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Katie and Dan

We are Katie and Dan.  We are honored and humbled that you are looking at our profile. We admire your courage in considering all options for your child. Know that we will understand and respect whatever decision you make. 
Our family has been blessed with two children, Henry (born 2013) and Nora (born 2016) but we feel like our family is not complete.  We still have a place in our hearts for more children. We have spoken about adoption throughout our relationship and after a lot of thought and prayer we know that adoption is our next path. Being parents has been an absolute joy and we are hopeful that another beautiful child will join our family.
We met during college in Milwaukee and were married in 2009 and had a traditional Wisconsin wedding with mini brats, beer and a band that played all night!  We bring out the best in each other!  We are a down-to-earth couple and we try not to sweat the small stuff and keep perspective on what’s important. Our family is our utmost priority and we couldn’t love it more!
I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis. I have an older brother and am very close with my entire family. Growing up I played soccer since I was three and was able to continue to play through college. In school I was a bit of a math and science nerd, which led me to my career as a Physician Assistant.  While my job can be very challenging, I love the opportunity to care for my patients. My parents love being grandparents! They live in Minnesota but visit us many times per month and we visit Minnesota often. I enjoy meeting up with family and friends, going for a run, and working in the garden. 
I am most passionate about my family and being a mom. I love being a big kid and racing the children down the slides! I also love to play sports with the kids and am excited to coach Henry’s soccer team this year. I was never much of a dancer growing up but have been known to bust a move during our daily family dance parties! I feel very lucky that I can spend a lot of time with the children since I work part time and feel so privileged to be their mom. I look forward to the privilege of raising another child.
About Katie (by Dan)
“She always puts others needs before her own. She is a great mom, always ensuring that we have sunscreen, snacks and fun things to do! She makes everything fun - even picking up toys and bath time. She is our captain and we would be lost without her.” 
   I grew up in Illinois as one of six children. Our family was big and noisy, and growing up I always had someone to play with! There are already 11 cousins waiting to welcome our next child.  I always loved selling (I sold the most Christmas wreaths for the Boy Scouts!), so it’s no surprise that I work in sales for a large corporation.  I love going for family bike rides, camping trips, and attending sports games.
I love being a dad!  Every day, I am inspired by my kids and they always remind me to have fun!  My work is flexible so I can be home early to spend time with them.  I can’t wait to enjoy another child.
About Dan (by Katie)
"Dan is selfless and always thinks of others. I love his big heart, smile and his dimples! He loves his family and friends unconditionally and is always there with a helping hand. He is always looking for the next adventure for our family to explore our world. I love the family that we are creating together.” 
MEET OUR KIDS (They are eager for another little sister or brother!) 
HENRY (5):
Henry loves to go to the park, ride his bike (without training wheels!), make friends with everyone he meets, and play sports. Henry has a great imagination and is always coming up with fun things to do.  Music, dancing and putting on performances are regular occurrences with Henry. He is a great big brother that loves having someone to play with, be silly with and to teach.
NORA (2): 
Nora has a very Independent spirit.  She loves to try new things (especially anything that Henry is doing) and do things on her own (like getting dressed and putting on shoes). She loves to sing, dance and play with her dolls, but her favorite thing is to follow her brother around and play or tease him.
We live in a five-bedroom house in a suburb west of Chicago. We have a fun backyard with swings and a basketball hoop and a big front porch that we use as our stage to put on shows and concerts for the neighbors. Our basement is kid central! There is space for toys and art projects. We cook a lot at home and always sit down together as a family for dinner. 
We live in a very family friendly and diverse neighborhood. We picked the area because of great schools, parks and a beautiful library. 
To be committed parents and to love your child with all our hearts. No matter what life brings, the love that we will have for your child will never change.
To always speak about you with love and respect .
To celebrate the love that brought your child to our family.
To support your child’s dreams and passions
To have fun! To embrace all of the adventures in life. 
Adoption is love - love for our child, love for their first family and the love that brought us all together. We are hopeful for an open adoption. We are committed to having a positive relationship with you, through the ups and downs of life.
Please contact us directly at DanAndKatieACFB@gmail.com.  You can also contact our adoption counselor, Maggie Benz, at:
Call: 800-869-1005
Text:  847-366-6343
No matter what you choose, we will be thinking and praying for you and your child.
With Love,
Katie and Dan

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