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Sara, Mark and Meredith

Dear Expectant Mother,
We hope you will take a minute to read about us and the kind of life we want to offer your child. We are Mark, Sara and Meredith, and we are looking to expand our family through adoption.  We admire your courage and empathize with how difficult this decision must be for you.
Though there are many other adoptive parents out there, we can assure you that given the opportunity, we would love and cherish this child with all our hearts. And there will never be a shortage of family and friends around to show their love and affection. We are very thankful to you for taking this time to learn about our family.  We hope we’ll have the chance to meet you one day.
Our Story
We actually met through Match.com and after a few months chatting on the phone and Facebook, we had our first date in February 2010.  It did not take long before we got engaged and then married in June 2012. After getting married, we instantly knew we wanted to become parents.
Despite having struggles with infertility, we were finally able to get pregnant with our daughter Meredith on our 3rd Invitro treatment. Now--three years later-- we are excited to add another child to our family.  After two failed medical procedures to get pregnant again, we decided that adoption is the best path for us to grow our family.
We have a four-bedroom house in a very diverse subdivision, full of families of different races, ages, and religions. Our community has a small town center with a clubhouse and multiple playgrounds, and many family centered activities such as Easter Egg Hunts, Tree-Lighting Ceremonies and Movie Nights in the Park.
Sara loves teaching Pre-K, while Mark works for a start-up company.  We have a 3 year old daughter, Meredith, who goes to pre-school twice a week.  Mark’s parents, who are retired, love to take care of Meredith while we’re at work. They, too, are excited about our plans to adopt a baby. 
About Sara: (From Mark’s Point of View): 
Sara grew up in a South suburb of Chicago and graduated college with a teaching degree.  She has spent her entire career teaching Pre-K and Kindergarten.  I remember one of the first things that impressed me about Sara was her ability to put the needs of others first, always showing support for her friends and family.  
We live an hour from Sara’s parents, brothers, nieces and nephews, but Sara always finds a way to be there for everyone.  This was never more apparent when her older brother Joel spent the better part of last year recovering from Sepsis. This illness kept him bed ridden for several months and unable to help care for his wife and 5 young children.  Sara would regularly drive to see her brother in the hospital, volunteer her services to babysit her nieces and nephew, or call her sister-in-law Jill just to say hi and see if there was anything else she could do to help. 
Sara is also a dedicated teacher.  Even though she spends hours shopping for supplies for her classroom, setting up lesson plans, and creating new ways to keep her students involved, she always manages to find ways to spend quality time with me and Meredith.  Sara is great at making sure our family is well cared for.  Family comes first with Sara and it is one of the many qualities that make her a great wife and mom. 
About Mark (From Sara’s Point of View):
Mark is a very kind, compassionate and intelligent man.  He is also a very devoted, loving and supportive husband. He makes me smile when I am sad and reassures me when I am apprehensive.  Unlike me, Mark is very Tech savvy.  So, anytime I have any questions regarding computers or technology, he is there to rescue me!  
One of the reasons I married Mark was that I knew he would be an excellent father.  He is very patient and caring and a great dad to Meredith.  She has so much fun with her “Daddy” and looks up to him.  Just like me, Mark can’t wait to adopt our second child.
About Meredith:
Meredith is quite the bundle of energy.  Even when she was first starting to walk, she would move way too fast constantly tripping over herself.  She is very active, loves to dance, sing, play in the Trampoline Park and she makes new friends easily.  Meredith loves being around family -- especially her triplet cousins -- and she is very eager to have a little brother or sister.
What we enjoy as a family:
We always find ways to spend quality time as a family. 
Every weekend we make it a point to do fun things together. Now that Meredith is a bit older, she especially enjoys going to the movies, bowling, and taking trips to the zoo.  
We have a large circle of friends and family, so there is always something going on, including birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations. We love meeting Mark’s brother in the city for dinner at one of the hottest restaurants, or spending time at Shedd Aquarium or having a family dinner at Sara’s parent’s home.
We also find time to travel during the year.  Last year we spent time at the Minnesota State Fair and made our first family trip to Disneyland.  This year we are looking forward to going on a Caribbean cruise.
Thank you
Thank you again for taking the time to learn about our family.  We promise that your baby will be given endless love and attention from the three of us, along with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins (ranging in age from 3 to 96). We’ll make sure that your child understands where he/she came from, the immense love you have shown and the sacrifice it took to place him (or her) for adoption.  We have so much respect and admiration for you!  We hope you will consider us friends and partners in the process of seeking a loving home for your child.
Feel free to reach us through our Adoption Counselor, Tobi Ehrenpreis at 847-366-6351 (text or call her)                               
or email Tobi at tobi@centerforfamily.com
Or reach out to us directly at: saraandmarkadopt@gmail.com
Mark and Sara                                                          

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