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Katie and Mitch

Dear Expectant Mother,
Hi! We’re Katie (29) and Mitch (30) and we’re so pleased to meet you! We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to get to know us and for considering making us the luckiest couple in the world. Even though we do not know you yet, we have a great amount of respect and admiration for you. We know you are trying to make the best decision for your baby and that your plan is made out of love, courage, and selflessness. Know that we are praying for you and your precious baby throughout your pregnancy, that God will lead you to the right family and fill you with peace whatever decision you make.  
About Us 
We met in college and got married soon after. We just celebrated our five year anniversary with swing dancing and exploring in St. Louis! We always dreamed of becoming parents and talked about adopting someday. We figured we’d have biological children first but after years of trying to get pregnant and failed infertility treatments, we decided the time for us to adopt is now. We couldn’t be more excited to become parents through adoption!
We are truly best friends. Whether we are making dinner, cuddling on the couch while watching a movie, or grocery shopping, we are happiest together. We are also super silly and goofy together and spend lots of time laughing, singing, and teasing each other. Together we love to play board games, cheer for the Packers, do house projects, camp and hike. We value a healthy marriage because we want to experience the joys and tackle the challenges of life as a team. 
Meet Katie (by Mitch)
What first attracted me to Katie was her love for God, her care for others, and her desire to think deeply about important topics. Katie likes to giggle and have fun. Her competitive spirit and intellect make her very hard to beat in board games! Katie is a strong woman, very hard worker, and a natural leader whom I lean on for wisdom and advice. She often selflessly gives up her own preferences and desires in order to love me, and I know she will do the same for our children.
Katie’s dream job is to be a stay-at-home mom and I’m confident she will be a great one! She loves continuing traditions from our families and is already thinking of ways to create new traditions with our kids. When Katie is with kids, she is patient, empathetic, and caring while also teaching them right and wrong. As a high school math teacher, she loves to see struggling students succeed even when they don’t think they can do it. She adores babies and I’m excited to see her pour that adoration out on our child.
Meet Mitch (by Katie) 
Mitch is super funny and clever but he also has a serious side shown by the deep conversations he has with people and the intense care that he has for those around him. He is wise, thoughtful and a great listener. As a pastor, he is able to use these gifts often. Mitch loves being outdoors so almost daily he asks me to go outside with him to walk or play basketball. He is easy going and spontaneous, and he makes sure that we have a good dose of fun in our lives. 
Mitch is an amazing husband and shows me his love in a variety of ways. He serves me daily around the house and buys me flowers just because. I can’t wait to see the ways that he will shower our children with love and make them feel special like he does for me. Sometimes I’m a bit jealous of how easy it is for him to get kids laughing and how much they love playing with him. He’s an incredible husband, and he will make an incredible father.
Our Families
Both of our parents have had long, happy marriages. Katie has three sisters, three brother-in-laws, and five nieces and nephews (ages 2-19). Katie’s family gets together often to celebrate holidays, birthdays, to see a Brewer game or just to have dinner. Her parents are retired so they spend a lot of time spoiling their grandkids and going to plays, sports games, and band concerts. Mitch has one sister, one brother-in-law, and one nephew who just turned one. Mitch’s family lives in the beautiful northwoods of Wisconsin and his dad who loves to hunt and fish is looking forward to teaching his grandchildren to love the great outdoors.
Our Faith and Friends
Our Christian faith is at the center of our lives and our church community is like a tight-knit extended family  that eats together, plays together, and helps each other.  We would be so excited to introduce your child to this loving group of people and surround them with others who will cherish them as a blessing from God.
We want to introduce our children to our loving, kind, gentle, and patient God!  We also hope that we can show our children what God is like through our actions such as listening to their joys and hurts, keeping our promises, and getting down on the floor to play with them. 
Our Home
We live in a charming town northwest of Chicago. Our house has a lot of character with original wood floors, arched doorways, and many large windows that let light stream in. The huge deck hosts many outdoor dinner parties in the summer while the kids play in the backyard on the playset or shoot hoops. We love to fill our home with friends and family for holiday parties or weeknight dinners. Our town has a historic square that hosts a variety of festivals and activities. We walk to the town square frequently to go to the farmer’s market or to get a muffin from the family bakery. 
We promise
to unconditionally love your child.
to surround your child with family and friends who will love and cherish them.
to always speak of you with respect and dignity.
to stay in contact with you if that is your wish.
to fill your child’s life with the love and message of Jesus.
to fill your child’s life with fun and giggles.
We would love to talk to you! If you are interested in learning more about us, you can contact us directly at katieandmitchacfb@gmail.com or reach out to our adoption counselor through one of the following ways: Call: 800-869-1005, Email: linda@centerforfamily.com.
Katie and Mitch

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