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Susan and Andy

Dear Expectant Mother,
We admire and respect your strength as you consider the best future for your child. We are grateful you are considering adoption and we are thankful you are considering us. Your child would be welcomed into our fun and loving home. We will treasure, support and guide your child throughout their life. We promise that your child will know you, the brave choices you made and your love for them.
We are Susan and Andy. We met in Washington, DC, where we both had moved for work. Andy was attracted to Susan’s strong independent streak and intelligence. Susan fell in love with Andy’s kindness and generosity. Shortly after getting married in 2009, we moved to Chicago to be near
Susan's family.

Through the years, we have stood together and supported each other through life’s ups and downs. We know we will celebrate many more happy moments together and we try to be strong in spirit and faith when faced with challenges.

In 2015, we joyously welcomed our daughter Tessie. Unfortunately, Susan experienced complications post-delivery and underwent a life-saving emergency hysterectomy. We celebrated the child we had but grieved for the children we could not have. In our hearts we know that our family is not complete and we believe that adoption is the path to expanding our family. 
I grew up in Wisconsin with my parents and 3 older siblings. We lived minutes from extended family and celebrated holidays and birthdays together, creating lasting family traditions. My siblings and their families now live in Wisconsin and Minnesota. My mother loves hosting us all and is delighted when my childhood home is filled with the now eight of us and our nine children.
I love learning and enjoyed both college and law school. It was a great experience practicing law but my most rewarding job is being a stay-at-home mom. I learn about myself and from Tessie every day. I am fiercely loyal and protective. I can be serious and practical but I love to joke and laugh. Friends say my sense of humor is witty and dry but my daughter just finds me silly. We give each other big hugs and bunny kisses. I end each day carefully picking up my sleeping daughter, holding her to me and whispering how much I love her.

I grew up in Massachusetts. My parents, although divorced, lived near each other and my sister and I lived at both houses. I come from a family of educators and activists which shaped my worldview.
I was a camp counselor as a teenager and that describes who I am today—a caretaker, an organizer, a positive energy in all situations. I am passionate about being a father. I revel in everything from having tea parties to splashing in the lake to teaching her baseball.
I am grateful to have a career at a large Chicago bank that provides for my family but also permits me to be home for dinner every night and allows flexibility for family time. I volunteer at our daughter’s preschool and with an inner city reading program.
We share our home with our daughter Tessie and our dog Butterscotch. Tessie is an energetic and friendly four-year old who loves music, nature and animals. Butterscotch is an eight-year old Labrador/hound mix. She is quirky and full of personality and we love her to pieces. Together, we go on adventures big and small!
We enjoy being outdoors. We hang out in our yard, visit zoos and farms, and go camping. We often go on nature walks, always bringing home bits of nature for Tessie’s collection. The local ecology center offers great classes. Winter means sledding and building snow animals.
Music is a constant in our lives—we sing and make music all day long. We march in parades around the house and have dance parties. We love exposing Tessie to different music and attending concerts. We also attend Kindermusik classes.
Reading and education are important to us; we are after all both children of educators. We have read to our daughter every day since she was a few weeks old! We frequent the local library and always come home with a stack of books to explore together.

In our extended family, we have a Grandma, Gammy, Grandpa Rick and four sets of aunts and uncles. We also have 10 nieces and nephews ranging in age from 23 to 4! It has been so fun watching the older kids grow up and they are the best big cousins. They are kind and patient and we think these awesome “big kids” will be the best guides as our children go through life. We cannot wait to add a little adventurer to our family!

We live just north of Chicago in a four-bedroom, updated Victorian farmhouse. We have worked hard to make our house a cozy and inviting home. There is plenty of space to play and relax, inside and out. The large kitchen is perfect for Susan’s baking, casual family dinners and Tessie’s art projects. In our fenced-in backyard, we play games, dig in the sandbox and catch fireflies. We enjoy picking vegetables and flowers from our gardens.
We live in a diverse, quiet, family-friendly neighborhood near Lake Michigan. While the neighborhood feels “tucked away” from the city, we can walk to shopping, restaurants, the library and public transportation. We have four parks close by. Our daughter’s preschool is only blocks away, as are both the elementary and high schools that our children will attend.
We want to raise children that make this world a better place. We want to teach our children to be compassionate, kind and empathetic. We want to instill in our children respect for differences and diversity. We want to fiercely protect our children as much as we are able. We want to build in them an inner strength that will sustain them in good and challenging times. Above all, we want our children to know that they are loved, every day and unconditionally.
We know that family is more than the people related to you by blood. What matters is the love and support among those you have chosen to call family. Andy remains close to his stepmother (and stepsisters), even though she and his father divorced years ago. Tessie is adored by two Omas, our family friends. We believe that children only benefit from having more people to love and support them.
You will always have a place in our family and in your child’s heart.
To learn more about us, please contact our adoption counselor, Jill Greenwood, at Jill.centerforfamily@gmail.com, or call her 1-800-869-1005  You can also contact us directly at andyandsusanACFB@gmail.com
With gratitude,
Susan and Andy



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