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Olivia and David and Charlotte

Dear Expectant Mother,
Thank you for considering us as you plan your child’s future.  We are David, Olivia and Charlotte.  In 2016 our dream of becoming parents came true with the adoption of our daughter; Charlotte.  After years of infertility, her birth mom chose us to be her parents.  Now, three years later, we are ready to grow our family again.  Charlotte is excited to become a big sister and David and I have always wanted to have two kids. 
We are excited to go down this path again and hope that you will want to take this journey with us.  You are a truly amazing person!  We can’t imagine what you must be feeling, but hope that you will find comfort in knowing that we will love your baby with all our hearts, and make sure that your child knows the love and sacrifice that went into your decision.  Thank you for considering us as you make this important decision.  If you choose our family, you will most definitely make our dreams come true.
About Us
We both grew up in the country, on the outskirts of small Indiana towns.  We were raised only 30 minutes from each other, but didn’t meet until 2009 when Olivia was a Senior at Purdue University.  We fell madly in love and were engaged less than 6 months later.  After Olivia graduated, we moved to Chicago and were married in April 2011.  Once we were ready to start a family, we bought a home in a Western Suburb of Chicago.  After years of infertility, though, we knew adoption was the right path for us to build our family. 
In September 2016, we were blessed with our daughter, Charlotte.  From the moment we met her birth mom, it just felt right.  Only five days later, we became parents.  Now, 3 years later we are excited to adopt another baby.  Even before we were married, we always wanted 2 kids.  Charlotte can’t wait to be a big sister! 
Our home has 4 bedrooms and a big fenced-in backyard.  There are 2 parks within our subdivision and tons of family friendly activities nearby.  We have already started a nursery for the future baby and can’t wait to welcome him (or her) with open arms.
About Olivia (By David):
 Olivia is the best thing that has ever happened to me!  I know that it sounds a little cliché, but it is the truth.  She is a loving, funny and smart woman who is my best friend.  She is a successful IT Technical Analyst.  Her career gives her the flexibility she needs for her family, by working from home often.  In her free time, she volunteers and serves on the Board of the children’s charity; Variety the Children’s Charity of Illinois.  Through them she works to help families of children with disabilities receive equipment that their insurance won’t cover.  She also loves to binge Netflix, relax with friends and family, and take road trips.
Olivia is an amazing mom to our daughter, Charlotte.  The patience and love that she shows towards Charlotte is unbelievable.  Whenever Charlotte needs help, Olivia drops everything to make sure that she is taken care of and supported.  I know without a doubt that this is exactly how she will be as a mom to our second child.  She has so much love to give and wants nothing more than to adopt a baby.  I can’t imagine a better person in this world for a child to have as a mother.
About David (By Olivia)
David is the nicest, most selfless person I’ve ever known.  He is the perfect man for me and I love him more every day.  We complete each other; what I lack he has and vice versa.  He is smart, well educated, and an amazing role model to our daughter.  He is an experienced Internal Auditor and works hard with everything he does.  In his free time, his favorite thing to do is relax with his family.  He also loves to play with the latest home tech gadgets.  From the video doorbell to color changing wifi lightbulbs, he always makes sure we have what we “need” for our home.
David is an amazing daddy.  He has such an incredible connection with Charlotte.  She is daddy’s little girl and I couldn’t imagine a better daddy.  From playing tea time to kicking around the soccer ball, David is fun and loving.  Charlotte has him wrapped around her finger!  David is always so patient and kind with her.  He can’t wait to have another child!
About Charlotte
Charlotte is an energetic, sweet, loving 3-year-old.  She lights up the room with her laughter and amazing smile.  Charlotte loves to paint, color, play in her kitchen and drive her mini red corvette around our cul-de-sac.  She is very confident and curious with everything she does.  She is incredibly smart and so strong and she will make an amazing big sister.  Her friends are always so happy to see her; they love to play with blocks, cars and practice gymnastics together.  She constantly asks us about when her baby brother or baby sister will arrive.
Family & Friends:
We have a very tight group of friends.  We spend a lot of time with our closest friends, Nathan and Kelly.  Their little girls; Marie & Vanden, know us as Uncle David & Auntie Olivia.  We love them so much and so does Charlotte!  She loves going to Auntie Kelly’s house to play with Marie & Vanden.  The girls have dance parties, build towers with blocks and play with dolls for hours!  Charlotte also has some friends from daycare who love to visit and have playdates. 
We are blessed with a large family, though most of them live out of state.  We visit with them often in Indiana and Tennessee.  We love to go boating and swimming in Tennessee, near Nashville.  Uncle Bobby brings his dog Bentley and we spend a week at the lake.  The holidays are always special for us. 
Every year for Thanksgiving we spend a week in Indiana to visit with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  There’s always way too much food and plenty of dessert!  For Christmas, the grandparents and David’s brother Uncle Bobby visit and stay at our home for a week.  Both sets of grandparents can’t wait to have another grandbaby to spoil.  Charlotte has brought so much love to our lives and we look forward to sharing even more love with our future baby. 
Our Commitment to You:
Thank you for learning a little about our lives.  We hope that you will want to get to know us better.  We would be happy to keep in touch with you throughout the years or have whatever kind of contact that works best for you.  We believe it is a good idea for you to have a place in your child’s life, but we do understand that it is your decision.  Please know that we will raise our child with the knowledge that adoption is a loving choice and you will always be honored as the special woman who helped grow our family.
Please email us anytime at: oliviaanddavidacfb@gmail.com.  You can also contact our adoption counselor at 800-869-1005, or email Linda@centerforfamily.com
Thank you for considering our family,
Olivia and David


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