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Farrah and Aaron

Hello there! 

We are Farrah and Aaron. We are a fun-loving, young couple (both 30 years old) who are very excited to adopt. We are honored that you are viewing our profile and considering us to parent the child you will be bringing into this world. We truly admire your strength and will continue to pray for your safety and wellbeing.


Our Story 

Farrah noticed Aaron first. His blue eyes, red hair, and lifestyle instantly hooked Farrah. A mutual friend encouraged Farrah to call Aaron saying he was expecting Farrah’s call. Months later we found out our mutual friend arranged the call, and Aaron had no idea the call was coming! A phone call that lasted for hours has turned into a marriage of eight years and counting. Our marriage has taught us a lot about working together as a team, that family is important, and to always appreciate what we have.


Our home is a place of acceptance and respect. Through years of struggling to conceive, our home grew into a sanctuary of support and love. The doubts turned into trust that God would work everything out in His timing. The fears created a deeper bond that we are in this together.  We live in a small town in Indiana where home cooking is common and visitors in our home are always welcome. Farmers are often stopping by to chat and catch up. We are blessed to have friends and family very close by, and they are always ready to lend a hand should the need arise. 


About Aaron

Aaron has the biggest heart! Patience and understanding are strong points in his personality. He is responsible and hardworking, but what really stands out is his time spent making sure others feel comfortable and welcome. Whenever we are with our nieces and nephews, he is always the first one to jump waves with them or show them a new game. He takes time to listen and build relationships with them. He takes his role as a provider very seriously. His good stewardship and hard work have built the thriving business that he runs today. There is not anything Aaron cannot do that he doesn’t set his mind to. Aaron is a 4th generation farmer and enjoys helping his family on the farm. Aaron’s flexible schedule allows him to spend a lot of time with his family. His parents are well loved by everyone in the community. They cannot wait to be first time grandparents and have already asked about grandparent days with the little one. 



About Farrah

Farrah loves adventure, girl’s days, and picnics. She has a degree in special elementary education. She is currently a stay-at-home wife and loves to bake jumbo muffins, paint, and sing. She has written multiple children’s stories, one of which has been put into print. Her imagination is ever growing! Tilly is the story of a girl, who goes on a grand adventure deep into the mystic forest and gets into all kinds of scrapes! Farrah is incredible with children. They are constantly asking to come to our house for an afternoon, a day, a week, and she loves having them! She is so excited to be a stay-at-home mom and soak up all of the baby snuggles. 


Our Interests

We love to travel! Farrah loved Switzerland. She loved hearing the alp horns echo through the mountains. Aaron’s favorite was Venice. He loved the city’s history, the gondola boats taking couples through the waterways, and the street musicians. We hope to go to New Zealand next. Experiencing all the world has to offer is important, and we want to bring our child with us so we will have all of these new cultural experiences together. We are excited to explore more of the world through the eyes of a child.

Our travel also includes a yearly vacation to Florida with Farrah’s family. This vacation is always full of adventure. Sharing a house with 37 other people can be interesting, but so worth it! Many memories are made as we build sandcastles, play on the beach, and eat midnight ice cream. We cannot wait to have a child to bring along on this family vacation and be part of these wonderful moments. There are 17 cousins eager for a new playmate! 


We love hosting guests and throw a community harvest party each fall. S’more’s, apple bobbing, and hayrides are part of our fall routine. Christmas is also a big deal at our house. Every year we go down to Farrah’s families for a week of games, wrapping presents, making cookies, and building snowmen. The laughter and smiles never end.


We are devout Christians and stay active in our church. Leading the youth group is so rewarding! From Bible study to playing a good game of kickball, we never know what memory is waiting. Farrah leads the ladies at our church, while Aaron is the song director.


Our Fur Baby

Casper is our fur baby, a miniature Yorkie with all of the gentleness and cuteness possible wrapped into one little bundle. He came into our lives seven years ago and quickly wrapped us around his little paw. He adores babies, often bringing them toys of his to share. With seventeen nieces and nephews, he is used to children and the noise and energy they bring!


Thank you

This is a glimpse into our life, and we hope we are able to share more with you! There is so much we could tell you like Mulberry Village that we built in our woods when our nieces and nephews came to visit. Or the hours that Aaron has taken to teaching our nephew about farming. Or the countless hours we have prayed for a baby, even as we prepared an adorable nursery. We cannot wait to begin this chapter of our lives and count the days until this next adventure makes baby snuggles and little giggles a reality in our world. Thank you for your bravery!


If you’d like to contact us directly, please email us at Farrahandaaronaacfb@gmail.com. You can also reach us through our adoption counselor, Linda at:

800-869-1005 (toll free)



With Love,

Farrah and Aaron

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