and will be a great dad!

Adrienne (written by Jon)

From the day I met Adrienne, I could tell she is committed to her values, knows what she wants, and treats others with respect. Adrienne maintains close friendships and is intentional about spending quality time with me and others she loves. Food is her love language, and she makes amazing soups and Indian curry! She loves reading and is in a monthly book club. She works for a community mental health center where she is greatly appreciated for her calm spirit and grace. Our nieces absolutely adore “Aunt Adrienne” for her warmth, her style, her great laugh, and for reading children’s books to them. She looks forward to taking our future child on nature walks, teaching them to identify birds, and to care for chickens. I can’t wait to see Adrienne become a mother.

Our Families

Both of us come from supportive families that poured so much love into us. We can’t wait to pour that kind of love into children we adopt someday. Our families are already familiar with adoption. Each of us has a cousin who chose to adopt a child.

Adrienne grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has a younger sister she loves dearly. She grew up being known and involved in a small church congregation, and many of those relationships continue to this day. We FaceTime with Adrienne’s family often and look forward to spending Thanksgiving weekend together each year. Each summer we take a trip with Adrienne’s family. We all love travel, trying new foods, and learning about local history and culture wherever we go. Last year we went to Spain, and Jon enjoyed brushing up on Spanish!

Jon grew up in central and southern Indiana and has one older sister who is married and has two daughters ages 10 and 7. He also grew up with a strong connection to a church, which shaped him and loved on him. His immediate family members live in Indiana, making it possible to get together for birthdays and holidays. “Uncle Jon” and “Aunt Adrienne” are especially close with their nieces, and we call, Zoom, and visit frequently. Summer wouldn’t be summer without gardening together and trips to the beach.

Our Home and Community

Goshen is a thriving college town a couple of hours east of Chicago. Our downtown supports local businesses and the arts, a big reason that drew us to this community. Both of us are deeply involved in the life of our faith community and in social justice movements advocating for equality. We intentionally choose to live in a neighborhood where we interact with and check in on our neighbors. Our neighbors help watch our chickens when we travel in exchange for getting fresh eggs. We shovel neighbors’ sidewalks and inquire about each other’s lives. Across the street is a park (with a good sledding hill!) and a bike path. Both of us love spending time in nature, which includes gardening, growing fruit trees, foraging, hiking, canoeing, and exploring.

We own our own home which Jon bought in 2013 and has become a place of shared joy as we’ve painted walls, restored wood floors, and truly made the place feel like home. We’ve planted our backyard with fruit trees, wildflowers, grape vines, and a big garden, plus a chicken coop with six hens and places for children to wander and play. Eating meals outdoors on our patio with close friends and family makes us happy.

We want you to know

You will always be important to us and be an important part of this child’s life. We are open to exchanging e-mails, letters, calls, and in-person visits. You can count on us to respect your wishes, and we would like to build a relationship with you if that is something you are open to. If you decide to place with us, know that this child will be loved and respected deeply, surrounded by prayer and a wider circle of family, and raised to know their full story.

If you are interested to learn more about us, e-mail us at Or you can email our adoption counselor Linda at, text her at 773-919- 5702, or call her at 800-869-1005.

With Gratitude,
Adrienne & Jon