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Debjani and Joydeep

We have deep respect for the journey that you are on, and we are so grateful that you are considering us. We both love children and have so much love to share. We have a happy home and we welcome an open adoption. We met over 10 years ago have been married for almost 8. We have a wonderful circle of family and friends. Your baby would join this community and would always have a place in the world. 
Debjani about Joydeep:
Joydeep is a loving, kind, and curious person. He loves kids. He cares deeply for his family, and talks to his mom every day, even across many time zones. He is an only child and very close to his cousins. Your baby will have a devoted father and aunts and uncles. Joydeep is always reading and learning. He watches nature documentaries and loves animals. When we go for a walk, he notices the dogs and loves to see the variety of birds at Montrose Harbor. He will teach your child about all kinds of things. Your baby will have a father who is patient, super smart, and wants to share what he has learned. He is also practical and thinks about the future. Together, we would care for your baby with loving hearts.
Joydeep about Debjani:
Debjani is full of life, love and compassion. She loves kids and animals. She is very close to her family and speaks with her mom every day. She is also very close to her sister who will be a wonderful aunt, and she has a loving and supportive group of cousins and friends. Debjani loves to dance (sometimes in the middle of our living room) and learned and performed Indian Classical dance for many years. Her “dance family” is still an important part of her life.
Your baby would be part of a close community of friends and loved ones with connections over the generations. Debjani loves to read and listen to stories and learn about people and things. She has a pile of books on her nightstand, she loves going to the movies, and she is also a therapist who listens to stories and helps people make sense of them. We would read wonderful stories to your baby and encourage them to create their own unique story.  
We live in the city of Chicago, near Lake Michigan, lots of parks, a public library (that we both love to use) and not too far from the Lincoln Park zoo. We will take our child to the zoo and parks and zoo.
Debjani grew up mostly in the suburbs of Buffalo, New York and moved to Illinois for grad school at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign.  As soon as she moved to Chicago to do a fellowship, she felt at home. The people, the pace of the city, the lake and the beautiful parks all spoke to her.
Joydeep grew up in Kolkata (Calcutta) India and moved to New York City for grad school and to Boston for an academic job before moving back to India for a few years to take care of his mom. When we met through a common friend, we were living on different continents, but destiny (and a lot of email, skype dates, long-distance phone calls, and trips to see each other) brought us together and after two and half years of getting to know each other, we got engaged and then married. We now happily call Chicago our home. 
Both of our families are originally from West Bengal, India – Joydeep was born there and Debjani was born in Iowa City, Iowa. This background has given us a love of multi-cultural environments, the arts, and ethnic food (our favorites include Thai, Italian, and Middle Eastern but we both love to eat all different kinds of food!). 
Whenever we have a chance, we love to travel, whether it is for a quick getaway within a short drive, or a saved-for trip that takes us farther away. We travel to Western New York a few times a year to see Debjani’s family and friends (Your baby might end up loving Niagara Falls, being a Buffalo Bills fan and eating chicken wings.).
Joydeep goes to India regularly to see his mom and Debjani joins him whenever she can (Your baby might end up being a soccer, baseball, football and cricket fan and love the joyous colorful festivals of Bengal.) We’ve had great fun exploring our city, and various parts of the world, and your baby would join us in our travels. He or she will learn about the different ways that people live, and what an interesting and beautiful place the world can be. 
We both grew up with lots of love and support, and we will pass that experience on to create a loving home for your baby. The two pictures are of our immediate families but we have a big crew of family and friends in Chicago, Buffalo, India and elsewhere! Our video has some more glimpses. Your baby would never feel like they are alone in the world! 
We both love learning new things. For example, we both recently tried to learn how to ice skate. We knew it would be hard but imagined gliding around the rinks at Millennium or Maggie Daley Park. Well, let’s just say that the ice skating is a work in progress. But we have fun trying new things together, laugh when we might look foolish, and enjoy all that the city has to offer. We'll teach our child the spirit of trying new things and being open to new opportunities. 
We have also experienced hardships – for example, both of us lost our dads to illness, and our infertility journey has not been easy. Our times of struggle have taught us the power of resilience and the importance of family and community. Our child would learn how to cope with the negative and embrace the positive. We both believe strongly in social justice and making the world a better place. Joydeep teaches biology to community college students, and Debjani is a psychologist who has mostly worked in medical ethics with people with disabilities. We'll teach our child that he or she can make a difference in the world, whether it is by listening, teaching, helping, or advocating. 
We know you have a lot of decisions ahead of you.We will bring a lot of love, stability, laughter, and compassion to raise your baby. Your baby would always know about your sacrifice and how much love it takes to place a baby for adoption. Our family and friends will have our backs, supporting, standing by, and loving your baby. We are ready to join you on a journey with faith, hope and love. We wish you peace of mind as you consider your options.
With peace, love and joy,
Debjani and Joydeep
You can reach us at dmjmacfb@gmail.com. Or you can reach our adoption counselor Tobi Ehrenpreis at tobi@centerforfamily.com or 1-800-869-1005. You may also reach Tobi by texting her at 847-366-6351.

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