Pregnancy Resources Ohio

Client Reviews

Adriana B.

ACFB was not our first adoptive agency we have explored, but it was the right place for us. They genuinely care about everyone involved in the adoption process, including the birth mothers. They were honest, helpful and supportive. We will forever be grateful, that thanks to ACFB our family is complete.

Amy W.

It was a pleasure to work with Maggie and the rest of the staff at Adoption Center for Family Building. They were great at answering our questions and providing guidance at each step. We were happy with the support we received and the kindness they showed us and the Birth Parents.

Ben V.

Barbara is a very pleasant person to work with, she made us feel comfortable every step of the way. At times during our process we faced difficulties but with her guidance we were able to stay focused and achieve our goal.

Robin R.

Everyone in this organization is amazing. They offer unending support and guidance through what may easily be the most difficult and rewarding journey in life.

B. M.

My daughter was able to place her baby with a lovely couple this week. Thank you, Linda Fiore, for making this all so professional and comfortable as we made the decision that is right for everyone. Thank you to Mary for guiding my daughter so lovingly. God's blessings for the adoptive parents who opened their arms to our whole family. Thank you to all who made this happen! God Bless you!

KC & Alex W.

The best part of working with ACFB is the education you receive before you make any decisions or invest in anything, they want to know your story - the trauma or sadness that you have been through before you start your adoption journey. ACFB creates a successful environment for adoptive parents to create successful families.


    Adoption Center for Family Building staff will make referrals to local resources and provide transportation to clinics and hospitals. If you are interested in learning more about open adoption, please call 800-869-1005 or text Linda at 773-919-5702.

    Women Infant & Children (WIC)
    Offices throughout the state provide milk, cheese, other dairy products and diapers for low-income pregnant women and children.

    Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio,
    A statewide coalition of hundreds of housing organizations and homeless service providers. Assists with access to housing assistance services, homeless prevention programs, emergency shelters, and permanent affordable housing.

    National Domestic Violence Hotline,

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline,

    Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services,
    Connect individuals and families in need of resources, including food assistance, Medicaid, and cash assistance programs.

    On Your Feet Foundation,
    Provides support to birthparents following an adoptive placement.” Focuses on helping their clients build a better life by giving them the tools they need through case management and coaching, monetary grants and through the creation of a community of other birthparents.

    Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio,
    Provides comprehensive reproductive health care and referrals.

    YWCA Rape Crisis Hotline and Counseling Services,
    Operating 24-hour support for survivors of sexual assault and their significant others.
    Call 614-627-1209 in Columbus Area
    Call 513-361-2120 in Greater Cincinnati Area
    Call 216-881-6878 in Greater Cleveland Area

    For information about your adoption options and pregnancy resources, please contact us: