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Danielle and Tony


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We hope this letter gives you an idea of who we are, our values, and the family we dream to create. As you navigate this decision, we hope you are surrounded by love and support through your journey, wherever it takes you.

Our Story

We have been tackling life together for 17 years since meeting during a summer internship in college. 

During the internship, we often worked together on projects, allowing us to get to know each other. Danielle was drawn to Tony’s quiet, unexpected humor, and his kindness in stopping at all the kids’ lemonade stands near work that summer. Tony was attracted to Danielle’s playfulness, humor, intelligence, and her down to earth nature. Danielle is the one who got up the courage and asked out Tony because he just was not getting her signals. In his defense, he was convinced that she was into someone else.

Since the beginning, we have bonded over our similar interests and outlook. Back when we were students, date nights were low-key, which fits our personalities well. We had fun cooking ourselves “fancy” dinners while listening to music and dancing in the kitchen. Over the years we have learned to cook and bake and enjoy entertaining. Today, hanging out with friends and family, hosting dinner parties, playing board games, and watching movies are some of our favorite ways to relax. Our goals for this year are to host our Rib-Festival and S’more-Off, as well as create signature ice cream flavors for birthday celebrations in our family.

We are an active couple that likes to be outdoors, and we found we both liked hiking together at local parks and preserves. Because we like being active, we took our first vacation together to Yosemite National Park. After spending a week together 24-7 we realized that 1) we simply needed to visit all the National Parks and 2) we love traveling together and officially caught the travel bug.

Since then, we have traveled the US and enjoyed experiencing new cultures abroad. Some of the activities we have tried include kayaking, rock climbing, rafting, indoor skydiving, skiing, surfing, biking, snorkeling, cake decorating, and horseback riding. We look forward to building our family and starting our next great adventure.

We know that starting a family will greatly enrich our lives but have known for some time that Danielle could not have biological children. When we decided to start building our family, adoption just felt right for us. We were surprised and impressed to learn how adoption supports children by providing openness around the process. If our child’s birth family is comfortable with having a communication, we would like to form a relationship with them that supports everyone’s well-being and provides our child access to their story.

Meet Tony (By Danielle)

Tony is a classic middle child. He is content to sit back, relax, and take it all in. His kind, calm, patient nature is contrasted with a goofy sense of humor that I think will make him a great dad.

Tony is a Pharmacist at a hospital and loves helping patients. Aside from being smart and hard-working, Tony is also athletic. He grew up playing various sports as a kid (baseball, football, soccer, and basketball) and likes to stay active. Today, his hobbies include fishing/flyfishing, hiking, watching movies, exercising, and investing. He prioritizes spending time with friends and family and likes attending sporting events, BBQs, or just lunch with his parents.

His parents, brother, sister, and their families, all live in the area. His family enjoys spending time together and is excited for a new addition to the family. His Dad would love to teach baseball to a new little one, and his Mom looks forward to spending time together at the playground. Our niece Klara is especially hoping for a new cousin to grow up with.


Meet Danielle (By Tony)

Danielle has an older brother, niece, nephew, and parents who all live within minutes of our house. Her family is close, supportive, and enjoys spending holidays and weekends together. Her Dad is holding out hope for a future drummer in the family, and Danielle's Mom has a list of crafts and activities ready that change seasonally.

As a child, you could find Danielle reading a book outside under a tree or seeing if the boys in the neighborhood could keep up with her. Danielle grew up playing sports and music. She played soccer, rugby, ran track (jumps and sprints), and plays the flute and saxophone. Danielle’s personal hobbies include cooking, exercising, photography, watercolor, puzzles, gardening, and reading in her hammock. Danielle is a practicing Architect that designs commercial buildings. Aside from her creative side, she loves spreadsheets, research, and organizing projects, all of which spill over from her professional life into our home life. Danielle is very organized and caring, which will make her a great mom.

Our Home

Our home is in the suburbs of Chicago within a small neighborhood with plenty of kids. When we chose our house, we liked the good schools, friendly neighbors, and relaxed vibe. We have gotten to know many of our neighbors by walking our dog. We have many small playgrounds and parks near our house, and our larger community park is a short walk away, where we often take our niece and nephew to fish, fly kites, sled, and play.

The Future

We both have a strong foundation of morals and ethics we received through our upbringing and attending catholic grade school. We value honesty, trust, empathy, education, and experiencing all we can out of life. We hope to build our family on these values, but above all, with love and kindness. We believe one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child is allowing them to be exactly who they are and providing them with the support and love to guide them to live the life they want. We look forward to seeing our children carve out their path in life and light up the world.

If you’d like to contact us, you can email us directly at TonyAndDanielleACFB@gmail.com or reach us through our adoption counselor Linda at (773) 919-5702 (text) or (800) 869-1005 (toll free) or by email at Linda.centerforfamily@gmail.com.


Danielle and Tony

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