Lauren & Graham


We’re incredibly excited to expand our family again through adoption. We appreciate your courage and love in considering adoption and finding a loving adoptive family for your baby! We know that you want the absolute best for your child, and we would be honored if you would consider us in your adoption journey. A child that grows up in our home will be showered in love, laughter, knowledge, empowerment, encouragement, and lots of warm hugs. Being parents is one of our greatest joys and we can’t wait to grow our family!

About Us

High school sweethearts, we have grown into the perfect team of devoted and fun-loving best friends. Married in 2011, we adopted our son, Ansel, in 2021, and have a wonderful open relationship with his incredible birth mom. Watching Ansel learn and grow everyday has been everything we imagined and so much more. He has such a fun and loving personality and will make a great big brother!

We share a passion for traveling and have made it a point to plan one or two new adventures each year, a tradition we’ve continued with our son. Some of our favorite places are France, Sweden and Canada. We always make it a point to find local pastries wherever we go!

Our love of the outdoors and hiking has also taken us to many beautiful places. In fact, it has become custom for us to visit a new national park every year!

When we’re not planning our next trips, you can find us hanging out with friends & family and their kids, taking long walks with our dog, going to museums or other fun and interesting places, and listening to live music – going to concerts and music festivals is another big passion we share!

We each have fulfilling careers that also allow us the flexibility to make our family a priority. Lauren is an attorney and Graham is a marketing director.


There isn’t anyone more encouraging and selfless than Lauren. It has been clear since the day we first met that she thrives off of making others happy. With an infectious smile, she has an amazing ability to make you feel like you’re the only person that matters in that moment. She is also a hilarious, patient, and loving mom, always having fun with Ansel, making him laugh, helping him learn new things, and is clearly the favorite cuddle buddy, especially when he’s not feeling well. It doesn’t hurt that she is an expert baker, which Ansel and I routinely benefit from by being the official taste testers for her homemade cookies, cakes, and bread. Yum!

Lauren has an older brother who lives nearby with his wife, and a younger brother who lives with his wife near Naples, Florida (a great place for family vacations!). Her mom also lives in the Chicago suburbs and loves hosting fun family gatherings.


Graham is one of the silliest people I know. He is always trying to make Ansel and I laugh with a random song, making a funny face, or dancing around the house. He loves making music – playing guitar, bass, and any other instrument he can get his hands on- and sharing that love with Ansel. An avid outdoorsman, you can also find him camping year-round – even in the snow – usually to our family property in Upper Peninsula Michigan. We cannot wait to share that passion with our kids and see their faces as they gaze upon a clear night sky full of stars for the first time.

Graham’s parents live in a nearby Chicago suburb and cannot wait to meet and love their next grandchild. We regularly get together for holidays, birthdays, and just to have fun – like looking at Christmas lights at the nearby Morton Arboretum. We love visiting the Minneapolis suburbs where Graham’s brother, his wife, and their three children live for cousin sleepovers and fun-filled adventures!

About Ansel

Ansel is a fun-loving and energetic two-year-old. He loves dogs, dinosaurs, and going to the park. He loves to be silly and has the greatest and most infectious belly laugh! Our dog Dena is one of his best friends, so you will often find him bringing her chew toys and treats or giving her a hug.

Our Home & Community

We live in a western suburb of Chicago where we have a home with a sun-filled, fenced-in yard in a friendly neighborhood with lots of other young families! Ansel loves having play dates with our neighbors’ kids. There is a park and walking path just around the corner which is perfect for afternoon walks and picnics. Our home is also near lots of great restaurants and ice cream shops – our favorite after-dinner treat!

Our Dog

Dena is our one-year-old dog that we rescued at just a few months old. She’s great with kids and loves to snuggle, go for walks and play fetch in our yard. Mostly, you’ll just find her sunbathing in our playroom.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We would love to learn more about you! We hope we’ve given you insight into our lives, shared our excitement, and offered a glimpse of the love and encouragement that awaits child in our home. We already admire your strength, love, and courage in considering adoption. You can contact us at or (347) 460 – 1263 or reach out to our adoption counselor, Linda Fiore, at or (773) 919-5702.

With love and support,
Lauren & Graham