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Megan and Mathew


We are extremely honored to be considered as adoptive parents for your baby. We recognize that the choice you are making is among the most difficult anyone can make in their lifetime.  Entrusting your baby to be raised by others requires incredible bravery, strength, courage and most important of all, love. We will be forever grateful to you for coming into our lives. We have so much love to share with your child, and we can only hope to have a future full of new family adventures. We have put together this letter for you to get a glimpse of our family life.  If you are interested in helping us grow our family, we would love to hear from you.

About Us...
We are Matt, 35, Megan, 35, Michael, 9 and Lillyn, 6. We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you about our family. We have been married since 2010 but have been together since college. We bonded over molecules in organic chemistry; we are admittedly geeky, very active and have developed a strong, honest, funny and loving relationship. We are partners in everything.

We met our children Mike and Lil in January 2015 and adopted them in March 2017. They are brother and sister born to the same birth mother. As a family, we love to travel, play games, listen to music, watch movies, go to football games, play soccer, love on our dollies and generally enjoy what life throws our way.

We live in a quiet neighborhood in Southern Indiana. Megan's entire family lives in the Chicago area which means lots of family events during our visits -- which we make several times each year. Her parents frequently come to see us, too. We try to meet up with Megan’s side of the family at least once a month and often plan our vacations together. Matt's family lives in Central Indiana and we visit them several times a year, too. We have adorable nieces and nephews on Matt’s side of the family. 

We still feel that our family is incomplete and would love to adopt another child.  Our children are very excited to have a baby brother (Mike) or sister (Lil)… complicated we know!

About Matt by Megan
Matt is my teddy bear!  I sometimes call him Pookie after Garfield's teddy bear. He is kind, generous and full of heart. He can strike up a conversation with anyone he meets and somehow has them smiling by the end of it. He is my rock, makes me feel more confident and tempers my passions. I love him with all my heart and soul! I truly am blessed to have found him.

Matt loves watching sports of any kind, but especially football – preferably Colts or the Bears. He also enjoys playing board games, roughhousing with the kids, shooting pool and losing at bowling to me (just kidding).  He also loves inviting friends to the house for an evening of food and fun. Matthew is amazing with our children!  He loves playing with them, tickling or kissing a booboo. Matthew has a degree in Biology. He currently works as a chemist in a paint lab developing new automotive colors.

About Megan by Matt
Megan is my best friend and my soul-mate. She is very talkative, makes corny jokes and sings all the time. Megan is a free spirit who tends to balance my opinionated views on things. She is very crafty and especially enjoys knitting and crocheting.  Together we have fun travelling, learning new things and loving on our children. 

Megan is a great mom who is funny, and she challenges the kids to learn more even though they don’t realize it. She loves to travel as much as I do. We have been many places together like Europe, Cruising and Disney vacation destinations. In fact, Megan is a Disney fanatic! She knows all the Disney songs and can quote lines from many of their movies. Megan’ interests include doing projects with the kids, remodeling our new home, and playing outside with bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Megan has a degree in Chemical Engineering and her master's degree in Engineering. She currently works at an automotive manufacturing facility.


Our Children
Mike is 9 years old and going into the fourth grade. He loves to play football, soccer and basketball, and he’s extremely smart and active. His favorite activity at school is recess and he loves to play basketball with his friends. He’s very caring and often thinks of his little sister before himself. 

Lil is 6 years old and loves to play soccer, swing in the backyard and play with toys in her room. She is very funny and sassy.  Megan is worried she might have rubbed off a little too much sass from her!  Lil is about to start first grade and is very enthusiastic about learning. Both are very excited to have a baby in the family, but their divided on whether or not they want a brother or sister. It’s kind of fun to watch them discuss the new baby.

Our Pups
Bear and Tucker are our pups. Bear is a Chihuahua, that we first fostered. We were worried he wouldn’t get adopted when we moved south so we adopted him. He has identified us as “his people” like Chihuahuas are prone to do and even allows the children to pet him gently. Tucker – a Dachshund mix -- is a boisterous dog when people ring the doorbell but quickly relaxes and welcomes our visitors into his home. The kids love to play fetch with him and give him lots of pets.  They both love playing in the dog park, eating hamburgers on long drives in the car, chewing bones and sleeping.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We are so thankful to have been able to introduce ourselves to you. We know that it's a tough circumstance that brings you to consider adoption, and we respect you for having the courage to explore this option. Our hearts and prayers go out to you.

To learn more about us, please contact our adoption counselor, Tobi Ehrenpreis by email at tobi@centerforfamily.com, by phone 1-800-869-1005 or send her a text at 847-366-6351. We also have a direct email matthewandmeganacfb@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Matthew, Megan, Michael and Lillyn

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