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Aaron and Farrah

Hello there!

We are honored that you are viewing our profile and considering us to parent the child you will be bringing into this world. We truly admire your bravery and strength as you consider making this decision. Although we do not know your circumstances, we hope you will allow us to be there for you in any way possible.

We live in the country with a lot of room to explore and make memories as a family. Our home is a place of acceptance and respect. Through years of disappointment as we struggled to conceive, our home grew into a sanctuary of support and love. We were so excited to get pregnant in 2016 and right at Christmas time! But our excitement was short lived, as we miscarried our little angel shortly after. The loss was hard, but it also helped us to grow closer together. Our trust in God deepened and our love for one another was unwavering. Aaron’s steadfast support helped to heal the loss, but the desire for a family of our own has only grown deeper. We have come to realize that a family is born from the heart. The love for any child that we are blessed with will have been growing in our hearts these past several years.

We are Aaron and Farrah

We are a young couple (both 31). Farrah first saw Aaron at a summer camp and instantly fell in love with his laughing eyes and quiet strength. He was everything she had prayed for, down to being a farmer and living out in the clean country air. The moment he quietly looked into her eyes and said I think I’m falling in love with you was the moment she knew she would spend forever with this man. Now, eight years of marriage later, and she still falls for those light blue eyes every morning. The years of growing closer together, of dreaming and setting goals for our family and then working hard to make them a reality have tightened our bond to one another.  

We love to travel! Meeting people from all of the different cultures, trying the authentic food, and seeing the beautiful countryside.  Our yearly vacation to Florida with Farrah's side of the family is always full of adventure. Sharing a house with 37 other people for a week can be interesting, but so worth it! So many memories are made each year playing on the beach and eating midnight ice cream. They are excitedly awaiting our child’s arrival.

We are excited to explore more of the world through the eyes of a child. Most of all, we want our child to know what “home” feels like. Home is for “made-up just for you” bedtime stories and hot chocolate kisses. Home is for smiley pancake breakfasts and “just one more goodnight song Daddy”. Home is for neighbor cookie swaps and picnics in the back field complete with homemade cookies and extra icing. 

We are so thankful that God has guided us through each step of our lives. Just as we have learned to support one another through the difficult times, God has been guiding us with His loving arms. We love working in our small country church, where the hearts are big and the singing is sometimes just a little off key. 

About Aaron

What really attracted Farrah to Aaron was his stability. His care for others is always top of the list. He is the first one to jump in the ocean with our nieces and nephews. Or take the time to ask the youth group kids about their lives. He has worked hard to start a thriving business that now supports us quite comfortably and also allows him lots of time and flexibility for family adventures.  Aaron is a 4th generation farmer and enjoys helping his family on the farm.  His parents cannot wait to be first time grandparents and have already asked about grandparent days with this little one, which we are so excited for! They are amazing role models. 

About Farrah

Farrah loves people. She has a degree in special elementary education, but she is so excited to be a stay-at-home mom and soak up all of the baby snuggles. She loves to bake jumbo muffins, paint, and sing. She has written multiple children's stories. Our nieces and nephews love to come for summertime visits. We built “Mulberry Village” in our back woods, aptly named for the many mulberry trees that were in season. The kids enjoyed gathering mulberries from the trees and using old patchwork quilts to make cabins for each “family”. And what better reward for their hard work than fresh cooked mulberries and sugar over the open fire.  

Our Fur Baby

Casper is our fur baby. He loves babies! With 17 nieces and nephews, he is used to children and the noise and energy they bring as they visit often for weeklong visits to our home. He brings so much sunshine to our lives. He quickly wiggled his way right into our hearts (and our bed).but I’m not complaining. He is so sweet and caring, and loves to snuggle, unless he hears his ball squeak and then fetch is the first thing on his mind.

Thank you for reading our story

This is a glimpse into our life, and we hope we are able to share more with you! There is so much we could tell you like the game nights and homemade pizza days, to being grandma and grandpa in the Christmas play. Or the countless hours we have prayed for a baby of our own to love, even as we prepared an adorable little nursery. To remodeling our house together. Boy, was that an adventure…We cannot wait to begin this chapter of our lives and count the days until this next adventure makes baby snuggles and little giggles a reality in our world. Thank you for your bravery! Thank you for your choice.

If you would like to get in touch with us directly, please email us at Farrahandaaronacfb@gmail.com. You can also contact our adoption counselor Linda, at Linda.centerforfamily@gmail.com or by calling or texting her at (773)919-5702.

Much Love

Farrah and Aaron

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