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Mandy and Josh

Dear Expectant Mother, 
Sleepless nights, piles of laundry, and stacks of diapers; these are just a few of the things that we look forward to when we’re fortunate enough to adopt a baby. We have been a small family of three for five years now and would be so honored to be entrusted with another little life to love. 
Our son Ace was born to us in 2014 with the use of fertility meds. Not very long after we started trying for another child with no such luck. Since then our dream has shifted to growing our family through adoption.
Mandy (32) was born overseas in Zaire, Africa. Her parents were there as missionaries and stayed until Mandy was four. After that she has lived the majority of her life in the suburbs of Chicago. Overall, she has traveled to four of the seven continents and has a life goal of seeing all of them. She has worked as an electrical engineer for the past ten years and currently works on the transmissions of semi-trucks.
However she feels that life is so much more than her career. She enjoys quilting, crafting, and generally fixing things. Mandy doesn’t have any brothers or sisters and has always wanted to have a large family of her own. Her parents live very close by and are always eager to spend time with their only grandchild. They are extremely excited to welcome another family member into the fold.
Josh (36) was born half an hour away from where we currently live and has called the Chicago suburbs his home for most of his life. Our family is so lucky that Josh is a stay at home Dad, so Ace gets a father that is there every morning to get him off to school, and home every afternoon to greet him when he returns. Josh’s passion is art and animation. If you walk around our home you can see many examples of his talent hanging on our walls. He enjoys introducing Ace to the works of the best animators currently on television which Ace enjoys as well, because it means hanging out with dad and watching cartons. 
Josh has one sister who lives with her husband and son just over the border in Wisconsin. She has already promised that there will be more nieces and nephews to come. Josh’s parents live close by and we frequently get together for dinners, birthdays, and holiday celebrations.
Our Story
The first night that we met, Josh proposed. It was a joke of course, but later that night we realized that the spark between us was real and we’ve been together ever since. We eloped to San Francisco and were married in the most gorgeous court house we’ve ever seen. This year will be our seventh wedding anniversary. Life has thrown us some obstacles along the way, but we’ve made it through and look forward to many more years together. 
We both have held onto many of our childhood interests. In our home we have a wide array of board games, and an embarrassing number of Lego sets. Most nights you can find the three of us curled up at home enjoying each other’s company.
Our home is in a great school district in the western suburbs of Chicago. It sits in a quiet cul-de-sac that provides a great place for the neighborhood kids to play and run around. The neighborhood is very diverse and friendly, where everyone greets each other with a smile and a wave. 
Family Time
While our immediate family is small, our extended family is anything but. We have dozens of aunts, uncles, and cousins, all of whom are just as eager as we are to welcome another child to the family. As if weekly visits with family weren’t enough, we also vacation with our families quiet frequently. These family trips range from weekend camping trips to full-fledged visits to Disney World. In fact, you could say that we are kind of a Disney obsessed family. One way or another we usually get to see Mickey Mouse once a year.
Josh’s family loves to go camping -- and as an Eagle Scout -- so does he, however we draw the line at hiking. We’d much prefer to hang out around the campfire and make s’mores. But no matter the location, we always enjoy being able to spend quality time as a large fun-loving family
When it’s just the three of us, we like to plan outings to places like the Zoo, or one of the great museums in and around Chicago. Our most recent trip was to the Field Museum, where Ace was shocked to stand next to a life-sized dinosaur. We love learning new things and exploring new places and can’t wait to share all this world has to offer with our children. 
Ace is a happy, fun-loving five-year-old boy. If you let him loose in a toy store, he grabs anything that has the alphabet on it. He loves spelling and proving us wrong when we try to tell him that he spelled a word incorrectly. He never seems to stop moving and would love to have a little sibling to run around with. 
Our goal as parents is to raise respectful, hard-working, and kind adults. While we love to spoil our son at times, we know that giving a child everything that they desire isn’t always in their best interest. In our house, we maintain a ‘repair don’t replace’ attitude as much as we can. Whether it’s mending a hole in a pair of pants or re-soldering the circuit board on the garage door opener, it it’s able to be fixed -- we do it ourselves.
Our Commitment to You
We have no idea what it’s like in your shoes, but we do know that you’re facing a really tough decision. We also know that you’re a great mother because you’re trying to do what you feel is best for your baby. Our promise to you is that your child will be loved, and we will always make sure that your child knows you, and knows of the great sacrifice you have made for him or her. 
If you have any other questions for us, please reach out as we’re always available for you. You can reach us by emailing us at JoshandMandyACFB@gmail.com or feel free to contact our adoption counselor, Linda at 800-869-1005
It would be an honor to get to know you,
Josh and Mandy (and Ace)

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